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Name: Jae . Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Penpal message / wishes:
Hey there,

I am as uncomplicated in person as the way I have written this ad, I like to compare myself to an open book, the honesty, thrill and rush that you feel when you read an interesting new book is the same you’ll get when you get to know me (If you don’t like books you can skip past that book reference or insert your favorite movie experience in there lol)

So let’s get into it, shall we?

I always like to say that memories just like treasure, they are the only souvenir from the past that we are allowed to leave with from all the moments we have had in our lives; a record of all the moments that we seized and made a lovely art piece in the mind. That is what interests me with knowing people, having the allowance to relieve through all the memories that they have been through with them through the words that they describe them with. It’s so amazing to me and fascinates me a lot.


I am a lover of humor, the most part of what I love to watch are stand up comedies from around the globe, from the weird but funny comedian in France (Malik Bentalha) to England (Jimmy Carr Ricky Gervais and Russell Howard etc.) to South Africa (Trevor Noah) to USA *Of course* (Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Kat Williams among many others) I am a sucker for humor, mainly because it’s one of those things that I consider priceless abstract gold...

I am also a lover of plays, I have gone to many, (I like to consider myself to be a lover of the finer old things of life, the type of things that defined certain times in humanity, and that is why I also looked for a pen pal. Plays I always say are those arts that define humanity and that are why I love them. Not forgetting the authenticity of the acts on stage. Pure Bliss, I shall go in a blasphemous path (lol) and say that plays are better than movies. If you disagree hit me up and we shall have a discussion.
Pictures to me bear so many forms of expressions, they have time in still pictures, they have happiness in stillness, they bear greatness in stillness, and they bear love and passion in stillness. Just one glance of a picture you get a whirlwind of emotions, and that is why I took up photography as a hobby. Pictures bare my hugest fascination and I just take them: Even though not with the best of cameras I still manage to take them lol.
Have you ever imagined how a book club would feel like and be like, sorta like a digital book club where we get to discuss books and all the facts about books that we love? I am a huge fan of books. It’s not a must that we do it but I still love books.

So I think this is long enough for an ad, (I really hate those extremely long ads that make no sense lol, so I hope this one was partially long but was extremely entertaining throughout every passing sentence)

The rest we'll leave it for the interested friend who will feel the urge to email.

Yours truly

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Name: Listah . Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: Reading, Poetry, and many more.... we'll get into that once we know each other...
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello !

I love fun, and when you talk to me you will realize that I am a very funny person most part of the emails. I like to see myself as that person who when sadness strikes you, I'll be goofy enough to make a smile crack on your face that's my greatest happiness.

Back To topic

I always think of myself as being stuck in the past but being in the present time concurently. The reason why I choose to look for a pen pal was for the mere reason that I saw this movie where the protagonist shared letters with a pen pal far away then eventually one day (50 years later) they met, and it was this sureal moment because it seized to be a mere thought and became a reality. That's how I found myself looking for a pen pal in the midst of all this. Since the internet was available at my disposal I thought why not look for one. And that is how I found myself on this site. To be honest I would like a pen pal to correspond with through email mostly, I am not sure my patience would be enough to stand the many weeks that letters take to reach their destination. I guess you might say that I am spoiled by how fast the world has become. I will not deny that. However, I do not rule out the posibility of snail mailing, If you like my ad and you want to snail mail, kindly send me an email first then we shall see how it goes.

So am a man of many hobbies, motorcycling, hiking, scuba diving, horse back riding (Done it once), canoeing (that was the most terrible experience I have ever been to *Insert shocked face* the water kept splashing on my face and it became extremely awful when the boat capsized....that isn't pleasant right lol) but nevertheless, I still like a good thrill every once in a while.
My favourite candy would have to be Kit jat or rather chocolate... (Taffy would have been among these but the way they stick to my teeth, is a no noooo...)
Favorite color is green, I love the way it blends with everything and is a sign rejuvenation, which is one thing that I like about....

I love to take really long walks, just to relax my mind and just see think. I believe thinking is a really important part of our lives. But not overdoing it, just a small size of it and that's enough. So that is one thing that I love to do, take long walks or just get up and have a jog to keep my body fit (Currently were on the right path, a very great body) and just have time set aside to think. Photography am learning and poetry and art I love very much...

