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Name: Me H. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: reading, books, music, film, animals, sport, long walks, smiling, yawning
Penpal message / wishes:
Would like to read someones casual,extraordinary, boring, interesting, pink and black daily thoughts. Sometimes it`s not that easy to find a person for a pleasant, intelligent, liberal, respecting conversation that covers a wide range of topics.. from a pie recipe to astronomy. It doesn`t matter if you like tea or coffee (I prefer tea), we can try and arrange that type of virtual conversation.
I also like Milky Way (both galaxy and chocolate). It`s kind of cosy.

Not interested in inappropriate e-mails.

Last modified: 20190617


Name: Martian .. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

Port Talbot, Wales
United Kingdom

Hobbies: Football, Cycling, Swimming, Walking, Star gazing, cooking
Penpal message / wishes:

I’m 27 from Swansea, Wales. I graduated over the summer of 2018 with a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and now I work full time as a Manufacturing Engineer. The joys of student life is long gone, and work life is completely different; it’s like a brand new life. Throughout my university, I was focused on excelling and getting a job, so never really had time to meet new people or socialise. Now that I have completed my university and work full time, my next goal to achieve is to find someone special. Life gets really busy and stressful more often than you imagine it to be. Having someone to spend time with, is probably the best thing ever.

I have a very analytical mind and career focused as I want to reach the top. I have been busy all my life developing myself and improving wherever I can. I have specific targets I want to achieve within the next 3-5 years which will help me get into the space sector and advance into my dream career. I’m very much interested in the outer space and like to keep myself educated with quantum mechanics and astrophysics. Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot” is a must watch video.

I’m kind, friendly and humble. I go to gym regularly, and sometimes play football and pool. I like to stay active and healthy. Maybe in the 2030s I might end up going to Mars with Elon Musk!

I’m looking for a single female to talk to and see how things go between the two. If there’s one thing I haven’t focused on in life apart from career, is relationship. So, I would like to sort that out now, although it is proving to be a lot harder than I previously imagined. It is hard to find someone genuine and someone who would like to do simple things in life and spend time together. Work takes up most of my time, so the remaining time I would like to spend it with someone nice. This is the only thing missing from my life. Someone from the UK will be great so we can easily meet up once we have known each other better.


Last modified: 20190617

Name: Adrian A. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Ideas, Adventure (sports, camping), History, Cinematography, Literature, News
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi potential new pal.

I'm looking for some fun and/or meaningful conversations with people interested in exchanging ideas and experiences. We can talk about our insight regarding our home country,contrasts, fun facts, culture or simply have a chat about what we like to do (some of my main interests are displayed on the hobbies section)Feel free to send me an e-mail if you are searching a pal as well and you have something to say. I don't have anything against your gender, age, religion or any other thing people use to justify prejudice but there are a couple of things I don't like about some people and I'm sure many agree with me; I want that you are willing to have real conversations and not dull short answers many people write when meeting online, I'm not going to even pay attention to a short message, I'm going to just delete it (why would they even try to find a penpal if they don't want to talk, isn't the whole point to get to know people? for flat conversations you would be better off saying "hi" to that relative you don't even like, not to mention the sad trolls that think they are so funny but only get ignored); That only comes as lazy or uninterested so show me you are someone as enthusiastic as I am and we could be pals. I also don't like people who use a template to send several messages, come one, try to at least send a personalized message to every person.

Last modified: 20190616

Name: Darren . Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

United States

Hobbies: WWE Wrestling, Scary Movies, Pets, Dinner Out, Taking Walks, Picnics, Malls
Penpal message / wishes:

-Please read this personal ad and it's
entire contents of what I'm seeking for
-Please do not send me harassment through
email and don't send me harassment through
postal mail thank you for understanding
-Do not send me African scam cause I'm on
to Nigerian Scam it will all get deleted
-Do not send me any hate it will be reported
to the local law enforcement and FBI i will
-Do not send me spam cause it's just going
to get deleted so send spam and i will delete
it trust me your wasting your time.

-This message goes out to Single females
age 18-36 and I'm looking for more than
Friendship and looking for Long-term
Relationship and Marriage Minded female
-I'm requesting one Woman to be special
forever in my life and likes keeping
things for real in a relationship
also I'm not looking to be catfish or
receive request from scammers also all
scammers or catfish will be automatic
deleted so don't waste your time.

-I'm Darren Single White Male age 51
-I'm bigger built guy but neat & clean
-I'm 5'9"-5"10" Blue eyes & Brown hair
-My Birthday is February 9, 1968, I'm
not afraid to show my sensitive side
-I'm Serious,Loving, Caring,Giving,Sharing
Shy guy here not looking just for sex I do
like Cuddling, Hugs, Public displays of
affection, I love Kissing, Necking, Holding
hands, not to sound blunt but i do like girls/
woman who are hairy down there that is my

-I have mental health disorders(Bipolar,
Anxiety,Schizo-effective disorder, Depression
-I don't own a vehicle and can't drive
-I usually rely on public transportation
-If i met a girl off the Internet i'm
willing to pay gas money for transportation
for any dates that we go on plus i believe
the man should pay for the dates also
-I'm on Supplemental Security Income.
-I believe in being honest, sincere etc.
-I like to be affectionate and romantic
-I never been married and no children.

Thanks for all your correspondences

Darren Lee
523 Th Street
Apt # 1
Monongahela PA

Last modified: 20190616

Name: Jamie H. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

United Kingdom

Hobbies: Movies/TV, Music Computers/Internet, Fashion, Shopping, Sports, Cooking, Chat, E-mail, Snail Mail,
Penpal message / wishes:

Hi, Want to have the soles of your school shoes licked clean ?

If so email me :)

Last modified: 20190616

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