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Name: Silvia B. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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City & Country:

United States

Hobbies: talk to me and find out, why don'tcha?
Penpal message / wishes:
I'm a 17-year-old bi female looking for anyone to talk to!


1. You should be 16-17 years old since that's what this website requires. Anyone younger/older will be blocked.

2. Please don't email me for the sole purpose of dating me in the future. I want friends, not lovers. However if it ends up happening with the natural process of time then that's cool.

3. Write long emails. Anything less than a paragraph will be blocked.

With that being said, let's be pen pals!

Last modified: 20200710


Name: Michael R. Gender: male Age Group:50+
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City & Country:

United Kingdom

Hobbies: watching TV and nature
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi. I am Michael ,I am an active retired gentleman living in England and work casually as a healthcare assistant.
I am a cheerful person by nature and would like to find an online only lady friend to exchange emails about life. It would be an extra bonus and even nicer if we became online lovers too .
i am not interested in anything to do with money / finance and not looking for a wife
thank you for looking and please don't be shy in being first to write !

Last modified: 20200710

Name: Pierre M. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Talking, learning,psychology,philosophy,paranormal,Television, debating, Movies, music,anime
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello there, 29 year old male here. I'm African-Canadian. I live in Montreal, Quebec which is in Canada. I have many different interests, im quite open minded and love to learn about everything.I love talking to people and making new friendship, most would call me eccentric but fun to be around.

I'm searching for people that I'll be able to share my deepest happiness as my deepest fear, im searching for someone that is able to listen and talk without having to hold back. I'm easygoing and easy to get along with. I dont care, how old, where your from since friendship is something that I believe is more than just appearance.

Last modified: 20200710

Name: Nuby . Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:


Penpal message / wishes:
I guess I should be more courteous and start this introduction with some greetings!! Don't kill me here goes, jambo!!

Its sometimes crazy and sometimes amazing how many things we can do right now without breaking a sweat. I can imagine back in the day for the people that had no one around to talk to how the idea of talking to someone on another part of the world would have been ludicrous or considered as witchcraft Hahaha but here I am, on a site looking for like minded people for a great pen paling experience. I always ask myself if in the past some people who were meant to meet in this lifetime never ever met because of never having such advancements, but for us we literally can meet like minded people from across the globe and literally strike friendship which literally affects the outcome of our destinies.

Hahaha enough philosophical talk (which I know am probably missing the mark when it comes to how true it is, but I love to hypothesise)

My name is Nuby. I am a man of thought, nature, and appreciates all forms of life. My hobbies are writing - am not actively writing everyday but on the weekends you'll definitely find me in a park writing poetry or short stories while sitting next to this small lake I love. I appreciate photography a lot, I do carry my camera around while on road trips or short escapades in my city but am not like the best photographer Hahaha but trials eventually make a professional out of a person, so am still trying. Road trips - once or twice in a month I love to get away and clear my mind. It literally helps to be lost in the quiet of nature before coming back to the daily "reality" Reading- I read a lot of books when am free that is definitely something I look forward to doing. It's so crazy that I have thrift book shopping every weekend. Literally I dedicate three to four hours to go thrift shopping for books. I don't know the older oxidised pages in books attract me more that the newer ones. I have no idea why Hehe.

I dance - twice a month I go for dance practice with my group though I reduced on it because I have so much on my plate but I still love to dance.

Meditating is something I came across a while back, close to one year ago and since then I have been doing it every morning before starting my day. Its reseting my mind and setting it to thrive above all negativity that the world brings.

Music I literally listen to everything but mostly Afro pop then the others follow that are danceable the am definitely a fan, you'll find me dancing while grocery shopping in a random isle just because I heard my song Hahaha. Am goofy like that...

Huge fan of stand up comedy from Dave chapelle to bill burr to Chris Rock to Eddy Murphy to the special on Netflix that Ellen did. To Kevin Harts specials on Netflix (yes I also watch Netflix when am free). So am a huge comedy head.

Plays, am definitely a lover of plays. I went to one last year and since then I have been regularly going. They have an amazing artistic form to them.

Well lemme not bore whoever was sold midway through with a longer hobbies list than it already was Hehe. I hope to find bonds strong enough to withstand time on here. And probably meet one day and tell. Each other stories of how we met and tell others about it. I appreciate pen palling a lot because its just an amazing way to connect ,a chance to be the real you without being judged on face value.

Looking forward to hearing from you


Last modified: 20200710

Name: Ortis . Gender: male Age Group:23-30
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:


Penpal message / wishes:
It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so,cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default. (this is the part where you can guess who said this, *hint hint* Alexa and Google might come in handy and give you a helping hand)

So that up there was my shot at an inspirational speech that would probably have you thinking "I think he might be smart " only to find out whether I'll live up to the expectations or I'll be a total flop, flip the coin, take the risk and see whether your time will be wasted or will equate to a fruitful friendship. This is the part where you insert the suspense filled *dun duuuun duuuuuuun * I hope the the letter "u" resembles the level of suspense I wanted to potray on that particular section.

Since breaking the ice requires some prerequisites, let us play a game of 10 questions. Through this we shall be able to discover bits and pieces about each other and expound on them slowly as we build our conversations.

1. A wild plague sweeps the whole world when you are asleep, you wake up and find that you are the only surviving member of the homo Sapiens species, what would be the first thing you'd do? (inspired by the TV series last man on earth)

2. You are in a mall, and suddenly caught up in the middle of a flash mob. What would you do? Join the Mob or stand on the sidelines and watch?

3 you have attended your favourite band's concert and in the middle of the performance they pull you up on stage, to sing with them. Which band would you want it to be?

4. Name three songs you have been listening to off late on your playlist

5. What can you see when you look outside your window right now?

6. What are some of your favourite hobbies?

7. Taken for a date in a restaurant, between fish and chicken, which one would you pick? Or are you a vegetarian?

8. Do you sing in the shower, or intentionally put cold water on to avoid singing in the shower?

9. What is the one thing you must do before everything ends in the world if it was on a timer of 10 days?

10. What would you put in a time capsule given the opportunity?

Let's start with these few ones and get to have a great pen pal conversation during this crazy time in the world.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Actually reading from you. Anyone is invited I don't discriminate

Yours truly


Remember : wash your hands regularly and stay safe. Cheers

Last modified: 20200710

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