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Name: Monica . Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: swimming, play around, meet with friends, read, listen to music, etc :)
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello there!

My pen name is Monica. I'm 23 years old.I'm come from Indonesia.
Now I've graduted from univesity and trying to get a job to make a living. NO! I won't ask you for a job or money for sure. :) I just trying to get friends, a good long-term friendship with someone from abroad to share about daily life things, and shares some photographs too, like food, daily activity, and scenery. But I won't send you pics of me until I comfortable and know you well enough. Neither porn pics or gore pics. SO, if you are looking for money, marriage, and sending flirty email, i think you better move a long to other ads.

I would love to have a pen pal from any country. Preferably people who is around my age (20-29 y.o.). I don't mind if you a girl or a boy, from any race, religion, as long as you a good people, and I'm quite open-minded person.

Here some my interest:
I read fiction book, and several history book, but not that much. i also read manga and manhwa. haha i love to watch movie, anime, and several K-drama. since i have interest with korea, i know a little bit of K-pop and boy/girlband. have a different taste music? let's share some good music then. well, it doesn't mean you have to talk about those things all the time. :) and... hmm.... i like play badminton, volleyball and swim too. what else i can tell you about me?hehe :D
oh, i want to tell you that I adore animal especially dog. I love to learn new language too. Maybe you can teach me your language or i can teach you bahasa and share about our culture.

If you want to know me more or have same interest, please send me an email and i'll reply it as soon as possible. it's not important how long your emaill will be, but it will be nice if you send me quite long email. And please write "penpal-name/ your country" as the subject of your mail, it will help me a lot to notice your email. And the last thing, better you reply with something base on my ads, so i can see you're really read my ads. See ya! :)

Last modified: 20190306


Name: Yulia P. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: swimming, cooking, watching TV series & movie
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi! My name's Yulia. I am a 30 years old live in Bandung, Indonesia. I think of myself as very open minded and caring. I love to learn about other people, the way they live, and their culture.

I'd like to have long conversations that aren't so serious and just be free and talk about anything and everything. I'm looking for life long friends (FEMALE ONLY).

Please feel free to email me.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Ps : I am not looking for relationship and happily married. Thanks

Last modified: 20190228

Name: Safira Rizka A. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Penpal message / wishes:
Hi everyone, I'm Fira, a 23 year old girl living in Banjarmasin, Indonesia.

I've been using this site to search and find pen pals since 2016 and this site helped me much!
But being here since 2016 doesn't mean I got many pen pals already. Yes, I wrote quite often but most of them were 'gone'.

I've graduated with a bachelor degree in midwifery last year and actually have to attend my internship now, but I quit months ago because it simply didn't suit my interests. I'm interested in writing, mostly poems and short stories. Someday in the future, I hope I can be a well-known author. I also love to take photos but not selfies, you know.. landscapes.

I'm looking for pen pals who are around my age range; all nationalities are OK but it'll be better if you're Indonesian too. It'd be great to do snail mail too with you :))

Or maybe you're also a hopeless ex-medicine student, oh hey let's do hi5!

Last modified: 20181213

Name: Dhiyas D. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: Music
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello everyone

My name is Dhiyas. I'm 23.

To be honest I don't really know what to write in here. I'm not really great at describing myself.

I love music. I listened to them everyday. I can play but not really that well. I guess being a musician is harder than it looks. But I still enjoy listening to them. I love to sing as well. I sing almost anywhere anytime as long it doesn't bother other people. But then again I'm not a professional singer so my voice perhaps will make you sick.

I would love to meet new people. You can be from anywhere it's fine. But you need to speak English with me. Well, it's either English or Indonesia but I think it would be hard for people outside of Indonesia to speak the language. But you have to understand that even my English are not perfect

In the end I want to make new friends. My friend suggested this site a long time ago but I never had a chance to do this. Well, until now. So if you interested please give me a message. I promise you I will reply you soon. But if you are spamming me or doing something stupid I'm afraid it's going to be a different story

I would love to hear your stories. I really love stories. You can tell me anything and don't worry your secrets are safe with me. Just let yourself free with me you don't have to hold anything against me.

I guess that would be enough for this introductory. Have a nice day to you and I hope you can find the one that you're looking for

Best Wishes

Last modified: 20181211

Name: ayu s. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Penpal message / wishes:
vome and find me on ibaddy.com my name is ayu!

just look for real people! real funny guy!

Last modified: 20181206

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