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Name: Pramod B. Gender: male Age Group:50+
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Hobbies: reading writing trekking travelling music yoga
Penpal message / wishes:
Good afternoon

A lovely day to one and all

I am 5 11 and have an athletic body ( as athletic as a 59 year old can have)

I have been told by women in almost all parts of the world that I am good looking to reasonably good looking. I have been CEO of various listed companies and have made a bit of money( this may be your yardstick of success but it is not mine) I have had my articles on banking and finance published in various magazines in various parts of the worldI love to cycle read trek and be with nature

I am looking for a woman in the age group 45 to 65 who will be my friend philisopher and guide in this cyber world ,I DO NOT WANT YOUR HELP FOR ANY VISA I HAVE VISAS FOR USA CANADA SINGAPORE SOUTH AFRICA. These being countries where I have worked. We will cam email chat and fill our days with laughter and positivity through the net. Unlikely that we will meet in person but who knows

I have two philiosphies I feel strongly about

Dignity and Respect of the indivudal come first and It is glorious to laugh with someone and hateful to laugh at someone

If you dont agree to the above it is unlikely we will get along

Looking forward to hear from that special someone in the wide wide world

I only want your friendship and attention and I have only the same to offer

Dont waste your time offering me money or asking for mine

Look forward to some nice ladies responding. Please I do look forward to camming and chatting with you for a long long time
Do reply would be nice to chat Do contact me please I look forward to a mail I know that lady is there please do respond fast Please nobody below 45 I am sure you are there reading this and are there

Last modified: 20191120


Name: Neelam P. Gender: female Age Group:50+
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Reading, music, nature, pets, gardening, handicrafts, cooking, learning new things and a lot more.
Penpal message / wishes:
I am an Asian and a Christian. I am not religious but only Spiritual. I am married so l am not looking for any such relationship. I love male and female both as friends. For me just being friends is important and nothing else. Looking for genuine, true, real, honest, kind, sincere friends from all over the world for long lasting eternal relationship and friendship. Friends who can bring a smile on my face, can be my joy, about whom l can be proud of and whom l can treasure, who can understand me and whom l can trust. With whom l can share my visions and dreams,my hurts, pains, joys and sorrows, my ideas, my thoughts. Who will have real concern and love for me as a friend.
I have lost my only child and daughter, who is in heaven and she was a great friend to me and l miss her so much. She was only 16 years old.
I love praying for people, whoever asks me to pray. I love people. Would love to know about people and about them and their country.
I am a down to earth person and love smiles and laughter as l want to be always happy and spread smiles around.
I have had my ups and downs in life, but l have not given up yet. I have become stronger. I will reply all, when l will get mails. I love snail mails too.
Please don't write me from Africa and asking money. I will not reply.

Last modified: 20191111

Name: THANKACHAN J. Gender: male Age Group:50+
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Reading, travelling, site seeing
Penpal message / wishes:
I am married and living with my family .I wish to contact a friend who maintain such family. I like to konow the family life in different part of our world and like to share our culture and beliefs and the family concepts etc

Last modified: 20191021

Name: vijay d. Gender: male Age Group:50+
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City & Country:


Hobbies: music, travelling, cooking
Penpal message / wishes:
looking for female penpals 40+ from Kerala for long term friendship.

Last modified: 20191017

Name: Dr.Neelam Ruth P. Gender: female Age Group:50+
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:


Hobbies: Nature,pets,gardening,reading,real estates & a lot more.Please ask.
Penpal message / wishes:
I am a practicing naturopath doctor from India into spreading health beauty wellness slimming fitness smiles and happiness.I am a down to earth positive happy go person.I love friends and value relationships.
RELIGION:I am SPIRITUAL and not RELIGIOUS.I am proud to be a Christian and love Jesus my Lord Saviour and King wholeheartedly and try to live a life pleasing unto Him to reach eternity the Hope we have to live eternally after we die here on this earth.
FAMILY:I am married and l am not looking for any relationships.
REQUEST FOR FRIENDS:I want to get in touch with friends who are good human beings from all over the world any age country,male female,no bars only I want genuine and honest friends.May be few but friends forever.
CHILDREN:My only child and daughter suffered with cancer (lymphoma Hodgkins) and l consulted the doctors from all over the world and l was told that she will not live.Even many told me it was even useless to spend money on her.
I told the doctors that l will spend money,you treat her and let god do his work.Though I was mentally prepared that she may not live.
Within 6 months she became cancer free and the doctors said it was a miracle.
After two years she got cough and cold and doctors said she is having some lungs infection,then pneumonia then double pneumonia and due to the doctors negligence in front of my eyes my daughter passed away and this time l was not mentally prepared for her death.
I was shocked and for several years l was angry with God and everyone else and l went into seclusion and loneliness.
Slowly l started becoming normal and then l remembered my little daughters dream to treat the patients with painless treatment who suffer with life threatening diseases and live in hurt and pain.
I work on all gone and hopeless cases sent away by the doctors and hospitals with a declaration that they may not live or live for only a few days,weeks,months or years.
But I have worked on such cases and have got 70-100% results.

REQUEST:If you are suffering with any old,acute,chronic,life threatening,or any kind of sickness and doctors and hospitals have given up hope on you and you are not getting cured and healed l will be interested in working on you.
Any sickness,any age,men,women and children can get in touch with me.
With prayers and natural healing products and therapies you can be cured and healed.
If you are not sick but know someone who is sick and is in pain and hurt please pass on this message to them so that they can get in touch with me,Thank you.
MONEY DEMANDS:I humbly request please dont ask me money because l have no money.I will know though you may try different ways to ask me money.Please dont waste mine and yours time.

Waiting to hear from so many lovely friends..!!

Last modified: 20191004

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