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Name: Mohanad A. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: reading , writing letters and novels , collectibles,Movies and many other
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi , I'm Mohanad ,a doctor from Iraq, I think many of my features and personality established in my childhood when I was living in a world of imagination and happiness through sinking in hundreds of novels and books,finding a happy world that is hard to exist now , indeed living with fairies and adventures would give such feeling ; from that point and on reading remained my first interest and writing still a dream that should come. I always search to make new friends ,opening scopes and learn things, collect stamps ,postcards , follow the best movies and TV shows, surfing net ,and pursue the best musical productions ;and will always look for other worlds (by finding new people) to merge mine with to create better, broader and deeper one ,so i welcome any person to be penpal with and exchange letters by snail mail or e-mail ,indeed there is much more about me that shall be explored.

Another thing or dream for me is to meet my pals and friends in reality somewhere , there is no better than meeting and adventuring in reality , it could be the highest goal for human social interactions to be face to face ,smile for smile , eye to eye and discuss things , i will try to make this possible sometime in near future and hope so ,so any person who like same idea and travel in general is also welcomed.

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