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Name: Stephanie . Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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I'm open minded, introverted, somewhat old school and love learning about new things. I have a huge interest in different cultures, religions and languages. I enjoy outdoor activities and I plan to backpack through all of Asia one day.

I am currently studying Chemistry, Biology, Physics,Psychology and English and even though I'm still indecisive about it, I'm considering Medicine.

I tend to get interested in unusual things and stuff others may consider boring. I adore history and am trying to collect antique stuff because I think everything comes with a story. I don't give much importance to appearance and I think anyone who does to an extreme is a bit shallow.

I would love to find someone to share opinions and stories whilst learn about different cultures and hopefully build some friendships. I don't mind different religions, races and values, in fact the more different we are the more our conversations can be interesting. I really appreciate different personalities so just be yourself and honest and I promise I won't judge. I would also love to exchange recipes from different countries, if any of you like cooking.

And I really wish to find someone interested in snail mail to send long letters and exchange some postcards.

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