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Name: Hyung L. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

Great Britain (UK)

Hobbies: Reading, writing, thinking, sports
Penpal message / wishes:
I can’t believe I’m writing this. Usually I’m much more careful. I think about everything, you see. But thinking takes time, and leads to indecisiveness and procrastination disguised as being “considered” or “wise”, with a quote thrown in about sharpening the axe.

Anyway hi. I need to write this down before I forget it all.

I want a friend. (You’re lucky to even get that much out of me, to be honest. Because often when I am asked what I want the answer is “I don’t know.” I’m rubbish at recognising my own feelings. I think I have alexithymia)

I want to know everything about you, eventually. I don’t even think that’s possible, which is the beautiful thing – there is so much to know. I want to ask you questions forever.

I want to talk about dreams and concerns, about work, about sleep, about makeup, about food, about TV, about jeans, about friends, about books…

Actually scrap that. Writing a list of things I want to talk to you about is pointless, because I’d have to write for eternity to show how much I want to know about you.

I want to be sarcastic and I want to be sweet and I want to be cruel (in a pleasant, teasing sort of way) and I want to be curious and I want to be your friend.

I’m 26. I don’t care how old you are.

I’m from England. I don’t care where in the world you are.

I’m a guy. I don’t care what you are.

I really don’t care what you are, although I do want to know of course.

Hobbies: the last TV show I watched was Running man. The last book I read was Convenience Store Woman.; my last significant purchase was a camera; the last thing I ate was ham and pineapple pizza…

Actually scrap that. Writing a list of things I’m into is pointless because I am not a list of hobbies, and you’ll find out as we explore each other anyway.

Last modified: 20190324


Name: lucy j. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

Great Britain (UK)

Hobbies: movies, true documentarys, reading (true crime, ect) cooking, baking, meditation
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi all I'm new here, I'm Lucy from wales (U.K) looking for pen pals via online email, instagram & possibly what's app, ideally then moving to post via letters & gifts (exchange birthday/Christmas cards & gifts, good excuse for more online shopping) ideally looking for pen pals in the U.K but open to anyone outside of the U.K must be English spoken please. Only interested in making friends nothing more, so please no messages indicating you want to be more Than pen pals as your message will be ignored. I dont have Facebook anymore but I do have Instagram so feel free to follow me on there & I will follow you back, my Instagram is @lucy.lulu.jane so lets start a new chapter a new friendship. hopefully hear from you soon

Last modified: 20190323

Name: Scott .. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

Great Britain (UK)

Hobbies: Reading, writing, video games (pc and console) and plenty of other things
Penpal message / wishes:

My name is Scott, I'm 30 and from the south east of england. I'm looking for a few new friends from anywhere around the world that will hopefully become good friends. I'm happy to email to start with and then maybe move onto written letters if a friendship grows.

I don't mind who I talk to or about what, though gaming is what I enjoy the most but, I'm open and would enjoy learning new things and starting new hobbies with someone too.

So hit me up and look forward to hearing from you :)

Please no money scams or marriage offers!

Last modified: 20190318

Name: Mr G. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

Great Britain (UK)

Penpal message / wishes:
Just read it, and don't try to think about it.

Let it happen.

Accept it as the truth.

Simply enjoy it!

Just read it concentrated and enjoy it!

Just sit back and focus on my every word.

You will read this slowly, as to understand the meaning in all of my words.

Focus on my words, and only my words now.

Alright, just focus on my words and we shall begin.

Focus on my words and allow yourself to relax.

Feel my every word relaxing your muscles now.

Feel as if every single word is relaxing every single muscle in your body.

The more you raed my words, the more you will find my words sinking into our body.

Feel as if your muscles are being massaged by my words.

Feel as if my words are sinking deep into your muscles, massaging them into total relaxation.

The more you read my words, the more you will find my words relaxing you.

You can feel yourself letting go of all the stress in your mind and body.

I want you to picture the words flowing from the screen, and massaging your body. Feel the muscles letting go as you keep reading.

