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Name: Alan Z. Gender: male Age Group:41-50
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City & Country:

United Kingdom

Penpal message / wishes:

If you're a female from Nigeria attending university in the United Kingdom, especially in Sheffield, and would like a local white married male as email penpal company whilst you're here, then it would be wonderful to exchange messages with you!

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Name: Morgan B. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:

United States

Penpal message / wishes:
Hello people, my name is Morgan Beadle. I'm 37, 6'4"and have blonde hair but I shave my head, I also weigh 190. I'm writing to all of you today because I'm looking for pen pals and potentially a relationship with a woman who wants a real relationship. I'm looking for someone who has good qualities like being honest, loyal, kind, passionate, and most of all real about who they are in life and what they are looking for. As for myself I am very blunt at times, nice, kind, genuine, passionate, romantic, and I know what I want out of life. If I do happen to find someone who can still have kids, I definitely want to have kids down the road. That's kind of a big thing in my world. On another note, I don't have any STD's or AIDS/HIV. I don't use protection unless it's bleach or scrubbing bubbles. I have no problems going down on the woman I'm with just as long as I'm not eating hair. So to be clear, I don't ever eat hair ! Now that I have established that fact I can move on. I'm a forever kind of guy just so it's crystal clear. Words carry weight, value, power, consequences, meaning, and more. I don't just say what I think someone wants to hear. That's not how I am. Never have been nor will I do that ever. I don't lie to anyone for anything. I have only been with 11 women in my life not that it matters. I also consider myself to be the Unicorn of Virgo's. I am a Virgo. My birthday is 09-16-1985 in case anyone is curious. I'm very intelligent and intellectual at times. So if I'm using a word or term or phrase and it doesn't make sense by all means just ask and I will explain. I'm the type of guy that believes If you can't trust the person your trying to have a relationship with, then you shouldn't be with them. I have already learned that the hard way and I'm not going to make the same mistake twice ! So if anyone wants to write to me by all means please do so.
Here's how to contact me.
FYI: I am incarcerated (prison)
Go to Securus.com and
register an email account through them and
next go to Jpay.com and
put in my D.O.C. number which is 354332 and
ADD yourself to my account.
From there you will have to buy some stamps
so we can talk and for what is worth I like to know who I'm talking with, so if you could be so kind as to include a face picture of your self that would be great. Thanks.

**I am in prison and this is the only way that we can communicate with each other.**
This really will not take that long, the instructions are very detailed, Thank you, Morgan

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First Name: Morgan Last Name: Beadle
State: Washington
Facility: Washington State Department of Corrections
Morgan's name should come up
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—>>>not in the United States...<<<—

**Please get the Text Now app
Don’t let it know your location and
Choose area code 509 then
Choose a phone number.
Once that’s finished you want to link that phone number with "Securustech.net"**

I look forward to hearing from you


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Name: Mark W. Gender: male Age Group:50+
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

United Kingdom

Hobbies: S e x and more s e x !!!!!
Penpal message / wishes:
Ha did that grab your attention!!!!!

Now for the real stuff x

Hello,Well one last attempt,I’m mark Married with two daughters. I live in the uk.I’m looking for some genuine female friends to talk with, I don’t mind if you are married single etc, I don’t care what you look like. Or your age My wife works evenings and eldest has moved out. So it’s quiet here in the evening. Live in a small village so nothing happens here,I love reading, urbexing, beer.I am happy to chat off email after a while if we click.I will not buy any Amazon cards etc I have two jobs and can just afford to keep myself going

About Me




United Kingdom



English (Fluent)

Looking for. , fun female friends age status looks not important just be fun and friendly!!

Did you know this about United Kingdom

Lots of history here,

Looking for

I’m look forward to meeting some great friends,Frequency of messages not important. Ideally similar times zones but not necessarily specific. Anyone who has experience with eating disorders or anxiety and depression would be helpful.I’m really interested in ancient history especially Egyptian and Roman

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Name: A W. Gender: male Age Group:50+
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

United Kingdom

Penpal message / wishes:
Greetings and salutations! My name is Alan. I'm 58 years old and live in Wales, UK. I'm single and live alone, however, at my stage in life I'm happy enough living this way, so ladies I'm not seeking a relationship. I'm advertising for email penpals only. Physically, I'm White British, 6 feet and 2 inches tall and weigh approximately 21 stone (294 lbs). I'm mildly disabled mostly due to arthritis. With regards to my personality, I'm an easy-going and tolerant man who prefers a quiet home life. I'm quite old-fashioned in many respects and prefer life as it was many years ago. As such, I often struggle to understand some of the bizarre aspects of present-day 'clown-world' Western life!

One of my main interests is photography, which these days has become a passive interest. Over the years, I've amassed hundreds of photos, mostly of the beautiful and rugged local scenery. I've also enjoyed photographing 13th century castles and other historical buildings within my area. My other main interest is in computers and in the past I've built my own. I'm also interested in science, technology and current affairs. To pass the time, I enjoy browsing the internet and watching DVDs.

I'm willing to converse about a wide variety of topics, but I will only do so if the topics are reasonable and the discourse is conducted amicably. I do not wish to discuss religion, as when doing so I usually find most individuals tend to preach and proselytise their beliefs, which I find annoying. Politics is another subject I'd like to avoid, as these days it can be a particularly contentious subject to discuss and life is difficult enough without yet more unpleasantness. I don't mind discussing thought-provoking and even controversial topics, but when doing so I always look at the quality of any evidence with a sceptical mindset.

I'd like to correspond with easy-going ladies and gentlemen from all walks of life who are preferably between the ages of 40 and 70 years old. I only wish to be contacted by someone who is willing to make an effort and type a reasonable-length email reply and not just a few words. I'm unable to reply daily; however, I will endeavour to respond within a few days. Occasionally, it may take slightly longer. I will not respond to perfunctory replies. Needless to say, scammers and con artists of any description will also receive no response. No angry 'Karens' please and No 'Pervy Petes'!

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Name: Annabel S. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

United States

Penpal message / wishes:
Am new here looking for friends and see if I meet anyone serious about a relationship. Am easy going and fun to be with. annabelsmith889 @ gm. Text me and see for yourself. mind you don't text me if you not serious.

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