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You can proceed to ad submission form after you the TERMS OF USE.


By accepting the terms of use for PenpalsNow.com, you acknowledge that you are aware of and agree with the following:

  • PenpalsNow is a completely free service.
  • You fully understand and accept that after submiting your ad to PenpalsNow, most of the information you will enter, including your name and e-mail address will be visible to anyone visiting PenpalsNow.
  • By continuing with ad submission process you acknowledge you understand the risks involved in posting your private information to PenpalsNow, and that the owner of this site cannot be held liable for anything resulting from using PenpalsNow.
  • You understand you might get abusive and scary e-mails or snail mails (someone could even come to your house if you submitted your home address to PenpalsNow) from certain people who have seen your ad at PenpalsNow.
  • You will not use the service if you are under the age of 16.
  • You will not use this service to collect other people's e-mail addresses for commercial purposes or spamming.
  • You have read and have no objections to our Privacy Policy (click here to view it).
  • Only one ad per person/e-mail address is allowed. You will not post multiple ads.
  • This is not a personals/dating service.
  • You will not use inappropriate language in your ad. If you do, PenpalsNow reserves a right not to accept your ad or to delete your ad at a later time without prior notification.

You can proceed to ad submission form after you the TERMS OF USE.

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