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Name: Yash G. Gender: male Age Group:16-18
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City & Country:

New Delhi

Hobbies: Reading Books, Encyclopaedias, Music and Art
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi guyz an girlz
Im 2OOO born and...
I'm the most interesting person ever in flesh and blood!!!
Quite too much but yeah!
Im interested in everything!
From history to mystery
From algebra to chemistry
From war to peace
From books to movies
From music to anime
From the US to Japan
From SA to UK
From cooking to photography
Art, creativity, religion, encyclopedias, diys etc
Every culture, Every tradition

PS: Im on Facebook, whatsapp and also on Instagram

Last modified: 20190113


Name: Anushri G. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Painting , writing , reading , singing , learning new things and everything except sports
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello !

I seriously don't know what to write here or how to introduce perfectly.But since we all are here to be friends , hii , I am Anushri ! 17 yr old. I am too much into writing and poetries , a bit crazy ,a bit matured. I can't choose between being introverted and extroverted. I love to travel though I haven't been to many places. I am that sufi kind of person. Art has always been my love. And what else you wanna know ?

Who so ever you are , if you are nice to me I am nice to you. Would love to hear from you. I would literally reply to everyone because I just can't ignore anything and anyone , I have that thing. If you are genuinely interested in being friends , sharing e-mails and knowing each other , do mail me.

Last modified: 20190104

Name: Hritam R. Gender: male Age Group:16-18
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Reading Singing Photography
Penpal message / wishes:
I am Hritam Roychowdhury from India.

So if you want to talk with me then just send me a mail i will reply you...


Thank You

Last modified: 20181231

Name: Abhishek -. Gender: male Age Group:16-18
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Hiking , fishing ,camping , and anything related to outdoors and dirt.
Penpal message / wishes:
I am a boy , 18 years old …. I live in a “ not so good” place . I love physics , and I hate chemistry. ( was this necessary ?) , anyway … I have no friend . The people who I used to consider as my friends are jerks , so here I am …….trying my luck ;)
. If you ask me what do I look like , google “glonk “ ….( hopefully you’ll get the pun ) ….i don’t use my pictures to attract people …… bcoz people who gets attracted to those stuffs are not humans , they are crows …. Running to the first shiny object they see . I am not saying i am not shiny , but you can say it's a test for you XD
I stay at home 24 hours , studying…and my family is total crap . So every day I am turning more and more into hulk . I have headphones on , all day long ( even when I am sitting in toilet , No shame …cuz why should I waste my important time ??)
Things I am good at ;
Bearing the pain caused in my ears by constant usage of headphones , making random funny memes , creating a joke in an awkward situation/moment , annoying other people , and winning trust .
Things I am bad at ;
Remembering faces , painting ,cooking , dancing, faking laugh ,making eye contact , ignoring someone else’s mistakes , and keeping my mouth shut.
I am very optimistic ….the first time someone texted me WTF …. I was like , is that “ well , that’s fantastic “??...or “ way too far” ?? …. If you see the world through my eyes …..it’ll look a lot more brighter and stupid .
So ..i’ve typed enough …..i shall take off now. ......
If you even have a tini-tiny interest in talking to me …. Just say , Hi .

so....if you are reading this , you either have way lot of free time ,,..or you are interested. so why not message me and check? .........

I really need cool friends guys, hit me up !

Last modified: 20181228

Name: Hrishabh S. Gender: male Age Group:16-18
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:


Penpal message / wishes:
I'm batman.

Ok too Nerdy sorry.

Heya future penpal! I'm just another not-so-normal teen you meet in life.

I just wanna start by saying that I'll reply to anyone who texts me, yes, I'm that desperate :3.

Anyways, my Interests are:

I'm very open minded and am here as suggested by a friend. Let's hope this works out! .

I don't care if you're asian,black,gay,lesbian. If You're nice to me, I'm gonna be nice to you.

I really want a pen friend who is non-judgemental.

My Key Interests are-

1) Justin Bieber

2) One Direction

3) F.R.I.E.N.D.S

4) Marvel

5) DC

6) Twilight

7) Harry Potter

8) Anything Funny

9) Music ( I Listen To Almost Everything! )

10) All types Of Mythology

11) Fashion! . though I'm a Guy, i can't resist wearing trendy clothes and setting new trends XD


13) Boxing! I'm Both Nerd AND Jock!.

14) I love Animals. Especially Kittens *_*

15) I love Children! They Make my Day much

Better when I see Them Smile . Also Am Very Good with Kids!


Even If You Don't find Something of Your Interest above, Believe me, I Love A Lot More! so Don't be Shy , just slap my Inbox with a HI! and I'll be Back!

If you're the depressed type, you can count on me to cheer you up. i've been through that stuff myself.

If you're the Party type, then Bring it on!

If you're the Unique type... well then you're awesome.

Just Remember to Put your name, Age, Gender and a Few of your interests when e-mailing me.

I'll Always reply, whosoever it be. I'm not the Judgy-type XD. Adios!

Don't think that we have nothing in common, these were just a few of my Interests.

I'm not looking for any specific type to talk to. Just feel free Cuz I'll always reply And Make you smile if you got a frown on your lips.
Cheerio! ( damn I feel British )

Last modified: 20181113

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