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Name: kim d. Gender: male Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:

Korea (South)

Hobbies: penpals anime manga drawing movies higherself etc
Penpal message / wishes:

im 20 years old and live in seoul in south korea . my hobby is anime manga drawing and meditation . 1month ago i was very busy but now i have lot time that i could email with someone and if you want to penpal with me please mail to me

Last modified: 20190529


Name: Lee S. Gender: male Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:

Korea (South)

Hobbies: Cooking, Reading Cook Essay,
Penpal message / wishes:
Yo! What's up? My name is Lee, I know my name is short but my full name is too long so please call me Lee. That's my first name my full name is Seong Young Lee. Anyway I would like to give a very warm welcome to you! I would like to meet people from around the world.

I'm 20. I don't really care if you are a male or a female. Also please be 30 or younger. I love food and cook. I'm a awkward person but interesting of meet people from different cultures. I want to learn more about different cultures! I can teach you about the Korean cultures but i don't know about North Korean cultures :( I'm up for learning any language. I'm currently studying English and Germany, Spanish. I'm very interested in the American,Japan, Europe cultures! My favorite countries are USA, Germany,UK, Spain. I want to make friends that are from around the world! I have a Facebook,Steam, Origin, Kakaotalk account. I'll send you the links for them. I can teach Korean in return if you want! I want us to be good friends! I look forward to hearing from you! :)

I'm looking for any working in Restaurant because i want to ask many things, I hope we can share any good information for cooking.
Can anyone help my English pronunciation? My English text is not bad but my English speaking is really bad. HELP!


If you want play any games with me then send Pen Pal, I really love Rainbow Six : Siege, Apex Legends.
I don't care what you like and your race and country. I want to make friends widely in the international era.

Let's be friend also we can play game together I'm using discord and Kakaotalk.
But i can't tell my Kakaotalk ID at first Pen Pal also my Discord account is locked because i lost OTP code :(...
So if you want to talking and text with me then add me at Skype, My Skype ID is lambie2527. I will accept all friend request.

I'm learning Japanese food cooking, also i bought 2 knives, for cooking. (for cutting fish meat and fish bones)
I'm getting ready for college. I know it's too late than other peoples but i don't think my choice is not wrong.
Also I'm learning Japanese for college.

So If i have free time then i can reply your mail fast maybe 12 hours or 1 day but if i really busy then my reply will be really late maybe 2 weeks?
Anyway some peoples waiting my mail Ah..Sorry about this. If my reply over 7+ days then don't waiting my reply. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.


[Please don't send Pen Pals for finding your Ideal types, I just wanna make Pen Pals friends.]
[Stop asking me for face photo at first time. If we get closer, I will send you a picture.]

Recently many peoples sent Pen Pals but i don't have enough time for check your mail.
I'm so sorry about this guys :(

[If you wanna re-contact to me then i will reply to you as faster]

I will joining military service so if i don't reply your mail long time then i'm in the military, It's okay because just almost 2 years.
My English speaking is not great so sometimes you can't understand my speaking anyone can help this?
When you sent the E-Mail sometimes i can't see your mail because google move to spam your E-Mail but i don't know why they do this :(

Can you tell me where you came from? because too many mails move to spam, Tell me if it's spam or not. I mean PenPalsNow or spam

===================== INFORMATION =====================

[1] STEAM : |||STAN|||
[2] ORIGIN : |||STAN|||
[3] UPLAY : Ui2o10
[4] SKYPE : lambie2527

Last modified: 20190526

Name: Hyorim K. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

Korea (South)

Hobbies: Theatergoing, Listening to music, Watching Youtube, Taking Pics
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi, I'm 21 year old girl living in Korea.

I love talking and sharing things with people.

I can speak Koean, Enlgish.

I am not so fluent in English but I'll try my best :-) I would like to improve my English while doing penpal.

Any age or gender is fine but I’m not looking for a relationship.

Feel free to email me.


I love play and musical.

Actually I preferred play in a small theater than musical but these days , after watching 'Jekyll and Hyde', musical is more interesting.

I listen to music in all areas.

Recently, I am listening The feeling, Phum Viphurit, Day6(Korean Pop Rock Band) and Cheeze(Korean Pop Band).

I love Lorde, Cage the elephant, Sekai no owari, Weaves and etc.. too..

Last modified: 20190416

Name: kiho p. Gender: male Age Group:19-22
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

Korea (South)

Hobbies: movies,swimming
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello.こんにちは. Ni hao.
My name is kiho park. I'm 20 years old boy from South Korea(i was born in 1999/Dec/10).

I had lived in singapore when i was young(for 9 monthes.)

I'm looking for some penpals who are fun, friendly and can communicate with me for long time.

I like swimming, watching movies ,listening to K-pop(Especially, Cosmic Girls(=WJSN)&Bolbbalgan4 ) .

Feel free to send me e-mail.

I'll be very glad if you and i come to be good friend.

Finally, when you send me e-mail, tell me about yourself please.^^

Last modified: 20190404

Name: K A. Gender: male Age Group:19-22
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

Korea (South)

Penpal message / wishes:
Hello. I am Aaron. This is my English name.
I can speak English, and Japanese.
I wanna be your friend, and I can teach you Korean, very well.
I think we can exchange our language, and be more get better to study language.

I like Music, especially EDM genre.
Sometimes, I make some songs.
If you want, you can listen my songs.
And I like to sing a song.
If you wonder who I am or If you wanna talk with me, send me a penpal please.


I live in Seoul now. If I am possible, I would to find one who lives in Seoul,Korea. Because,I wanna keep in touch long if it is possible. But it is okay although you are not in Seoul,now. If you have an interest to me, please mail to me.

If we be a friends, and you have a chance to come to Korea, I can guide you.

I wanna exchange a snail mail, too!

Thank you so much for reading.

Last modified: 20190323

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