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Name: Shahad .. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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Penpal message / wishes:
Dear reader..
How are you? Hope that you are doing well
It's almost six o'clock pm here and my cat is bitting my hand.

I do not know how to start but, The beginnings are really difficult yet beautiful..
I just find about this site “Pen Pal” because I was looking for a new spirit To understand the world more and perhaps also about myself. …

I also exchange letters with a few friends (written letters)
I am a really serious person when it comes to these things (but I don’t bite)
I do write for only two and I want a third dear friend from another angle in this world. ..

And to be honest with you dear reader
I do not care who the person is, how old he|she is, or whatever his|her illness, pain, perspectives or interests are.

But I really care about that person experiences, thoughts, and what he|she believes in and
why he|she believes in those things or beliefs that is firmly rooted in his|her mind and heart.

I do not care if it was because of life experiences or because of religion I just want to understand..

I want a heart devoid of the pollution that is pervasive in this world of misery and yet beauty at the same time
I want a spirit that seeks another spirit and we communicate as human being to a human being
…. no more no less.

And not to a person who carry many titles or labels that create a barrier between him|her and others.

And most importantly, I was looking for a rational mind that respects and comprehends many things even what it seems boring to shallow minds.

I do not know how to express myself, because the world we live in is sensitive.
although I do write poetry and tweets that many find it “deep” yet I don’t get it …
I am still an ignorant to many things and Im still a student to life.

Miscommunication can leads to wars, so I want an open minded and a patient friend
I appreciate this trait (patience), in fact I love it! although I might lack it hahaha.

I do not want to say much at first to see how you will write to me if you really want to
and if you don’t want to or if you refused me, I really respect that..

No one can imposes him|her self on someone’s “taste” .. right?

My name is shahad and I am just a humble soul in the midst of this mess, which we call it the world.

I knew my letter sound I don’t know crazy? But that is the way I write
If you do not want to communicate with me, again I do not mind in fact I respect it.

-Note: I don’t mind if you want to exchange emails (but they have to be long similar to the written one although I would prefer it) but I would be glad that you came.

Woman or a man
Has a disability or not
Shy or not
Adventurous or not
Happy or depressed
Unique, normal, or weird
Pet lover or not
Finding difficulties to express your emotions or you are good at it
Love books or not

Regardless who you are, and No matter who you are, I will take my time to love you (not in a romantic way) and accept you as who you are not the one who you "used to be".
I would be happy to start communicating and considering you as a my new precious friend.
Sorry that my long letter has to take some of your time.

While I breathe, I hope
With my kind regards,
wish you the best.


Edited: Please put some effort in your emails as I did (give me a good impression), short emails ( one to three sentence ) won’t be responded, and last thing don’t e-mail me to escape from boredom, because no one heart deserved to be a toy to entertain you.Thank you. ………………….. And happy new year.
Last Edited: please I want a deep humble soul I want to discover a new heart that beats in it’s own way and a mind that draw it’s own map and vision with a Patient listener spirit, no general topics not about cultures or astrology no shallow e-mails and not a quick judgment … I wonder if there is someone like that...

Last modified: 20190114


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