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Name: Adilla H. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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Hobbies: listening to music, reading novels, writing
Penpal message / wishes:

The given name is Adilla, and I'm from a tropical South East Asian country called Malaysia. I'm 18! Looking for a great pen pal who loves to write as long as I am and got giddy up every time I receive an email is hard, but I hope I can find one here!

I'm a music and book enthusiast. I listen to all of the type of music and recommendations would be lovely! As for books, I read a lot, young adults, dark fantasy, fantasy, and classics; those are my favorites. I also love sight-seeing and nature.

I don't have any specific country and I wish to befriend everyone and I promise to reply to just everyone, except if you're over 18 and a perverted old man or whatsoever, please don't email me. Don't care if you're a girl or boy but I wish to have a genuine friendship with someone :)

Don't worry, I don't bite people! I am a Muslim, and I wear hijab. I know some of you might be scared with the 'Muslim' title but trust me, I'm in no way would be dangerous :)

Email or snail mail, anything would be fine. I don't mind! Please email me :) See you!

p/s : I lost access to my previous email (dillawrites@gmail.com) so everyone who sent emails there, I'm sorry! I'm really careless.

Last modified: 20190213


Name: Nabilah N. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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Hobbies: Paragliding n Netball
Penpal message / wishes:
Just wanna have a sincere pen pal :)

Last modified: 20190112

Name: Aliff H. Gender: male Age Group:16-18
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City & Country:

With a big city..

Hobbies: Psychology Stuff, Music, Gaming, Drawing, And So much more that's gonna take 29 seconds to type.
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello, Hi and all that greetings stuff. Well, name's Aliff Heiqal, (yeah, I know, some of you human beings got confused on how to pronounce my name..) I'm 18 years old? 19? I don't know. I forgot my age. Meh, who remembers about age anyway. Though I do remember about being born in '99 or something, oh well... Oh and I live in Malaysia.

I'm open to talk to any random human out there, including you, yeah, YOU, the one who read this. Aww come on, don't be shy, I won't bite, (Well, technically). I'm an introvert, weird, sociopath, and an emotional person, so I guess we'll get along just fine. *high-five!*
I love learning 'bout psychology stuff, dreaming about being Sherlock Holmes everyday though never even once read the novel. I just love psychology and counselling stuff.
And then I love gaming, listening to music, drawing and writing poems...because uhh, reasons...

Oh and by the way, I think it's worth mentioning that I love unicorns and ducks so much, do not ask me why, cause I do not even know why. I had a dream before that ducks and unicorns take over the world... I made a theory that the Ducks tried to take over humanity before with the invention of DUCKFACE... Many fall for it, but somehow, the duckface has been forgotten.
Sorry, I'm not here to discuss about ducks..(But we can discuss about it if you want)

Actually it's been awhile since I do this e-mail thingy, and I thought that meeting some of you awesome random human is just cool for me. Any of you who wants to have a random conversation with random person like me, well, go ahead then, please. I'm not sure if I'm capable of replying instantly to your message, but, I'll try in anyway I can...

Oh, and also also, I'm not good with reference stuff. Like, if you random peeps wanna reference stuff from TV shows, expect me having not a single clue about what are you blabbering about. I don't know, just feel like pointing that out in case anyone ever gonna try that. Who knows one day any of you peeps referencing Star Wars stuff and I sit here just having no clue who is R2-D2. Yeah, by the way, who's R2-D2?
(But you guys can try of course, it'd be very nice to have someone share some cool things about TV shows and stuff.)

Anyway enough with my yammering, blabbering and stuff, any of you random human would like to mail me, go ahead, we'll see how it goes from there. I use GMail, Whatsapp, Instagram and you know, all that social media stuff if you prefer talking there.
OH and please, no scammers AND people who mail once or twice then vanish forever into the void. Pretty annoying though understandable the fact people do that because I can be such a weirdo, so you know... that's cool, no hard feelings though. Cheers.

So, I'll be waiting you(not in a creepy way),
God be With You...

PS : Duck is awesome..
PSS : Unicorn too, cause they poop rainbows...
PSSS : Need I to remind you that sometimes I use an excessive amount of "PS", because reasons... I do not know what that means, but whatevs.
PSSSS : (Literally trying to put as many PS as possible, for no reason...)
PSSSSS : (Still trying.)
PSSSSSS : (Okay this is the last one, I swear...)
PSSSSSSS : (Well maybe this is too excessive... But, whatevsss.)

Toodles, ta-ta and all that goodbye stuff :)

Last modified: 20181220

Name: Sufi S. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Taking picture,listening to music,cooking(because I was forced to do it)
Penpal message / wishes:
Hey everybody!I'm Sufi and I'm 15.Well it's gonna be a boring introduction😂

I like to listening to music 24/7 cause MUSIC IS LIVE.I do listen to any kind of music but R&B is my bae♡

I also like to taking picture because I want to be a photographer in the future(but honestly I don't know what I'm gonna be cause live are full of surprise tho)

I like to play with my lego or just laying in my bed alone while music blasting off cause it's my way to be happy for a sec from all human being out there.I'm very awkward and introvert in reality so that' why I dont have many friends(and my mom says it's because of my arrogant face,but what can I do,it's my face,not like I can buy a new face duh)but actually I'm nice person if you're being nice too but well many people will take advantages of other person kindness afterall.

So yeah I hope you are not that kind of person:)

That's all I guess,if you want know more about me or my country(Malaysia)just hmu okay:)!

Not to sound rude but I hope to meet people just around my age,and not a pervert and horny person cause I'm tired of it.

Hope you'll have a nice day,bye?:)♡

Last modified: 20181123

Name: Hadia A. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, watching TV shows and movies
Penpal message / wishes:
Hey, I'm Hadia, I'm sixteen and I'm from Malaysia! :)

Well, I'll start off this unnecessarily long ad by saying that I can't do snail mail. So if you're looking for that, sorry. I'd love to, but I've got those infamous Asian tiger parents lol.

Text and email is fine, though!

Also, I'm a Muslim. Not going to preach or whatever. Just mentioning it to filter out any bigots!

I have basically the same hobbies as everyone else, haha. Reading (mostly YA books and fanfics), listening to music (pop and some musicals), watching movies and TV shows (currently Glee, and That 70s' Show, along with 5865865855 other shows that I watched a couple of episodes of.)

And I write some half-assed answers on Quora whenever the spirit moves me (i.e. once every six months).

Extra points if you're a fellow Quoran!!! (Just kidding. I'm desperately in need of friends. I don't mind either way lmao.)

I'm not looking for a relationship by the way. Just friends.

Anyways, if you are under the age of eighteen and somehow found me interesting, hmu!

Last modified: 20181123

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