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Name: Gyte S. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: Art, architecture, trveling, plants and nature.
Penpal message / wishes:
Hey there everyone!

I'm a 24 year old girl from Lithuania. I have used this website probably 10 years ago and decided to give it a try once again. Looking forward to meet people from everywhere and especially Europe. Maybe we could meet someday while traveling or holidays.

I have graduated from architecture and currently working. I love hiphop, r&b, rap, reggaeton and some electro/techno music.

Talk to you soon

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Name: MNMN M. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: I can't fill in this one.
Penpal message / wishes:
Uhhh... I hate this part so much, the introduction I mean. It feels like I've done this so many times but I still don't know how to go about it... which feels rather contradictive, it should be a well learned skill by now. Well, it's not. But every now and then I find myself coming back here in hopes to find like-minded people to talk to, to connect with. I mean... aren't we all looking for something like that... at some point in our lives, on some level of our consciousness. It's in a human nature, whether one is aware of it or not. But we're all so different, I just recently started to really notice that and it can be just as exhausting as it can be fulfilling... Feels like a "hard-to-win" lottery.
Anyways, I'm rambling at this point.
My name is Mantas, I'm 24 years old and a resident of Lithuania. Ummmm, what else... one must put at least something on the hook to attract a fish.
Ohh, what if I say some facts about myself and leave it up to you to decide if I'm worth your time.

- My interests and hobbies... well, there might be quite a lot and they are all very different from one another. Lately I've been consumed by how our universe works, what is gravity, spacetime, dark matter and even what humans are not able to perceive like others dimensions. It's all so mind twisting I can't get enough of it. Then of course I have some more practical and down-to-earth hobbies like cars and car sports (if only we wouldn't be quarantined), travel, movies, reading, psychology.
- I am a deep thinker, an introvert and really curious about a lot of stuff.
- Not religious, at least not in the common sense but I still have certain beliefs.
- I go to psychotherapy (or I would but you know... corona and stuff) but only because I want to and it's so damn interesting learning all about it.
- I seek the "bigger picture"... even if sometimes I really... really shouldn't. Some people seem to not like that very much, they might end up saying "Just do the damn job and stop wondering how moving a simple box can really affect one's life". That didn't happen, but it seems like a fairly good example.
- I'm not perfect and that's perfect, like everyone else I have flaws and strengths.
- I don't smoke and almost never drink... almost. But I do believe everything should be tried at least once, whatever that might be, just for the sake of having experienced it. Keeping a healthy body and mind is one of my many priorities.

Well, I guess that's about it, put on too big of a "bait" on the hook and the fish might miss the hook itself and still swim away fueled up.
Sorry about fish joke :), just seemed funny... now I'm contemplating about removing it...

Take care Stranger.

"Love" is like fuel and so one wonders when it's okay to push your "car" forward.
- Who knows

Last modified: 20200529

Name: Astraea D. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: Books, movies, evolutionary psychology
Penpal message / wishes:
It might sound unfair, but I predict that we'll find more common interests if you're male, since I've got no opinion whatsoever on any of the female topics (no cooking, no fashion, no make-up, no celebrities, no gossip). Also I'm hardcore cynical, so don't write me if you wear pink glasses, since I might end up damaging them. I like literature, movies and ideas that challenged the mass consumption centered culture. To tell the truth it's just my long awaited and then quarantined vacation driving me crazy, so ping me if you wanna exchange some or many emails too :) Wishes!

Last modified: 20200412

Name: Laura A. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: music, movies, singing, sports, cooking, driving, photography
Penpal message / wishes:
Helloo. Thank you for stopping by. I'm Maria, 23 years old. After college all my friends have married or traveled to other countries for a better life, job is taking a lot of time, so life gets lonely sometimes. I can have conversation about anything, because everything interests me, especially meeting people from all around the world. So if you feel like it just message me. I also would like you to be a GIRL/WOMAN, and 22-50 years old. Looking just for friendship. I will instantly delete your message if you're looking for anything innapropriate, money or anything creepy. So just hit me up with a simple message and we will see how it goes. Have a nice day! Talk to you later :)

Last modified: 20180316

Name: Emily M. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: sports, tv shows, language learning
Penpal message / wishes:
Ich bin eine Frau aus Litauen. Ich suche für penpal Freund oder Freundin um meine Deutsch zu verbessern. Ich studiere Medizin und ich mache Sport gern.
Hello, I am a girl from Lithuania, searching for a penpal friend to improve my german. I am a medical student and I do sports regularly

Last modified: 20171023

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