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Name: Joey M. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:

Southern County Down

Hobbies: female human beings’ wishes, desires, dreams + destinies all sizes, shapes, figures & colours
Penpal message / wishes:
This is a special invitation for any young women, 18-40s, any size, shape, figure or colour, who would like to visit me in Ireland for romance adventure or love holidays. You would simply have to be willing & able to arrive to me by means of your own resources alone yet for which you would be lavishly & graciously rewarded with all of my generous hospitality & much more! I’m kind natured, gentle, safe & respectful; I’m an honest, open-hearted spiritual/healing seeker etc. & I tenderly love, worship & adore everything female & feminine including many aspects of wild nature and the arts. I reside alone in a cosy/very comfortable & quiet apartment that includes a spare bedroom & which is nearby the Mourne Mountains (with several big & beautiful natural parks; coastal scenery; & a great variety of leisure activities available to enjoy & discover in Southern County Down)! I’m also easily accessible to Dublin or Belfast (c/o international airports, etc.) We could simply share anything at all that provided you with your greatest joy, interests &/or desired experiences all of which I’d be highly delighted to try to support & cater to for you as far as possible (because); I would simply love nothing so much as to make a girl feel happy! :) Moreover, I wish to encourage you, in any way that I can, to live your life to the full & to realise any of your wildest dreams & desires with me! :) So please, no ‘monkey business’ or messing, as I’ll only respond to honesty, intelligent virtue & respect as would be essential for between us for all to be successful for our mutual best no less than safety & yet most of all; for the sake of your real interests, wishes & desires to be realised with my totally kind & willing help & support! I don’t use a mobile or ‘smart phone’ however I’ve a private landline telephone (including call minder) besides being accessible by email letters &/or from online. I will definitely respond graciously & well to you if your reply is genuine & meaningful; & I could give you my landline number for any further information or planning by telephone/conversation. Thank you! & thank you for you; in every respect & for ever!

Yours faithfully,
With pure love blessing best wishes always,

Joey lll xx o))

P.S. Remember, that life doesn’t hand out our most precious dreams & wishes for our destiny upon a silver platter for free; but rather: whatever’s most truly precious for us will have a price of some kind for us to attain/obtain to it successfully; & yet even if that consisted in nothing more than our own virtue of courage to take some risk if not make some sacrifice.

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Name: D G. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:


Penpal message / wishes:

So initially I was looking for conventional penpals, sharing stories, experiences, likes and dislikes, swapping food recipes.. And talking about anything and everything, from the serious to the fun, from the weird and wonderful to the unconventional..

While having some success that lasted only briefly.. who knows why people suddenly stop emailing other people..

I have decided to seek a penpal with a difference..and before I start.. no I'm not a perv..

I'm looking to start writing, I have lots of beginnings and endings of stories and ideas that I want to get down..

Someone once told me, writing about heated passion is easy, so I am looking to write and share adult stories with someone.. from vanilla to kink and some in-between..

So if you're interested..
Don't hesitate to get in touch..

Last modified: 20220927

Name: Neil M. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:

Email To Get It

Hobbies: Travel, Hiking, Cars, Foodie, Dogs
Penpal message / wishes:

Thanks for taken time to read this. Im Neil from Ireland. I would have been writing for over 15 years to people that i have meet through here and other sites and have built up a great friendship with them but as time goes on so dose people. I'm now looking some new people to write or email.

I don't mind where your from I welcome all new correspondence. I can send emails, letters and i do take time to send postcards and silly things in my letters.

I would really like some friends from Canada, USA, Australia / New Zeland, China / Japan and Europe but anywhere really. I love to know more about countries. I have been to quiet a bit of Europe, some of Canada and America but I have lots of other places I would like to see at some stage.

So hope to here from you soon. Also I know my email is quiet strange but it makes my mail worth while and I can explain all.

Last modified: 20220824

Name: Will m. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Family
Penpal message / wishes:
My name is William.
I live in Ireland, I am 60 years old.
I am looking for help in the wedding of my only daughter who gets married in July this year.
I do not work because I have ill health, I have Chronic Kidney Disease and have only one Kidney.
I have been more or less in lockdown for 2 years because of Covid 19.
I do not want my daughter to know that I am asking for help, so I am hoping someone can help in secret for now..

If you can help you can send me as little as $2,£2 to my paypal account, address below, every small donation will help. Thank You.



Last modified: 20220410

Name: Sephanie G. Gender: female Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Reading, music, swimming, lgbt,bdsm
Penpal message / wishes:
Bise**al married mother of two, looking for female penpals only. I live in Ireland and would like one special friend to share laughs, tears, stories of life, occasional flirting. No men, no fakes. I am 32 but any age welcome.

Thank you.

Last modified: 20211004

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