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Name: Elena A. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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Hi everyone. I am Elena, a 17 years old girl from Yemen.

I have a very hard and depressing life as a female and atheist here. I have to be covered up in black shapeless piece of fabric and I can t go out alone. I can not even converse or shake hands with males and I can not also do sports. I take 7 anti depressant pills a day but these pills have no special effect. They don t make me happy.

I considered writing this ad because I though I need an open minded person (preferably a Westerner) to talk to me in a daily basis. I don t like them to remind me or ask me of my hard life and make me feel sadder, but i need someone to tell me kind words and i get a new hope everyday when I read his or her message.

Just to note, my hobbies are anything which make me forget my sadness. Such as music. I listen to Enrique Iglesias's love songs everyday and I get hope each time. These songs are helping me learn Spanish and making me smile. But I think I also need someone to send me hopeful messages everyday. Because now i am quite hopeless and i have almost lost my hope for life.

I can send you picture of my short dark brown hair. This a thing i really love to do. Because I have to hide it all the time. And i can also share my loneliness with you and maybe i don t feel sad and alone anymore when i know you are there.

At last please note that I m not a poor or silly girl. Or someone vulnerable. I know many languages and i am a semi expert in oriental miniature painting. I also can cook Italian food very well. I m just depressed and need a kind friend. Just that.

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