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Name: random.choice(names) #. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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duh have to enter fake postalcode now
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands

Hobbies: some coding and OTW stuff; sometimes tinkering with RPi ;reading
Penpal message / wishes:
You do realize that I don't know where on earth that country I chose is?

Now that it's clear, I'm . I'm around 17. And no, I don't work for CIA,FBI,ISI, SIS,MI6, RAW or any other intelligence bureau orISIS for that matter.

If you're still reading this, CONGRATS! we've nothing to offer you at the moment (we = sounds classy)

My hobbies: if I get time off sleeping, probably coding(just basic python and gui s) and OTW (currently Bandit lvl 21) stuff, play sometimes (mostly those AAA arcades AC, Saints Row and stuff; and sometimes Free Fire[no it's not famous, but runs smooth at the low end of things])

I read sometimes (Sci-Fi,Manga,Classic Literature (Robinson Crusoe types), Science Journals,real-estates,some kevin mitnick stuff and other random stuff). No one hates music(I occasionally make mixes and beats that can be responsible for brain-damage ). I draw sometimes,too. No one can say that they've never watched anime.

I'm interested in most of the things most of the times,maybe we can find some common interests.

Well, the thing is I'm trying to be more extroverted (none of those i'm-introverted-no-one-understands-me crap; it's just something general that can be a potential threat when I'm old(?)or something).

Maybe I could learn a language out of this whole...uh,process. English speakers(?)are not unwelcome,though.

I can help you guys with math home-work(school-lvl).

Hope you're smart enough to realize the email address is fake(not a big fan of spammers).
If it goes fine, we can contact through something more real


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