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Name: sebastian d. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

United Kingdom

Hobbies: cinema,horror.sci-fi movies,eating out,game design,gaming,travel(Manila,Bohol,Poland etc etc)
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi everyone,
I moved from the UK to Prague and have been working at my job making computer games for some time and since I am settled(would be surprising if I wasn't since it has been a few years!!!, I thought what better way to spend my free time(as much time as I can spare after working my ass off every day :P ) than by making some new friends from around the world.I'm an easy going guy who has a dark/sarcastic humor(product of being a UK guy :P).I just want to make some really good friends and keep hoping I will find any here(even with the bad luck/people who contacted me so far here....it's really really f**king depressing after the last lot lol. Yet here I am despite that guess that make's me an optimistic person too!. I like to watch movies ranging from sci/horror/documentary, weird arty movies(is arty an actual word.....).I like going to the cinema when I have the chance(or if there is actually anything good to watch....and if there are any open :) ).Then I also like to watch tv shows anything from tales from the loop, umbrella academy, what we do in the shadows to older series like 'Tales from the crypt' also anime from time to time.I go to art galleries and museums often, enjoy long walks in the countryside weight training and a whole bunch of other stuff that might take forever to write down so after saying all that right to me if you want to know more.

Anyone is welcome even the scammers who I love reading from the comfort of my spam box :)

-see you soon

Oh and one last note to all you snail mailers, due to my eye exploding schedule, I currently don't have the time to snail mail plus my hand writing from years of making computer game content.Is like the handwriting of a 5-year-old....so yeah best not to put us both through it.

(another random note) please, when writing to me let me know your name and where you are from and maybe a little bit about your self like hobbies and interests.I have been getting so many emails from people saying just 'hi' and telling me absolutely nothing about them I don't even respond to them anymore. So guys and gals do me that one favor cause if I get one more I swear I will eat my own face off from frustration.....do not take that as a challenge or I will literally find a way to punch you through your monitor...

p.s. I have been getting a lot of emails from people who have no interests in common with me and flat out say they only want me to practice English. If you're looking for someone to practice English with I am not your guy,I started this to make friends and not be here to serve other people's self-interests so.....it's time for you to walk away in shame....and die :P

(p.s part 2:the writening).I know you guys and gals are just bursting with enthusiasm to write to people(seriously guys stop shaking your starting to scare me),and then flat out stop writing after a few emails and never write again....I have noticed this over time well a few years and before writing to me you should know.I put a lot of time and effort into writing to people, and if you just can't be arsed to write to someone long term then maybe I am not the pen pal for you.

p.s (part 3: the p.s's strike back),I got to say this no more people from Ghana.I was nice I tried I really did but now all I get is guys writing to me from Ghana who are too stupid to search for women and think all people who write here even in the male section are women.Seriously I have had countless men from Ghana saying they want to marry me and love me until there is no blood left in them WTF.

p.s (part 4 the time you know the movie series is going to either go to the hood or space)
Congratulations you made it this far and your brain hasn't melted from what you read so far. You win! nothing! as I ate the chocolates that were going to be the prize.But you could have a friend? maybe? depends if you deserve it really eh you get out what you put in after all.I guess I am picky and I do like to keep in touch so if you are the I will maybe write once a week kind of person I may just forget about you :).

p.s.s.p.s 5000 : Why are people bothering me with emails which turn into please follow me or even create a fake instagram account to follow me because I want my ego stroked. All it does is make me think people who use it are a little nuts. Especially when I got some people saying I failed the frienship test by not following them after the first email......seriously.....

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Name: Matt L. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

United Kingdom

Hobbies: Flirting, women, goddesses, stories
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi All

Only over 18's should continue reading.

I am Matt, I am here looking for a woman of any age to chat about adult themes, the subject choice is yours to choose, I have no boundaries.
Don't delay have some fun today.
I do not send pics, just the power of my words.
I obviously have no issue if you want to show me your bodies splendor.
Remember being seductive is not always to do with no clothes, although I wont complain lol.
100% Confidential, it will ALWAYS be only between us two.

No scammers, I can't be parted with my money, so don't try.

Have a great day, Matt.

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Name: Ethan S. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

United Kingdom

Penpal message / wishes:
Hi I'm Ethan a shy 24 year old from Scotland seeinking love/ long term partner i care for family so cant go out dating not new to penpals or long distance relationships.
Interests are cars history nature animals mainly what are yours?
I'm 5ft9 average build green eyes short brown hair happy to chat to anyone from around the world xx

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Name: Shelly F. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

United Kingdom

Penpal message / wishes:
Hi, how are you??

To be honest I'm not too sure as to what to write about so just a basic introduction of me: I'm 21 have a full time job at a bakery, I live in South uk Devon by the coast and have 2 cats and a dog.

Just looking to have a chat about anything and everything really so if u need/ want to chat, feel free to send a message.

As I work full time I might be slow at replying.

Hope to hear soon x

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Name: Ellie H. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

United Kingdom

Hobbies: Music, Movies, Reading Etc...
Penpal message / wishes:
I am only looking for a long-term FEMALE friend who bi, les or straight and between the ages of 18 and 40 who are willing to chat about anything and everything.

I live in the UK and would love to have a female friend from either North America or the UK with a great sense of humour who can laugh at themselves as well as others.

In my spare time which I have lots of at this moment in time I like to cook, read and watch movies and a few TV shows and just basically have fun. I would really like to find a female who shares the same kind of interests as myself so we can bond over a few things. I also like watching American cop shows and love watching Harry Potter and Marvel movies too.

Life is far too short so if you are female and are interested in being friends from Scotland then email me and let us see how we get along. I do not bite unless asked to but I willing to nibble on you. I am a very outgoing and caring individual and once you have me for a friend you have a friend for life.


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