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Name: Azurite S. Gender: female Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: Comic book reading (complete addict), tv series and movies and books. photos. music
Penpal message / wishes:
Dear all Pen-pals in the world

I am Azurite and I am from Malta. I also live there too. I am here to make friends and remain friends. You know, in a platonic way (no sex and no romance) I am 32 years old and in this life I learnt in the hard way that everything comes to an end. Its why I do not search relationship. Just penmanship. =)

I am an English and psychology student adding accounts in to that (something I regret when it comes to accounts as its boring).
I am ford of music of all sorts. I am also a ginormous NERD OF COMICS.CON. Meaning all sorts of comics. from Doctor Who, to Alien vs Predator, to all DC and Marvel and Lucifer etc...And I do not mean just comics, but even SCI FI MOVIES AND TV SERIES, and CSI etc....

Now in this dull country but even if its dull its still my home, I do not happen to have friends? They say I am a chatter box, obnoxious, dull and boring person. So i wondered and pondered what if I try to seek friends out there?
So are there any friends for Azurite? Just a warning... No asking me for money or documents or you get blocked. And do not try to ask for sex or love or you get KABOOM!!! hahaha =P

yours sincerely

Azurite 1986

Last modified: 20180506


Name: Maria C. Gender: female Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: Arts & Crafts, Receiving and writing letters, Shopping, Stamp Collecting, Travelling, Voluntary Work
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi Everyone!

My name is Maria, I'm 30 and from Malta ... I live with my husband and our little daughter, and the 3 of us love our little Yorkie to bits!

I am looking to make long term female friends from anywhere around the world as I am interested to learn about different cultures. I enjoy crafting, receiving and writing letters, shopping, stamp collecting, travelling (finances permitting!!!), and voluntary work. I also enjoy long walks in the countryside and by the seaside.

I love writing long chatty letters, possibly decorating both my envelope and letter, sending little gifts like postcards and souvenirs from here in Malta. I think that everyone enjoys this!

I look forward to hearing from you and making new friends. Take Care, Maria

Last modified: 20160131

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