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Name: LP A. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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Hey stranger!

I am LP, and I am not really from Niue, but my coutry doesn't appear on the list. It's a similar tropical island though. Also I was intrigued as I had never heard about Niue (pronounced 'ni - way') before either, the place looks awesome from youtube! And you know about it too now :)

I'm over here again as I am looking to have epistolary exchanges with a stranger. But it's also possible to do online.

What I am looking for is the traditional experience of penpalling. No social network, no following each other, no short texts or phone calls. Just handwritten letters, exchanged on weekends or each fortnight. Snail mail is not a must, a picture of the handwritten note works too, I'll print it out and enjoy reading it while lazing in my hammock and sipping tea in the sunny morning days I enjoy here, being an islander.

We would talk about the story of our lives and learn that of the other, and muse about how life might be like on the other side of the planet, the culture, the lifestyle, the customs and the art of life... There is the added possibility of sending videos and pictures via email too, for an enganced experience. It would be more exciting I think to keep anonymity, but these are details that may be discussed eventually. In my opinion, what makes this work is the respectful distance that is kept between the reader and the writer. They get intimate, but never close, and this results in a really rewarding experience that leads to growth and positive change. And is a nice way to practice handwriting, and self-reflection.

I could honestly rant on and on about his, so I'll pen off here! If you are down, do email me!

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