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Name: Vhalla M. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:

Saudi Arabia

Hobbies: Reading, Psychology, movies, arts and crafts, badminton, shopping, long walks.
Penpal message / wishes:

I am looking for friends to make only, preferably long term and female because its easier to relate and comfortable. I did this penpal thing before but they didn't stick sadly after few emails but maybe there's still interesting people to talk to for long.

Some things about me, I love to read, I am usually an introvert and mostly keep to myself but I do like hanging out with my friends also. I am non-judgemental and like listening to people more than talk myself but once I get started and comfortable I don't stop. I would like to meet somebody easy to talk to or easy going.You can talk to me like we are friends for ages and I wouldn't find that stange...that would be fun actually now that I think of it. Oh, and I usually write long emails and like getting them too so never worry about writing them long :)

I don't like drama, there's just too much of it and poeple who can't mind their own business or constantly find faults just for their amusement.

Please don't send short emails saying nothing about yourself because then I wouldn't know about you at all. And don't write creepy emails either.

Write soon!

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