There is so much about me...but like every other movie trailer I'd love to leave you in a state of suspence so that I can get that email from you. Yes, you...lol.. If you have reached this point you know that you and I should be friends. I don't mind age or race or anything... I just want to have really great people or a great person to have great conversations with ...

Hope to hear from you



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Name: boey . Gender: male Age Group:19-22
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Hobbies: writing , poetry, photography, traveling, sports
Penpal message / wishes:

It's always slightly awkward to start the introduction part of anything. I always feel the pressure to say so much while the only thing that comes out is "hi my name is halda " hehe. Always an embarrassing encounter. Anyway my name is Halda, I ran across this site and thought I would write an ad and see what its all about. The crazy part is that this is so interesting given that literally a person that lived 10 years ago would not imagine having a phone that has a friend a million miles away that you can share with so much. I talk a lot sometimes hehe most of it irrelevant but I do love having a conversation and just talking about everything happening in our lives or has happened already. Am super excited about this I hope we can just start off from the first email and write for years. That would be amazing right?
My hobbies, I. Would say the first three, meditation. Photography. And road trips. I think that's great place to start our conversations. Even if you don't have the same three hobbies we can always talk about so much more. Lets play a game just to break the ice, okay?

Happy New Year! (for those irritated by that greeting already pretend I said Jambo Hakuna Matata 😂, and if you laughed you are probably a Lion King baby). My main aim is for us to have the best conversation on this app, to make friendships that last. How best to do that than by maybe answering a few questions then making more conversation off them. Right? So here goes :
1. What is you favorite album of 2018?
2. What is you favorite two songs of 2018?(just look at your most played 😂 and tell me )
3. Do you think Trends influence your life?
4. Kill for a plate of salad or a bucket of chicken?
5. Are you a vegetarian?
6. What do you do if stuck in morning traffic?
7. Favorite movie of 2018?
8. How much Netflix do you watch??
9. How many countries have you traveled to/ or would love to travel to?
10. What can you see when you look outside your window right now?
11. If you were to host a best authors award and allowed to be almighty bias, who would you give it to? (if you don't read roll your eyes and move to the next question 😂)
12. What does the voice in your head sound like?
13. Favorite pizza?
14. Do you think pineapple on pizza is an abomination?
15. Sing in the shower or not?
16. How often do you talk to yourself?
17. Would you say you are a social person or the queen of all introverts?
18.This question is only for the one that keeps the bottle ☺
Lets answer one by one and make conversation as we move through. I hope to get interesting people.



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Name: Motta . Gender: male Age Group:19-22
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Penpal message / wishes:

To the person that stops here and reads this, I am super excited to share a bit about myself. I am a poet, a writer and an artist. I write a lot of poetry to drain myself of all negative thoughts and write a lot of short stories to see how different characters fit into the events of my life, or the people that I know. I am a Mozart fanatic, listen to his music, I don't know there's a sense of peace that is derived from listening to his music. A lot of jazz, just the smoothness of the music full fills my day. I am usually quiet around people, always allow them to to talk so that I know who they are through their words then I can be able to talk to them... I used to do plays back in high school but I stopped,i still appreciate the art and go to lots of plays around here just to see creativity in motion. And not to sound too draining yes I do watch movies sometimes...best thing I love to do is draw in nature, that's one thing that gives me peace and happiness.

I am so excited to meet new people, I want to meet people different from me to open my eyes to the beauty that lies outside in the world. It would be amazing

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Name: Oliey . Gender: male Age Group:19-22
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Penpal message / wishes:
My name is a little bit complicated as you Can see hehe I don't know how my parents joined forces to ruin my life with such a name but Heeey at least am not in high school being teased anymore lol

I have many other hobbies aside from defending my name hehe believe me if you had my name defending it would be a hobby. Looking at the way people's faces contort when they hear the name like they have a bad case of gas or bloated stomach 😂... Aside from defending my name and honor. I dance a lot, I hike a lot, I read and write poetry a lot... And trust me am a professional poem junkie for sure. I would love to know more about you, what in life have you defended the most?? What are your hobbies? What color do you hate to wear? What color are the shoes you love at present time?? So much to talk about and the exciting part is that we have a whole lifetime ahead of us... Let's do this

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