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Name: Ceci V. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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interests: movies, tv shows, podcasts, social sciences, feminism, cottagecore, pinterest, activism, art of any kind, animals and others.

hello! i'm Cecilia but people call me Ceci, i only want to be pen pals with girls from my age group for security reasons, i speak spanish but we can talk in english if you like, i'm an abolitionist feminist, please be respectful. thank you <3

i would love movie/books/music/podcasts recommendations or any creative content recommendations, i like long and short emails, i do not send pictures, i'm only looking for friends, we can talk about various topics, i definitely have more to say and more to talk about! but i'm very private so if you're a girl my age or a little older, please send an email, i would love to be your friend!

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