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Name: Louise M. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Email me and you'll find out.
Penpal message / wishes:
Hey there! I'm Louise. 19 years of age.

This global pandemic has been rough, to say the least. But we can make friends while we're at it since we can't really go out of our houses! Always remember to sanitize and be overall hygienic.

Anyway, I'm kind of reclusive. Introverted, really. I'm an INTP-T. If you know what that means, or know your own type, bonus points! For what, I'm not sure.

But internet friends don't exhaust me! (As much, anyway.) I'm also kind of weird, but a lot of good people are. I have a wide range of likes, so message me and we can talk all about it! Let's discover our similar interests, okay?

I can be a friend. Definitely. We can talk about anything under the sun! Let's both share our knowledge and gain a deeper understanding on things new to us! I'll be waiting for your messages!
I hope we can be really good pals!

Also, it's been brought to my attention, (because of the increasing frequency) emails that just say "hi or whatever." Please do give me something more to work with. I will be less likely to reply if you email me with the standard, "Hi, how are you, hoping to hear from you."

Rather than being run-of-the-mill, let's all try to be a little more intriguing. Although, that is not a requirement to be my friend, it is just an encouragement to get the creative cogs in your brains moving. Let's enjoy a wonderful penpalling experience!

On a side note, though. I'll probably be formal when we start out. Or something. I don't know. I know I can be pretty serious when I try to be. Not that I'm going to try to be serious, though.
Send me an email.

P.S No old men please. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BEFRIENDING OLD MEN. I'M NOT DISCRIMINATING. I JUST DON'T WANT TO TALK TO "SEEMINGLY HARMLESS, GRANDPAS!" IF YOU ARE 23 AND ABOVE DO NOT EMAIL ME. Adult ladies are okay. But don't try to sell me anything, please? I'm not buying.

P.P.S Even if I don't update this ad, I still very much would like your emails. I will reply. Except if you're an old man and/ or con artists. (Everybody needs to be careful on the internet.)

Last modified: 20200620


Name: Effie A. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Reading, writing, playing instruments, cooking
Penpal message / wishes:

Hi there!

I'm Effie, and this whole coronavirus-quarantine shindig has me wanting company beyond that of my family's and current friends. I've always wanted a penpal, and have forayed into the penpal world once or twice before, but was ultimately unable to keep up with it due to real-life commitments. Hopefully, now that I have a lot of time — one might think too much time — I can hopefully develop a lasting friendship via penpalling.

First things first, I'm absolutely terrible at talking about myself. I'm a sophomore in college, taking up Political Science and wanting to specialize in international relations. I think law school is in my future, but don't quote me on that—words are wind, after all. My hobbies are pretty ordinary; most of the time I spend my days curled up with a good book, or on YouTube watching all kinds of content.

I won't say much more; the rest you'll have to discover through writing! Let's be friends, yeah?

Last modified: 20200612

Name: Rein C. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:


Hobbies: wathing films, singing, listening to music, reading books and writing
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello, stranger!

My name is Rein, I live in the Philippines, i'm 20 years old and I just graduated college where I took BA Communication Arts.

I really enjoy watching films from different genres i really like films that makes you think and lingers in your mind after you watch it! I also enjoy listening to music, the music genre i listen to usually depends on the mood i'm in, i love accompanying the music i listen to the way i'm feeling, in that way i feel like i'm in a movie with background music playing! lately, I've been enjoying lo-fi remixes. I also love reading articles, books and basically anything that catches my interest, for books i usually read mystery/thriller, romance books and maybe a little horror if i'm feeling brave that day. I also like to make little short films and videos then editing them! it's a new hobby i found :)

I'm looking for a long term pen pal where we can exchange emails with each other and eventually maybe move to snail mailing! I just really love the idea of exchanging letters that are handwritten and can be sent to another person who maybe on the complete opposite side of the world!

Anyways, as long as your nice and kind, you're welcome to be my pen pal!

Looking forward to get to know you stranger!

Last modified: 20200604

Name: Nins C. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:


Hobbies: reading, sports, hiking, dancing
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi guys, I'm Nins from the Philippines

I'm a 22 years old aspiring architect and a Capricorn (for the zodiac conscious out there haha) born and raised in Metro Manila. But I'm thinking to pursue other fields and currently am on the conquest of finding that out.

I'm curious and miss the feeling of letters, well now e-mails, in the midst of our fast-paced society. Plus, it's fun to have friends from other parts of the world. Right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I mainly am fascinated with coding, biology, psychology, philosophy, and Elon Musk's biography haha. (You should look it up, it's really inspiring.)

I hope someday to try to live in other countries. I'm working to make that picture come true.

Nice to meet you reader, I hope all is well. If you'd like to share your story, don't hesitate to write me. I would to love know more about you.

Always grateful,


Last modified: 20200425

Name: Nicole M. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:


Hobbies: Music, Tv, Movies, A LOT
Penpal message / wishes:
I am an Asian girl, 21, looking to talk to anyone. I am not good at introductions but I am talkative in conversations. You could email me and I am also veryyyyy interested in snail mail.

Last modified: 20200127

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