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Name: Zach C. Gender: male Age Group:16-18
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City & Country:

Virgin Islands (U.S.)

Penpal message / wishes:
Wassup h2hoes, my name is Zach and I love hair!

I love hair so much that every time I smell a girl within 50ft of me, I pull out a pair of scissors and take a sample for later ;)

I used to live in Yeehaw America, but because I was so extremely cool, I got moved to the Virgin Islands, definitely not because no man or women would ever love me (please guys love me so I can leave Virgin Land)

I'm definitely 6'5 and full of muscle (definitely stop doubting me or I'll tell my mum) which means that if you want to talk to me you must meet the following criteria:

1. Be female, sorry guys I only talk to m'ladys (on second thoughts, please anyone talk to me, I'm so lonely)

2. Be at least a 9.9/10 in the looks department, I'm easily a 34/10 which means you must at least have been a model for 12.62 years

3. Dress in full Amish clothes at all times -- I ONLY speak to those who have not sinned.


YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 42.6378M OF HAIR, IT MUST SMELL OF ONLY THE FINEST SCENTS ( my personal favourite is the smell of freshly caught Dolphins from Arizona) AND IT MUST BE THE COLOUR #32CD32 (rgb(50,205,50) for your normies) AND IT MUST BE THE SAME CURLINESS AS 2 DAY OLD KALE

If you meet these requirements then please email me, if not then don't waste my time.

And remember, I'm definitely not a creepy guy, and I'm the coolest boi in existence

Ciao Bella

Big Z

Last modified: 20190701


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