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Name: . .. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: Thinking about my ideal person and my happiness
Penpal message / wishes:
I want and need my place where i can fit and stay in this world and can feel i am exist and i can be there and i have that person always and i never need to be alone never again and not have to separate with the person forever

for it i need a person who i can get along with

nobody could get along with well after all so far

so i have many hurts even though i hurt others a lot too

because i need it but i cannot have always

I feel lonely too much and it hurts me everyday

but i cannot have anybody who i can say help me

i need help from only the future person too

nobody else can make me not feel lonely so much in the end

i think only get a hurt in me and make me lonely more and more

i always have to run from a human too

because they are scary, cannot trust, cannot feel peace in me

so i cannot be with a person someone who i would feel those so much

then it might be all humans in the end

but i don't know what should i do

i am afraid of humans a lot

because i cannot understand

and cannot see real mind and thoughts too

i think i believe humans soon but i can notice many later

but sometimes it was too late

and only got a hurt

i don't know what i should see and shouldn't see anymore too

there is nobody who i can trust perfectly anymore in this world

maybe only my parents

but only about they wouldn't throw me even me is like this one

please ignore me to others and i am sorry for disgusting you

My Ideal Person

* who will never leave me alone

* who can stay with me 365/24/60

* who won't make me lonely anymore

* no smoker, no drinker

* not have friends in everywhere

* not have anybody to talk to

* not have pets

* not recommend me to go to therapist

* not recommend me to take a medication

* listen to me neatly

* not angry so much

* don't hit me

* serious for many things

* not angry person

* don't scare me

* a calm person

* not lie to me

* have no secrets

* no mosquito voice

* who can understand mental health problems and not call me insane, i just not want that person to think me is crazy, if you think me is crazy pack off, me is me and not crazy or like that too, but i think all others are crazy insane appholes

* who won't watch porn or can stop from now

* who isn't jappie lover, its okay if you just like the history or like that just languages, or like that, just i have allergy for animations lovers, or like that kind of jappie things, but i do like old animations, nowadays all be just hentai trashes, disgusting, also i have many mixed feelings for many things i will tell you later maybe if you want :i

* who thinks inside is the most important

* I hate parties and being around many humans

* misanthropy, not sure about this now, because i think i don't like so much dark humans too since i want is bright

* someone who i can enjoy talk with

* similar to me or at least not reject me how me is

* who has a beautiful heart and pure heart :) i will judge it, you cannot say you have, i don't like those kind of humans who thinks they are smart or cool or like that but after all how others feel and think about you is important, at least to me, so i cannot say me is good or bad, it depend on how you feel and think after all i mean, but i can understand, you just think you are smart and cool, then its okay, just put "I think" please, because you aren't smart or cool to some others

* who'll spend the time together with only me in the future :)

* who won't eat frogs 🐸

* we have the same values at least almost

* who won't change something so often and can like same thing for a long time, for example, i don't like someone who would change the car often, change the phone often, change something too often. i think like that person would get bored of me and change to somebody soon as well. as for me it is hard to get interested in something often, but if i get interested in it, i tend to addict on, it is not good that too much, but me is like that i think ):, and i be troublesome one and nobody can cares about me so i don't want to like someone like that person never again

* like my mom, i need someone like my mom because i cannot live without mom

* I don't want to talk with anybody who'll leave me alone more than 1 hour anymore. not sure maybe 5 minutes or 2 seconds, just want quick respond when you can, want you to tell me what you are doing and make me feel calm too, and if you could prove it, its very good, but i want to believe and trust first but cannot do it very well

* who likes play games with me, or just like watch me play, and stay with me in everywhere, in every websites too that we can enjoy, need to be connect with the person in everywhere

* who has confidence in yourself and keep having me, staying with me and can help me to not feel lonely

* who let me feel i am connected with the person on the internet until we can meet in the real world and connect more

I cannot write down all the thing i want to


please read on here

no need any advice.

Last modified: 20190526


Name: Lei *. Gender: female Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:


Hobbies: music, travelling, foreign cultures & people& languages, snail mails, many more.
Penpal message / wishes:
~~~I delete all e-mails which aren't related with below~~~

I'm a female in Hiroshima, Japan.

I'd like to have some POSTAL mail pen-pals only from
Hawaii, Calif, NYC, Puerto Rico,
Guam, all APO & FPO, French Polynesia,
Okinawa, Macau, Cuba, South America,
Cyprus, Malta, Canary Islands, Azores, Madeira.

People who are interested in Japan only.
But sorry I am not familiar with anime & manga.

I'm not spiritual & religious and
kawai'i stuff addict at all.

No prisoners.

Some of my interests are above.

I prefer you to be human KIDS-FREE
and aged 24~47 because I'm so.
I swap nothing.

Please e-mail me to get my address if you would like to be pals

p.s., I don't seek romance & e-mail pals.
Snail mail pals only.

Last modified: 20190511

Name: Mina :. Gender: female Age Group:31-40
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:


Hobbies: Music, movies, snail mail, languages, cultures, books, sports etc
Penpal message / wishes:

My name is Mina. Nice to meet you:)

I'm here to look for snail mail penfriends from all over the world. Hope we can be good friends!

I'm 31 years old and married. My interests are music, movies, snail mail, languages, arts, fashion, writing, cooking, sports, nature... and more:) I want to improve my English:) If your first language is English, contact me please:D (Of course I know you are not my teacher, I don't ask you to be. I want friends!) I'm interested in Russian and French too:D

Please mail me if you are interested. Do not hesitate! Thanks for reading:)! Hope to hear from you!


P.S. I'm a member of Happy Science. I'll be very happy if you are a member of it!

Last modified: 20190414

Name: Haruka K. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:


Hobbies: Art, Travel, Food, Nature, Animals, Cute things
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi, i'm a 26 year old girl, and I like to make real friends!

I like snail mail and have a lot of snail mail friends, but I want to make email ones now! Just email, please.

I love to write and keep a small journal, I use penpalmanager(dot)com to organize and keep track of them, I really like it.

In my free time I like to go hiking, and I like to draw and watch shows while I am drawing.

I like cute things and animals, especially cats.

I would prefer a female pen pal around my age, no younger than 22 please! I can speak in Japanese and english.

Last modified: 20190301

Name: Natasha . Gender: female Age Group:23-30
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:


Penpal message / wishes:
Hello, privet! Что нового? What got me here, I'm wondering if I get a good friend thru online?
I know it may not work in this shady cyber-space, the generalisation ended up worsening. You may well distrust the others, but there might be someone who wishes the same innocent m-i-r-a-c-l-e as me!

I knOOOOOw enumeration of texts don't pluck you up, but let me write a bit of the cliché to tell you who I am. Go read, it doesn't take time...

I'm a drug smoke alocohol free single girl, fair skin with long, naturally-curled fur (I mean Head. Meoww), got skills in dressmaking...
Hobbies sewing, films, music (except some cheesey thin Eurobeat), design, video games, drawing, vtg mags (esp. fashion and films), mediaeval stuff (stone castles and costumes), walking, stay fit. Not rushing for marriage (Я не делаю добрачный секс lol).

Your weight doesn't matter in friendship so why not text me.
I mainly use a texting app like Kik for ease (I don't use SNS for any sake it disgraces yourself the place is FULL of unintentional applause and circus freaks! Don't be taken in) but you can still send a mail anyways.

Don't bother me if you are a 419er or looking for one-night stand. I may ask you video chat soon to perceive you are not a 419er! I'm here for a clean, and fun friendship!!!


Last modified: 20190207

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