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Name: Lenard F. Gender: male Age Group:50+
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Hobbies: Reading, theatre, writing, more reading
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Think of a Harare street where children play barefoot with loud shrieks of delight as they chase each other, unaware of their folks struggle to make ends meet. Right there on the dusty streets with their dirty feet and clothes they looked like minor miners, but their eyes shine bright from their mud stained faces. For them, happiness doesn't wait for their folks to make their lives easier. Even in their lack they have grasped life. Sadly we grow up we lose our grip and become consumed with tomorrows problems.

What makes you happy? I'm Len. I'm in a different part of the world to where you are. I have a different culture, climate, languages and, in all likelihood, diet too. We would look different too. But like you I have plans, dreams and I want "happy" to describe who I am. I want to connect with you, wherever you are. it would be great to make friends with people in other parts of the world. i want to know how you do "happy"

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