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Name: Kim . Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

Korea (South)

Hobbies: writing,sports,music,reading,film,bucket list,farming,learning languages and cultures,cook,...etc.
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello there, my future penpal!
I'm here to meet various people whom I can make a long-term friendship with and I hope that's you, who's reading my page now!

So my name is Kim, I'm 28 and a former barista who's currently working at a magazine publishing company. When I'm out of office I become a student who studies languages and Aircraft maintenance engineering. And I become a farmer also during the farming seasons. So random, I know.

Another facts about me is that I'm a huge fan of sports(guess which sport is my favourite, I'll give you a reward!), love snail mail and having a discussion about any kinds of topics to share ideas and opinions. I can say I'm kind of stop-at-home person but also quite sporty type.
I used to be lost in songwriting in the past and music is still taking a large part of my life. And most importantly, I've never been outside of my country yet and have always wanted to discover other sides of the world and see how different cultures and lives are there. I genuinely love meeting various people from different cultures and backgrounds to share something I haven't experienced in the area of my life and that's why I'm here, looking for some nice people whom I can exchange emails(or snail mail, if you're also into it!) regularly for a long period.

Please write and say hello if I got you interested a bit and I'll get back to you as quick as I can. Hope to hear from you soon!

Last modified: 20190321


Name: Hyeonju Y. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:

Korea (South)

Penpal message / wishes:
Hi guys! I am a South Korean (female), my name is Hyeonju. I'm 21 here(Korea) , (I was born in 1999)
I am looking for friends! :)
I hope we can talk about daily life, sometimes share any photo and someday exchange post, and even that we actually meet in your country or my country when we got very close!
I like watching Korean pro volleyball games, appreciating Korean literature and enjoying music.
I also like learning about other country and culture! I love everything!! :D

I think I am quite open minded and friendly, I don't mind your age(it is true but I prefer peer), hobby, gender, religion, country and so on. So don't hesitate, plz send me a mail!

P.S; My English is not good, but I'll try as much as I can.

I'll wait for your mail! ;)
Have a good day <3

Last modified: 20190314

Name: Lily C. Gender: female Age Group:41-50
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City & Country:

Korea (South)

Hobbies: My hobby is my job!
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello. I'm Lily, a native of South Korea. Very fond of travel and love animals. My dream is to open a shelter for homeless animals.
I want to meet an interesting man. First of all, he should be a cool interlocutor, and, perhaps, our acquaintance will grow into something more than ordinary friendship.
My announcement is for man from GERMANY or ITALY, since I have planned trips to these countries.
A very IMPORTANT DETAIL is to indicate in your letter that you are from the PENPALS site so that I don't worry about where you know my email address, and that this is not in my work clients.

Last modified: 20190227

Name: HyoJeong L. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:

Korea (South)

Hobbies: Watching movies, Listening to music etc
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi, stranger. What are you doing? I'm going to have dinner soon. :)

I am an open-minded person, and I like music and movies. What do you like?

I like email, but I also like mail. I just hope our relationship doesn't end in a single moment. Let's contact by mail when we get to know each other. And I hope we can meet when we're more curious about each other. What do you think?

I'll wait for your email.

Last modified: 20190223

Name: HJ M. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

Korea (South)

Hobbies: Pilates, Reading, Netflix, Languages
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello ^^

My English name is Stella. I'll tell you my Korean name later! I was born in 1995. I'm here to make friends from abroad. I really like to meet new people. I think I'm a talkative, easy-going and optimistic person. Sometimes, I tend to be shy, though. haha

Especially, I'd like to meet friends from English speaking countries and Europe. I've lived all my life in Korea so I'd like to meet people from western countries.

Currently, I'm learning French and Spanish so if you're native French or Spanish, it would be awesome! If you're learning Korean or interested in Korean culture, just message to me! If possible, we could help each other.

I love traveling. So, I've been to some countries ; Europe, Hong Kong and Japan. I've never been to U.K., USA, Italy, Poland and Russia so I'd love to go to there someday. Maybe next year.

I'm also looking for a long-term friendship not just short-term friendship. Plus, I prefer around my age (18~35). One more thing, I'm here to find good friends not a boy friend. No perverts, please..!

I like Netflix(American dramas) and American music very much. If you like Korean dreama/movie or music, tell me what's your favorite one! We can share our interest :D

I could write more in here but it would be better get to know each other. You know it's not fun to say all of them at first! haha

Anyway, thank you for reading it! Have a nice day :D

Last modified: 20190210

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