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Name: comfort M. Gender: male Age Group:19-22
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Hobbies: games, anime and manga(culture), movies, reading books (mostly on recommendation),music ,sports, etc
Penpal message / wishes:
I'm comfort... Made this a few years ago and since then I've grown (duh), I originally planned to delete my ad cuz of all the annoying spam emails but well I decided against for no proper reason (I tend to do that).

I'm from Africa Malawi but that doesn't stop me from being a hybrid jock(not the best word for it but I can't think of another), geek and nerd.

I love anime(certified weeb), I'm a gamer who only plays games on their highest difficulty, I'm really really wild, I find myself contemplating on a lot of philosophical subjects, when I'm not being introverted which is like 20% of the time, I'm out partying with my friends(I have 2 sets of disconnected friends) drinking clubing etc.

How could I not talk about music? Because I listen to and enjoy almost all genres of it from Mozart and Chopin to saint jhn and Mario judda to da baby and NF(fav since 2015) to Linkin Park (r.i.p Chester) and twenty one pilots to The Chainsmokers, marshmello and Skrillex to Annie marrie and Billie eillish. I could go on and on

I was born in 2000 so do the age math, it'd be a drag to update my age every year(or maybe not)
Hit me up, I'm interested in almost everything. Sanity isn't really one of my strong suit. Yes I'm not too sane, this isn't just my chunibyou talking.

Honestly this is the most "I's" I've put in one place in a while, I'm feeling selfish already. I'm really interested in anyone cuz hey, people are interesting to me even if we don't share hobbies(which is impossible). I spend most of my time with people listening to them and no matter how noisy they are I hardly ever find it boring.

One more thing, if you got this far reading this then just send me the email already

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