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Name: Helvi B. Gender: female Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Food, Fitness, Learning new things, Music
Penpal message / wishes:

Name: Helvi

Country: Namibia (if you're not familiar with the country, than google is your friend or even an Atlas will do)

I am hoping to meet and make long lasting friendships with people from all parts of the world who don't have a primitive mindset and who are willing to have an open mind to learn as well as teach, age is not a problem as long as we either share the same age group or a bid older but no younger.

If you're looking for barbie, sorry to burst your bubbles but I aint her and never will be. I might be from Africa but financial hand me outs are definitely not for me because if I want/need money, I can work for it thank you. I am a very straight forward woman and am definitely not fearful to speak my mind. If you are the type to go cold feet, please safe us (you and I)both the time and don't bother to....................(fill in blank). I am a single mother and NO, I am not looking for a daddy (if you get what I mean).

NOTE: If you are planning or even thinking about sending me pictures of your nude self, PLEASE KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF, I don't need them and they are of no benefit and never will be. NO PERVERT.


The world is beautiful and filled with very intelligent, extra ordinary not to forget unique men and women and I believe that they can be found it's all about taking the initiative. I don't mind a good sense of humor because that makes being friends more fun and worth while.

If you are interested drop me a mail

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