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Name: Slava B. Gender: female Age Group:41-50
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Hobbies: yoga, skiing, pilates
Penpal message / wishes:
I'm tired, I want communication and warmth...

The first impression of a person is always the brightest and most memorable. I hope it will. I'm just a girl who is tired, tired of the daily routine. I want new impressions.
Well, now for more details. I'm not looking for ordinary friendships and girlfriends. I am looking for a friend whose relationship can develop into a serious relationship with me.
I will not answer letters with one line. At least introduce yourself, please. You respect yourself, don't you? Now is a difficult time and it's hard for everyone.
I wish you all kindness and good mood! Don't be afraid of me :)

Last modified: 20230323


Name: Liliya A. Gender: female Age Group:41-50
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Penpal message / wishes:
Good Morning,

My name is Mrs. Liliya Aksamit from Ukraine.

The Russian Ukraine war is affecting. Everyone here and people are dying everyday. I want to have an urgent and important discussion with you please. My daughter and I are in the danger zone of the war right now. My husband was shot dead last week and he was. Before his death, he was processing a Visa for us to relocate Abroad. Please reply to a widow like me urgently.

Kindly reply me here: liliyaask09@gmail.com


Mrs. Liliya Aksamit

Last modified: 20220723

Name: Alla H. Gender: female Age Group:41-50
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Hobbies: fight against liars, books, love, relationships, outdoors, Kama Sutra, family happiness recipes!
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi, everyone!!))
read it very carefully!!
I make this announcement especially for those who are somehow looking for a beautiful and honest lady, for relationships, love, se x or just friendship! In General, for those who are just looking for a lady with different goals! this is not prostitution and not stupid advertising with the sale! this is a real help and advice to all those who need it! I will help you to open your eyes to reality and make the right choice, because you are dear men who are looking for girls, make a lot of stupid mistakes and wrong decisions in finding ladies that lead you to disappointment and discouragement, including this site, which is just full of scammers!
I want to indicate that I do not take money for it, it's completely free and there's no catch! I repeat I do not engage in fraud or advertising!! those men who are interested in what I wrote and they really wanna to get help in finding ladies, I'm waiting for you in my mail, we will communicate!=)
all thank you, friends

Last modified: 20191112

Name: Victor S. Gender: male Age Group:41-50
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Hobbies: To many to list
Penpal message / wishes:
ОК, где начать.

Я заранее извиняюсь за мой не совсем perfect русский. Это не мой первый язык, мой первый язык английский я из Америки а по русски знаю потому что мои корни из Украины.

Мой приятель показал мне этот сайт около пол года назад. Я иногда захожу на этот сайт и даже несколько раз писал по объявлениям но никогда не получал ответа.

Не понимаю почему люди пишут эти объявления а потом не отвечают.

Anyway, мне бы хотелось найти женщину, друга.

Женщину которой тоже необходимо общения.

С которой можно говорить обо всем. Делиться мыслями, мечтами, вместе фантазировать и может быть даже become intimate. Быть самими собой and not be judged.

Я уверен что такая женщина существует но не уверен что она прочтет это и ответит.

Мои интересы много и я могу говорить об этом если кому то это будет интересно.

С нетерпением жду ответа.

Last modified: 20191026

Name: Elena O. Gender: female Age Group:41-50
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Reading, travelling, music, movies, psychology, art
Penpal message / wishes:

Well, ... 53/f/Ukraine. INTJ. Smart as a whip, with developing social skills (not always successfully, but I am working on it😉), love simple things, very fatalistic at times: it’s either all or nothing, black or white, no grey, no maybe; irritating but cute; sarcastic with a type of humor you’ll either love or hate, emotionally reserved but easily hurt, shy at first, then open up, naturally suspicious of people... for whatever reason that might be.

I may not be perfect but at least I am not fake.

What am I looking for here? Just another piece of puzzle to make a whole picture. 😉 some brave, daring, adventurous soul. Someone able to chat about a variety of subjects, because life on Earth is really interesting, but no politics, no religious chats. Hopefully, I got you hooked😉 Don’t waste time, just write to me.

Last modified: 20190523

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