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Name: lucas v. Gender: male Age Group:16-18
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Penpal message / wishes:
I am Lucas, I am 13 years old and looking for a nice penpal(s). I was born in Norway but we moved to here when I was 3. I have no brothers or sisters and it is nice sometime to talk to someone about things, friends, friendship. I don’t have a hobby. I don’t think listening to music is a hobby. Making bird houses is a hobby. Watching tv is also not a hobby. That fals under how you spend your time. No pic asking after one email.
I do my best not to make mistakes writing lol. :D hahaha

Last modified: 20190610


Name: Jo h. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Penpal message / wishes:
Hey All,

I am looking for a penpal that could help me learn the german language, at the moment my knowledge of the language is minimal but with some studying and help from a penpal that is a native speaker or at least very skilled in it I should improve fast. I would prefer shorter emails daily or longer emails every few days, but I will take all I can get :)

I can either communicate in english or dutch.

Pretty much happy to talk about anything and everything so feel free to ask whatever :)

Hope to hear from you soon !



Last modified: 20190603

Name: Rein K. Gender: male Age Group:19-22
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Hobbies: gaming, reading, listening to music (metal), sleeping, sleeping badly, eating, history, dark ages
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello readers!

Let me start by introducing myself!

My name is Rein and I am 21 years old.

My current hobbies are gaming, reading, listening to music (metal) and many more things!

I am dyslectic so I might make a few spelling errors, so I hope you won't mind.

I am relatively shy so contacting others is usually a very big step for me, but I am always looking for new friends from all over the world!

I might not be the fastest at responding, have a relatively busy life right now with school and whatnot.
But I always try to find some time to message someone back within a few days.

As you might have noticed I am rather bad at introductions so if there is anything else you want to know about me feel free to make contact with me. Everyone is welcome regardless of culture, background and sexuality!

Last modified: 20190529

Name: Carla O. Gender: male Age Group:50+
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Hobbies: Love to going out/good movies/dining out/fitness/theater/opera/reggae/latina mucic/cooking many more
Penpal message / wishes:
Important note: Am NOT intrested in cyper sex!/other kind of filth!NO thanks/ NOT intrested in casuel contacts NO thanks!Ihate fake people/cheaters/imposters/scammers ,they can go to hell,may stay away far off my door!

Do NOT Send never ever goods/money forget it,so bother me/dont messages me then whit thatkind of crap,bullshit!

I am NOT into for mindfuck/playing games/Am not intrested in people who is not looking for/not into for serious,not ready,open friendship!

Let that be very clear!

NOT intrested in friends ship request from NOT wanted midle east/east europe/african/south American countries!

HEADLINE: Wanted/Looks for only high quality real thruthfull serious respectfull sincerly neat decent sweet kindhearted caring true real pure good hearted warm personnality US ARMY nice friendly honorble soldier penpal friends/true lifetime worthy friendship!

Prefered age group 49 year till 56 year!

Only United States plz!

Wants /wish eagerly to meet Only to receive thrutfull sincerly honorble friendship requests From the militairy bases FORT HOOD texas /FORT CAMPBELL kentucky/FORT BRAGG!

What i wish to see,absulutely a must,very important for me my dear in my future new real good true white 40+/50+ American very neat decent stable sweet most kindhearted, loving caring social high top quality first clas good mannered sweet ,warm personality intelligent, smart like minded young minded very relaible, serious respectfull, sincerly very honest good pure heart,soul of gold postive militairy high ranked Very respectable trusted good reputable good looking actractive inside and out beauthyfull nice person nice good characted mascline manly us army special forces,Special operations Airborne commando soldier gentleman big long legged friends they have good sense for humor,they loves to laugh,nice grazy,normal mental healthy stable nice militairy men!

Also very welcome too US Army AIRBORNE screamin eagle male soldier commando!

And US army Militairy Police male soldiers who really serious, are very ready,open for it,wants sincerly to write whit this neat decent sweet dutch actractive matured race mixed good respectfull honest, kindhearted, warm family orientated caring charming selective 54 year old,young mind good looking serious good pure big heart,nice friendly honorble relaible single dutch self respecting worthy lady!

Am exspect just only sincerly nice spontenious reactions,respondses!

Last modified: 20190514

Name: Thijs -. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:


Hobbies: football soccer history television sports movies series formula 1 family reading
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi you all,

I am Thijs, 32 years old (or young), and living in the Netherlands. Would be awesome to find someone to talk with, mainly over day to day things. I prefer talking to a woman and age is not that important. It would be nice if we have some hobbies in common and if not...there would be even more to learn about each other i suppose.

Some basic (and boring) facts about me. Living on my own in a little town close to Amsterdam, working fulltime, i can be a little bit shy but have some crazy and sarcastic humor at the same time. Like you can read some of my hobbies are sports (mainly to watch 😉), movies and series, history, reading and talking to you! 😊

Love to hear from you (yes...you!)

Last modified: 20190410

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