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Name: Sofia P. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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City & Country:

Russian Federation

Hobbies: cinema, literature, writing,photography,reading
Penpal message / wishes:

I'm Sonia and I'm 17, almost 18

I would like to make friends around the world. I'm a huge movie fan. Some of my favourites are Atomic Blonde, Singin' in the rain and Kingsman:The Secret Service. I like to discuss movies so much, I could spend hours talking about them. I also like different TV shows, especially detectives

I really like taking photos and making short films. I'm found of travelling so I always take my camera with me and make a lot of photos for my instagram.
I also like reading books

I am interested in e-mail penpals and letter penpals. We can also chat through social media.

I'd like to find a long term frienship. Any person between 15-18 is welcomed
I would be happy to talk about some serious topics or just to chat about recent film or book

By the way, if you are speaking french, please,write me a couple sentenses in it, as I'm learning french

Feel free to write me!

Last modified: 20190522


Name: Alexandra S. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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City & Country:

Russian Federation

Hobbies: music, books, Marvel films, chemistry experiments
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello,my name's Alex, I'm 17 and from Russia. I can't speak English very well, but I'll try my best. I'm really like music, it's my passion, I prefer rock music from 70-80s such as Queen, DM or RHCP, but I'll be happy If you introduce me to your favorite musicians. I study chemistry and want to become a scientist in this field. If you want to contact me I have to warn you that I can't always answer quickly,sorry. Not bothered by age, sex, origin etc.

Also I like to teach you some words from my language, I think it's very interesting.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Last modified: 20190407

Name: Maria T. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

Russian Federation

Hobbies: metal music, guitar playing, series, books
Penpal message / wishes:
hi everyone!
probably it's going to be a long story so please take a seat...

i've been heartbroken recently so now i'm looking for someone to heal me. to let me fall in love with them and sink me in tenderness.

i'm really into boys. 17-25 approximately. WHITE (or Korean/Japanese). LONG-HAIRED, SKINNY, EMO, GOTH, or METALHEADS UwU;

here's something i want to warn you about:

1. i'm looking for a kind of long-lasting distanced relationship. crush, love, soulmate - call it however you want. also i'm not going to stop at texts only. i'd like us to send pictures. use whatsapp. skype. snail mail. take journeys. i hope so do you!
2. if you aren't ready to exchange photos and prove who you are when we talk at the first time - please get lost. i'm going to prove myself anyway - so will you?
3. actually i'm a 17-year-old pink-haired white girl. pretty, smart, nice, funny. really touchable and caring. i'm going to respect my beloved one, call him a 'prince' and send him sweet messages like "good night, honey, be my little spoon". i hope my penpal will share that my tendency and take care of me in return.
4. if i like you physically (appearance), i may behave really bad. i may ask for spicy talk, role-playing, dirty T or D - so i hope it's okay with you.
5. it would be awesome if we also share the same interests.
- i'm going to become an English teacher.
- my favorite bands are Placebo, Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White, Bullet For My Valentine, My Chemical Romance, Asking Alexandria, Powerwolf and many more.
- my favorite TV shows are House MD, Sherlock by BBC, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural.
- i'm really into fantasy or classic books. my favorite ones are "Gone with the wind" and most of Jack London's works. And also some works of Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde.
- i have two cats. play the guitar and sing a little. also keen on hand making things - from woodburning to sewing.
- currently i'm playing the first Witcher and DMC 5.
- i'm a shipper. i'm extremely into Frerard, Hannor, Cherik, Fassavoy and many other weird ships.

well, i feel like that's all i wanted to say. i hope you were patient enough to read to this point. looking forward to your reply, my lonely emo-soulmate! 😂 💞

Last modified: 20190318

Name: Minaloo ^. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

Russian Federation

Penpal message / wishes:

I suddenly wanted to return to this case, so I'm here.

I am not from the largest city in comparison with others from my country, Petrozavodsk. The place is not different from other cities. But there is always something to tell about him.

In my free time I try to draw. Every day I try to improve my skills, even if it’s not as good as we would like. But still ahead, right?

I like to increase my horizons, so I often read information that many would seem superfluous, stupid.

I will be your great friend and listener. I will become the one who will not fill up with stupid and irrelevant stories (Just because my life is not filled with any dynamics. Friends are calm, there is no boy or girl. Even stupid stories do not happen).

I write fan fiction as it rolls inspiration. But as well as rolls, it quickly leaves. So many people still remain sketches, which upsets me very much.

I hope to find good friends. I love snail mail, so I will be very happy to her. Hope we will get in touch. Thank you for your attention ~

Last modified: 20190301

Name: Alice U. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

Russian Federation

Penpal message / wishes:
I just put "empty fields" and am writing this second time:(

But ok. I'm 15, I'm here mostly to improve my English, but I don't mind to find, maybe, friends. I like physics, music, world at all. See you in your letters

Last modified: 20190225

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