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Name: Rasheed M. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:


Penpal message / wishes:

I like to get to know you

Last modified: 20190121


Name: Dario D. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Coding, Scientifical Research, Music , Film and Series
Penpal message / wishes:
I'm a 24-year old guy. I'm a CS researcher. I'm very Friendly and open-minded.

I'm looking for friends worldwide cause people here are boring those days. Also, I'm looking for people with a good level with English to improve mine but it's not a criterion.

If you want to email me to see if there is compatibility or to ask me about anything, you are welcome.

I will not ask you for money, sex or meeting in real life. I'm not interested in it. Google colab satisfy me.

Last modified: 20181230

Name: call me T. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: Travelling, Camping, Boxing, Writing
Penpal message / wishes:

'Screw it why the f#%k not !'

How often do you find someone online that you really liked only to run into an enormous let down ?
Can you think of the last time you felt a spark?
The last time you thought a guy was cute..and you liked his personality ??

.......and then....HE CHANGES !! his real side comes out and it is UGLY !

....well bad news...I am no different than those guys ! .(just kidding) :p

Now Who am I ? well I am sure I could bore the hell out of you of how awesome I am, but let's face it, you've read that a thousand times on other ads.

Anywho..I surround myself with optimistic people who are going somewhere in life, and no, I don't mean McDonalds! duh!!. I'm very open-minded with an international outlook, a risk- taker who is always up for a new adventure like going undercover to help Jack Bauer find the crazy terrorists who want to rule the world or
rescuing a panda from the zoo and try and take it home to teach it Kung Fu and then wonders why his life is in danger!

I hope y'all didn't get shocked into submission by my epic ad, I'll warn you that I actually live in Africa !
Now you might be thinking oh look another African/Arab. Ok enough with the stereotypes,I've got the ass kicking power of shaka zulu and I use my curved knife to slash tigers and eat them.
Oh did I mention that I have the IQ of Einstei... Wait what?

So are you going to say hi to me? If not, then DO NOT CONTINUE READING PLEASE.

Still reading? You understand that if you read on you accept that you are going to message me.

Fair enough? Read on and you vow to write me.
I see you are still reading. Great You can't break your vow now so I will be expecting that message soon.

Oh and I like to move from "internet pals" to physical friends..if that is possible of course.
If you consider yourself a quality human who has:
standards, ethics, passions, dreams, and lots of love. . .then let's talk! and if you are going to be a wuss and hide behind emails or wait 3 months for a texting/phone or face to face, don't bother messaging me.

I like phone conversations where I can talk to a real person and hear your pretty voice, because from experience the only people who stuck around ..are those who moved the conversation from emails to texting.


Rules and requests :

*Everybody is welcome ..except if you're a fucking creep or a one legged octopus.

*Spammers : I don't have Money...get over it !!

*I don't appreciate being asked for pictures of my junk (as miraculous as it is) .
I'm also not on here looking to get married (but I wouldn't rule it out since I would make an awesome husband. FYI, we will be so awesome that MTV will demand we make a reality T.V show about our lives.)

*Age doesn't matter to me as much as maturity.

* Sometimes the females have to make the first Move!...the guy might be distracted by
delicious pizza ads and life in general.
( believe me pizza ads always distracts me )

*keep your emails short and sweet =)

#I live in Africa !!! ......just to remind you #


This person is playful, fun,Sarcastic, Funny and flirty, laid back and charismatic.

penpalsnow.com Is not responsible or liable having a great time...or bad with this individual.

If you are reading this and for some reason do not like to have a good time, are a drama queen, a spammer, or just batsh*t crazy, please go about your day, forget you saw this ad and enjoy the rest of your life.

-- the admins of the site..............seriously.

Last modified: 20181227

Name: sulimane c. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:


Hobbies: drawing,Photography,movies,football,jogging
Penpal message / wishes:
My name is Suliemane Charif Single 28 year old man never married and no kids.

I'm a Moroccan man living in Marrakesh, Morocco. I'm outgoing and sociable,

I have dreams of traveling and experiencing other cultures. Hopefully you are interested in traveling :)

I'm an accounting trainee who is looking build a life-long relationship or friendship with a woman who is faithful, honest, kind, trustworthy and a sense of humor is a must !! We have to be able to laugh together and even at each other once we are comfortable lol.

I'm realistic, I know no relationship or a friendship is perfect but together we can face differences, and problems that come up.

It's pretty difficult to get me to give up on a relationship that I believe in.

My idea of a healthy relationship is a bond between a man and a woman who respect and love one another and accept one another for who they really are, not trying to change or adjust each other's character to impress anyone, not even family.

I want an authentic relationship not based on other people's opinions. We should set our relationship standards together.

I believe in fighting for what's right, so that our relationship has a great chance to succeed.

It's important to me that we are both supportive of each other and protect one another.

I like comics, manga, love drawing even though I'm not a professional; I still try from time to time!

I love taking photos to capture how beautiful nature is, I don't want to miss a moment when I have my camera!

I love watching comedy shows and films, so yes I do have a sense of humor!

And hopefully you do too! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease have a sense of humor? LOL

Last modified: 20180503

Name: KARIM L. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:


Hobbies: fishing, hiking, photography
Penpal message / wishes:
hey, im not good in introduce myself but i will try to write something about me, well my name is karim 25 y.o from morocco, im a nice and very friendly man, i found this website just by luck so i decided to create my profile here.. i want to meet new people here.. i want to exchange culture. language everything, with people who are interesting on this.. make new friends, i love fishing it my favorite hobbie, hiking and camping too, i like nature, i love dogs but i dont have it, but i will find one because i love them too much, as i said i want to make new friends.. so im looking for friendly people, and gentle and simple so the other things not important for me, welcome for all people, if you are interesting feel free to send me an email, i hope this is enough but please if you want to know more about me just send me an email .. you are welcome anytime, thank you


Last modified: 20171226

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