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Name: Leo A. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:

Naughty Planet😂

Hobbies: Playing basketball,but can't slamdunk😂😂😂😂😂
Penpal message / wishes:
To begin with,I am wondering if there is a real person on this site.I have received many weird letters from some scammers and psychos since I joined this site a few days ago.Please,don't play those little tricks,ok?It's easy to see them through. It's just a waste of time,isn't it?Do you think who would send the money a stranger behind virtual screen,huh?Do you think that you are the wisest person in this world,huh?Idiot

My motto;No tattoos,no piercings,just kinda naughty。😂😂😂😂😂😂

About me:

First of all,I'm 100% real,cuz I'm never scared of making a video chat face to face,can you?If you don't make the first move,how could we start our story?:)😁😁😁

It's hard to describe myself,but let me try.First of all,I suppose that I am the most awesome Chinese guy.😆😆😆😆😆Seriously, I am a trustworthy n humble guy.But sometimes,I am very picky,too.For example,when u r interested in someone,the most basic thing is that u should read his or her profile first,then u will start to write.I am not interested in a few words,this will not catch my eyes.Of course,we have different culture,language and customs,do they make sense?No way,I believe that we will find one way to understand each other,do u agree? Feel free to ask,wish we can have a lot in common. Don't hesitate to send me a note,I don't bite.:)

PS:I love to communicate with funny people who often have a big smile on their faces;)You know,we can't lack laughter in our lives.BTW,even if you delete me one day,when u feel alone,wish my letters could remind u of our previous happiness.


No race,no complexion,no discrimination.Everyone is equal, please.






PS:I am 36 years old born in 1985,yep,I will be 37 in a few days,too old.:)))Btw,I am looking for a best friend,intimate lover and life partner.If you are a scammer,please fukcing get out of my face. Don't play those little tricks,I can see through so easily.GUYS DON'T WRITE TO ME,I AM STRAIGHT.Oh yes,the range from 19-55.

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Name: Sam . Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

United States

Hobbies: Listening to music, Last.fm, Video Games, Penpals, Photography, Traveling, Running, Skiing.
Penpal message / wishes:

About Me

வணக்கம் 您好 こんにちは สวัสดี 안녕하세요

Compose. Type my email. Hit Send

Hello Reader,

My name is Sam. I'm 29 years old. I have been on this website for 12 years.

It started when I was 15. I'm looking for a good friend to write about intelligent things. I've enjoyed it so much; I continue this as my hobby.

I've lived in a lot of places. Currently, I live close to Texas.

My friends describe me as compassionate, curious, calm, fun loving, thorough, critical-thinker.

I'm a follower of Christ ––

––I love socializing–– And making new friends. I delight in having a cup of coffee, talking to people, subtle joys in life. Life goes too fast at times, you know what I mean?

My hobbies are listening to music, cooking (yes, I can cook), hiking, reading books, skiing.

Interstellar has been the best movie in my life.

I write Poems.
I speak three languages fluently.

I've traveled to 30+ states in America


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Name: JOSEPH K. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:


Hobbies: swimming,travelling,socializing,reading,play games and football
Penpal message / wishes:

I'm Joseph Kamau (aka Vausa) from Kenya am 24 years old.

I'm a student taking diploma in ICT. i'm also kind,caring and honest.

I'm here for true friendship/best friends and pen pals from any country.

available to chat on any platform that suits you

"Friendship is an art of keeping distance while love is an art of intimacy."

-Sigmund Freud.

Joseph Kamau

Last modified: 20211018

Name: Thomas S. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:

United States

Hobbies: Writing,computerpgs,music,movies,reading comics
Penpal message / wishes:
A summer sunshine hello, I welcome you, for a writing that can be positive, blissful and hopefully interesting.

Creative happiness in writing is what I see and what I feel when I explore writing, but with someone. Happiness in writing, as in being at ease with the moments of joy in finding a voice and express that with someone.

I been writing on occasion for over 20 years as an interest and passion of mine, most of the time it's thoughts and feelings, sometimes I tried out my own way of personal imaginative poetry or on occasion I written to someone in email. My name is Thomas, and I'm born Swedish. I'm searching for woman to write to for something creative, positive and away from life, something personal and more about the individual with it's emotions. I seek not a story but a person with a genuine interest and heart for this and engage and find joy in this together.

Nice I think I am, as in the smile of a person that long for finding purpose and feeling happy with both the joy and passion, a sensitive guy, as in I take my values and what I say to heart and put a lot of feeling into what I do. I know it's hard to connect online with someone, to relate to each other. To find something genuine and good, aside from life, and online, having to dodge the scammers and fake ones.

To write with a woman, i think of it as a dream, but a very personal dream, life can be rough and harsh, isolated but being upfront with the vision for this I hope brings at ease of a mutual wish for relating to one another.

Much about me is internally, shallow or deep, intense, I don't write about life, daily life, but I think writing should be about what's in the thoughts and have a creative dream for what can be personal. If you find interest in thoughts and feelings for a positive way of who you are, I am there for that.

Writing about life is not me, writing about a dreams is me, for what is the longing if not in the heart, the purpose for the vision, it should be personal, but writing should not be about a reflection on life, but the wish and vision for what the dream of the place and the mood should be like.

Time and passion, to have the time and priority for this, passion to show interest in articulating feelings into words. I am a person that is personal and yet I don't define my self and shape my self based on life, but more based on who I am, what I feel, and what I see from my heart.

Music and writing, that is very much in symbiosis, the trance music i love and how I feel, the dreamer among the anonymous. I don't have much of value but I value my words and my emotions and music.

I am what I write, the person I am and feel is both a dreamer and a drifter, creative and sensitive, passionate. To find genuine shared interest and emotional connection that can eventually be a friendship.

I am neither evasive nor elusive, I'm being myself, writing is positive and fun and just like music it invokes a world of our own, that is why writing should not be a reflection on life, but a reflection on who we are, feel and see, being as a person, individual, from the heart and soul.

Expressed in my own way, as you express it in your own way and you are welcome to write if you wish. So in the end if you like this and wish to have a long term connection that is personal and about thoughts and feelings and creativity then email me.

with kindness and most of the time I lived in my own world from me Thomas

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Name: Micha³ M. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:


Hobbies: writing poetry, stamp-collecting, gardening, travelling, camping,
Penpal message / wishes:
Hey pals,

I gradueted recently on my legal studies on Jagiellonial University and Im going to be as good lawyer as Harvey Specter (maybe not xd). Maybe I wouldn't earn as much money as Specter, but Im pretty sure I'll be to afford the purchase of the pretty wooden house on countryside with big garden where I could plant my veggies (a lot of veggies!) and... maybe one beautiful flower just for you ^^. But for now Im just corporal lawyer-begginer full of simple dreams.

I dress formarly in nice navy blue suit with pair of black oxfords. When I hang out with friends I put on me my katana jacket, jeans and new balances (with their color they give me miami vibes). Of course I put on my fingers few signets. They don't really match with my tattoos wich are very cute, because the signets looks a little bit scary xd.

Oh, the most important: I love jokes so If you know any jokes you are the right pal for me. Have a good day :))

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