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Name: Jari N. Gender: male Age Group:41-50
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Hobbies: English language, Art, Music, Nature
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi! Just looking for a few good friends, especially in the UK. My name is Jari. I have Finnish roots. I love North and live just near the Finnish Gulf. I live and work in Estonia, which is a small country in Northern Europe and a part of the EU. I live with my family and dachshund dog. I love the English language and would like to correspond with folks in the UK. I'm really into the cultures of GB and modern Brit.English. Not interested in dating or anything hylic. I like nature, languages, art and music. I've seen the world (lived in diff. countries). No politics, racism, hatred. I'm peaceful and thoughtful, always glad to be friends with nice people, talk about ups and downs of life, be amazed and laugh about things. I prefer penpalling in emails (I don't much fancy social network sites, because writing emails seems more natural to me). So, if you are from the UK, if you're quite educated, if you fancy penpalling i.e. writing emails time to time, then let's try it.)) Cheers!

-No dating (I'm settled))
-No spam
-No scam
-No seeking
or arranging
migration stuff
(I'm not against migration,
but I don't and can't arrange it))
-No asking if I have
unmarried sister))
-No distributing or asking money)
-No rudeness, only goodness))

Last modified: 20190508


Name: Mart P. Gender: male Age Group:19-22
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Hobbies: theatre, movies, entrepreneurship, programming, writing, acting, directing
Penpal message / wishes:

I am Mart, from Estonia, 20.

I'd like to set up a few snail mail penpals. I adore other languages and learning about the culture, the feel, the minds of foreigners. A person's view of the world changes as they discover and learn new languages and mindsets.

If you agree and want to start sending letters and fun packages to eachother, let's do this, email me and let's exchange addresses!
I would like to have friends from all over the world, to learn new and unthinkable languages and share my own culture and history.


Carpe diem

Last modified: 20171014

Name: Silver T. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: la littérature, entrainement, étudier, la philosophie, la musique (piano et violon), (neuro)science
Penpal message / wishes:
Je m'appelle Silver, j'ai 33 ans et je suis estonien.
Je voudrais pratiquer français. J'ai étudié le français environ deux ans à l'université et aussi environ un ou deux an(s) sur mon propre (correct: on my own?).
Je crois que je suis sur le niveau A2 ou B1.
J'écris/parle bien anglais, par exemple j'ai écrit ma thèse de maîtrise en anglais et obtenu vraiment bonnes notes pour ça. Bref, je parle essentiellement et peut aider avec l'anglais ou/et l'estonien:)

J'ai beaucoup d'intéréts: j'aime la lire (j'ai déjà lu un livre en français:) et maintenant je suis an train d'lire un autre, avec un dictionnaire - what a great way to learn a language!), entraînement (Strength Camp - le style holistique), la musique (je joue un peu piano, j'adore la musique de Beethoven!), etc.

Je cherche un correspondante française:)

Last modified: 20161217

Name: Yigit A. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: Drinking with friends,reading,travelling,swimming,photography,cooking
Penpal message / wishes:

Im Yigit and 26yo expat in Tallinn,Estonia in Information Technology degree.I love travelling,photography,new cultures, irish pubs, cooking all kinds of meals, watching basketball in major leagues and old school music. So far i have been in Copenhagen, Malmö, Göthenburg,Stockholm,Oslo,Helsinki,Tampere,Lapland,Tallinn,Riga,Vilnius,Minsk,Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk. I know quite alot Russian and Swedish. I am looking for somebody from Sweden(male or female native speaker) to have conversation, it would be perfect to discuss small things and life experinces.If you are not bored with my level (hopefully) I have been living in Tallinn for 2years so i can share my experince about here too.
My motto is When in Rome, do as Romans do.

Last modified: 20160802

Name: Peter S. Gender: male Age Group:41-50
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City & Country:


Hobbies: outdoor stuff,travel,camping,swim naked,motorcykling,net chat
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi, I`m a nice guy, but my skill of English is poor and I will improve it by write with friends.
My friend can be young girl or adult lady ,
I like also Msn Yahoo , or try speak by Skype ( frendly69 ) I`m openminded and would love to talk every things. Instagram> lovejoy96 ,
You see some pics www.pepe.myalbum.com

Last modified: 20160101

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