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Name: D G. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Penpal message / wishes:

I'll start by saying that I am a 37yr old single guy, however I'm not on this pursuing or hoping for romance of any sort and I can also assure whoever reads this, I will not under any circumstance send any crude, rude messages or pics.. I'm Not That Guy!!!

Now all that being said, as I said im 37yrs old and in 2yrs time I retire and I'll be a pensioner at 39 :-) and I plan to start life anew and to do way way more travelling.

I'm an easy going, fun, friendly down to earth type of guy. I can be quite social and I can mix well with others but at times too I quite enjoy my own solitude.

I have a passion for reading and I will read most genres, I can get lost in a good book and immerse myself into that world. I also recently got the cooking bug and I find I quite enjoy messing around with recipes.

Like most people I enjoy watching movies and watching some TV series from thriller and action to drama and comedy.. I used to enjoy horror until I became disillusioned with them, for a long time they followed the same formula (late teens,early twenties highly attractive guys and girls and no matter where they were, arctic circle, Antarctica, the woods a road trip the women always had skimpy attire and stiletto heels and ran around screaming)

I enjoy music too, but I don't have any favourite singer or band or group, it depends on my mood at the time what I will listen to, from easy listening to heavy metal and everything in between.. It just depends.

I'm a sports fan, mainly soccer and rugby and usually when I watch a game I will zone everything and in some cases everyone else out and to me soccer is The most important sport in the World.. It had stopped a World War for 24 hours around the Christmas period :-)

I like being outdoorsy, taking walks in the countryside or hiking in the mountains even if its windy and raining I actually find the rain refreshing and invigorating, it helps clear my mind :-)

Now I'm going to purposely live up to a stereotype here.. Firstly I'm a guy, secondly I'm an Irish guy and thirdly I'm a particular type of Irish guy so I enjoy a drink on occasion, either social drinking or drinking on my own, sometimes I have just a few, sometimes I simply aim to get drunk.. That being said, I'm not an alcoholic, I don't drink excessively and I don't drink everyday and I don't have a problem with drink.. Just so anyone is aware who is against drinking.

I'm not one to judge others, everyone comes with a past. I'm not religious and I can discuss the odd theological debate but not all the time.

I'm looking to meet people from all over, whether with similar or same interests as me or maybe wildly different interests because sometimes polar opposites attract and get on well.

I can't do snail mail, I've tried, I'm not good at sitting down to write letters, I just haven't been able to break through that barrier.

So.. That's all for now.. :-)

Oh if you answer this post.. Instead of "Penpals or Hi" in the post, put something eye catching, something unique, some that that stands out..


Last modified: 20191110


Name: Joey M. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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City & Country:

Southern County Down

Hobbies: I’m especially for girls with warm love and tender desire please send to me your worn and used
Penpal message / wishes:
I want young women who are warm and tender for love and kisses. I love, worship and adore young women of all sizes, shapes, figures and colours. I also believe that real and true lust is related and connected to pure divine love, and that may be sometimes very deep and spiritual from within our souls.
I reside in Ireland near the city of Newry and the Mountains of Mourne in south County Down.
I’m single and live alone, and sometimes I’m lonely for real love and affection to share with at least one truly good woman:

I’d be pleased to respond in kind if you’d like to communicate with me in a way that’s genuinely friendly, broad minded, kindly passionate, honest and sincere, and I would also have a lot of specially selected excerpts of literature, philosophy, love letters, photos/art and music etc. available to share.

If you would like to reply to me personally and maybe keep in touch with me too, then please post to me at least one photograph of yourself that clearly shows me your face, as your true-to-life portrait or selfie, if not anything more that you might like to show me of yourself in your life; and tell me about yourself, yet particularly: I wish to know about your spirituality beliefs and practises, background, and your genuinely abiding interests too.

Thank you very much with all my heart meanwhile for you, and for your being just exactly as you really are, with pure love blessing best wishes always, yours faithfully and truly, from Joey

Last modified: 20190821

Name: will. . Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: Mostly travelling, internet,Nature, keeping fit...
Penpal message / wishes:
Any interesting pals out there...love travelling...

Last modified: 20190704

Name: Toni C. Gender: female Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: Politics, poetry, literature, history, cinema
Penpal message / wishes:

Toni here, 36 year old trans woman looking to meet new & interesting people from around the world. Love a good conversation, so please drop me a line and let's solve the world's problems :-)

Last modified: 20181203

Name: Jonathon M. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: Martial Arts, Rugby, Reading, Music and Computer Programming
Penpal message / wishes:

Currently looking to broaden my experiences and meet people from new cultures. Currently a software engineering student so wish to try a means of communication that isn't technology based.

If you are interested in getting in touch please email and I will provide my address.

Last modified: 20181022

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