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Name: D. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

Puerto Rico

Penpal message / wishes:

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Name: Carly *. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

Puerto Rico

Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, cooking, sleeping...
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello Stranger! Hope you're feeling well.

Im in search of a friend, someone who's honest, heartwarming, respectful of others and not scared to be themselves.

To start I would like to exchange emails getting to know each other and if there's a chance of it being a long-lasting friendship then maybe exchange old fashioned mail, I believe there's something more personal about taking the time to write the letter, and sending it, there are more feelings involve; and then waiting for it to arrive, the surprise on the other part when opening the mailbox and finding the letter there, waiting for them, when you were expecting it the least.

About me: Spanish is my native language, so maybe my english grammar may seem weird or off at times but I'm practicing so it doesn't happen to often.

I'm an introvert, really shy girl which may be the reason why I don't have many friends, but I've been told that I express myself better through written words than actually speaking with others so maybe this is how I'll make some friends.

I enjoy reading about pretty much everything but politics. I spend of most of my time listening to music, even when I'm doing something else, are not limited to a specific genre, just listen to whatever appeals my mood at the moment. Like to cook, pastry mostly. Animal lover!! Fan of Korean culture. Also watch tv and movies from time to time.

Like almost everyone else one of my dreams it's to travel the world, and I think that it's the one dream I would never let go of.

Don't know what else to say so, if you, yes YOU, beautiful stranger, believe that there's a chance of building a friendship here, do not hesitate to contact me.
Tell me something about yourself, ask me something your curious about, I look forward to reading from you.

Until we read again, be safe!

Last modified: 20190713

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