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Name: Amira A. Gender: female Age Group:41-50
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Hobbies: Read, Cook, Travel and making friends
Penpal message / wishes:
I am an African from Sudan and currently live in the country of the Republic of Benin. I am a very kind woman with a good sense of humor, kindness, passion, affection and humility. With this in mind, I am really looking for a man who is not interested in color or race but believes in honesty and love of humans. I'm looking for a guy that can make each day exciting to be with him. I need to have a purpose in his life every single day and I want him to be everything i will think of in this life because i really need him, I want that man that will be my pride and his arm around my shoulder for love sake everything single day there is need for it and a man that could caution me right in when I say something goofy and advises me whenever i am going off track, please let that man show yourself because i need you. But please I need a man who has business intelligence mainly and here is my email addresses :- amibashir92@gmail.com Or a.mirabashir@yahoo.com

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