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Name: Swarnim Y. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:

Neutral Zone

Hobbies: Oneness
Penpal message / wishes:
For almost half a decade I have been searching an expression of myself on this site but most of the profiles look mundane, tinged with worldly fragrance..

Who am I? Well, someone who loves to daydream, watch the starry sky, and find his place in this cryptic tale of life.. I am the epitome of simplicity, purity and my blood jet is poetry. I love this universe and everything that life entails..

I am a prolific writer, poet, hippie...I love to party so hard, forgetting from where I came and where this life is heading....I love nature to an extent that I feel it echoes me..

I am looking for kindred soul mates, platonic friendship, the dance of oneness...I am looking for a bond that extends beyond the worldly limits of time and space..Deep in my heart, a thought has always lingered that someday, I could live in a utopian world where the concept of love doesn't end with family, race, or culture. Where under the same roof we all could live as a single-family, children of God, close to nature, in the pristine beauty of Himalaya...me and you, we all together, will someday make an eternal party, an eternal night of oneness, celebration, dance and ecstatic..

I wish the cosmos remains a spectator to such a communion...

Life is so short, so beautiful, so meaningful....so many things to do...perhaps whenever we are close to love everything, we are close to nowhere...will you fill the pitcher of my heart with pure, sublime love that connects the entire world together....will you hold on when the wind stops blowing....will you walk on when I start limping...will you see me when I am no more...well, once I am gone, still, I will be alive in the fragrance of a rose in your garden...don't believe me? Connect and know for yourself...

Last modified: 20210717


Name: Boisterous R. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:

Neutral Zone

Penpal message / wishes:

The world is reeling under the pandemic while we sit on our cozy bed. The bleeding world needs selfless souls who could illumine this planet with ever pervading LOVE

This ad is a prayer for all like-minded souls who believe that love can change the world...

I am a nature lover, daydreamer, and hopeless romantic...I believe this world is a cosmic game and life a journey to manifest the love within. From the galore of stars to the abundant ocean, everything teaches the art of giving, when we give, we become richer in terms of our assets, the positive within becomes one with the cosmos, and the bird within, flaps its wings to soar...wanna soar with me brethren?

I welcome you all, regardless of your background...hop in and share your experiences...who knows this togetherness may leave trails of immortality behind.

Last modified: 20210518

Name: Param A. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:

Neutral Zone

Hobbies: Dancing, reading, partying, nature, writing
Penpal message / wishes:
The one that lingers on my lips
Is the thirst from many generations..
That goblet of my nectar
Is only with you

The night passed with my eyes looking for you
With your light, the morning came along

I am the face, you are my guise

In every prayer of mine
It's you and only you

Last modified: 20210512

Name: Stoic M. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:

Neutral Zone

Hobbies: There is nothing but you
Penpal message / wishes:
I thought about the pitter-patter of raindrops..the chattering of leaves, in the midst of which we walked together beyond the horizon...

I still go nostalgic, still, my nerves call out for you, still, I feel hollow as if nothing ever touched me..

To meet you was heaven, to depart was still a longing of a lifetime...and to meet again, is it wishful thinking?

Do you know, with every fleeting moment, we are inching closer to the day when we will go into oblivion....what will remain of us, will bestrew love dust across the universe...

When we are no more, we will still exist in the fragrance of a rose, blooming in some evergreen prairie

I will droop my petals to talk to you and shyly, you will embrace me by tilting your head...

Does time has might to erase this from the part of my being....noooooooooooooo....no tide and no time, no colours can fill the rainbow of my heart without you...

Without you, this world seems desolate as if the flickering light of a pyre..

Without you, life seems breathless

With you, the stars twinkle day and night, reminding me...you are retreating...after all, where can you go?

I am the spark...I am the essence...I am the sight...I am....another you....

Last modified: 20210510

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