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Name: Sievian J. Gender: male Age Group:41-50
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Attention Sir,

I am Jerry Sievian & CO. from Guinea Conakry and legal attorney to my late

client Mirpadyab Seyed Majid, a native of Islamic Republic of Iran but

residing here in Guinea Conakry. He died with his family in a terrorist

attack in Syria. I am currently in United Kingdom on a law assignment and

will soon return back to Guinea. He left a stalk deposit of 400 kgs of gold

and cash funds of 22,000,000 USD in a security facility in Guinea which i

am very much aware as my late client always confide in me in whatever

business he wishes to do for legal advice. I have been making efforts to

locate any of his relative in Iran so that i can help them retrieve the

funds and the gold stalk, but to no avail. I cannot afford to allow the

security facility to inherit the assets.

I am contacting you to discuss a joint partnership cooperation and support

to retrieve the funds and the gold from the security facility. According by

the law in my country, it is against the law for a citizen of Guinea to

stand a beneficiary to an assets that belongs to a foreigner. To achieve

this, i need a foreigner to perfectly claim the assets, this is the reason

of contacting you. I will issue you power of Attorney to authenticate you

the legal next of kin/beneficiary to my late client. I will also make all

the copies of the deposit information available to you and i will leaglly

back you up to ensure we claim the funds successfully. Upon hearing from

you about your interest and readiness, we shall discuss on sharing mode

between us and possible joint investment in your country. The only reason

we must apply strict privacy is for the restrictions of the United Nations


We will appreciate your swift reply to this matter.



Jerry Sievian

Conakry, Guinea

Last modified: 20170607


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