You feel as if the words are relaxing you completely and totally.

You feel my every single word taking you under.

A hypnotic spell that is only beginning with this relaxation.

You can see the words massaging your muscles.

Feel them starting with your feet and ankles.

Your feet and ankles relaxing fully now.

Your calves and knees relaxing ow as well.

Feel the words relaxing all of the muscles in you.

You can feel your thigh muscles all relaxing now.

All of the muscles in your legs totally relaxing.

You can feel them, so much.

You feel the waist area of your body relaxing now.

Your hips, and waist all relaxing. Everything from the waist down, letting go.

You feel this.

Now you feel your stomach and your sides relaxing.

You can feel the small of your back relaxing now.

It's as if the relaxation is flowing up your body, filling you with so much relaxation.

Letting you go so deeply. You can now feel your entire back relaxing now.

Your back, shoulder blacdes... your sides... and your entire torso relaxing.

You feel your chest relaxing as much as everything else too.

All of your torso now.

Feel this.... My words massaging you so deeply into a hypnotic spell.

Now you feel your shoulder and arms relaxing now.

Totally relaxing now.

You can feel your shoulders relaxing...

your upper arms and elbows relaxing.

You can feel your lower arms, and wrists relaxing totally.

You can even feel your hands and fingers relaxing totally.

It feels so good.

Now your neck relaxing totally...

you can feel this so much...

you cannot feel anything but the total relaxation...

now even your head and face muscles are relaxing.

Also... you feel your body inside and out relaxing.

All of your body relaxing.

Your heart beating slower, and slower... like a peaceful sleep, beating so softly.

All of your mind is relaxing as well.

You can feel your mind letting go now.

You can feel your thoughts all drifting away now.

You can feel as if your thoughts are on clouds, floating away into the sky.

Far from your mind and body.

You can feel everything all going away.

Deeply going into a relaxing hypnotic spell.

Your thoughts all drifting away.

All of them leaving your mind.

No need to hold on to them.

You can feel your mind relaxing and shutting down.

No need to think. It's too peaceful to think.

Just let yourself go now.

You can say goodbye to your thoughts, if you like.

Your body continuing to be massaged by my words.

My words massaging your mind now, as well as your body.

You can feel everything just letting go now.

You feel this so much.

You do feel yourself going into a hypnotic spell.

Let go of the last of your thoughts.

You can allow yourself to go deep into my relaxing spell now.

Let the last of your thoughts go now.

Tell me when you have let them go.

Now, feel yourself deeply hypnotized.

My hypnosis is relaxing and peaceful.

My words will always massage your mind and body now.

Your mind clean and clear. Empty of thoughts.

There is no need to think here.

It is too peaceful to think.

No need to think.

You only desire to follow my words.

My words will guide you now.

I want you to allow my words to guide you now.

I guide you now.

Very good.

Your mind is too relaxed to think.

There is no need to think.

You will not think, but only follow my every word

Email me the following

"I'm ready"

And ceep checking your email for my response

Feel so good emailing me

Email me now

So happy to email me at


I bet you can't wait for more

Last modified: 20190220

Name: Mat B. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

Great Britain (UK)

Hobbies: Footbal, Cinema, Movies, Cooking, Sports, music , friends, work?!, cricket, family, travel,England ,
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi my name is Mat, I'm a 28 year old male, previously lived in Germany but now back where I love In beautiful Britain.

The reason I was in Germany was I took up a job working for the British government and Germany was where I was sent. I had such a memorable time in Germany and learnt alot about life.

I come from a big family, I am the oldest of 6 children, family is very important to me and I am often back in Coventry visiting them, I live about three hours away from them in an old small English market town.

I'd describe myself as a friendly and loyal person, who would happily talk to anyone, no matter of your background skin colour or religion

I'm big in to sports and love watching football and Ice Hockey, I support my local hometown clubs, Coventry City(football) and Coventry Blaze(Ice Hockey). I nasty football injury when I was 16 and due to the fact can no longer play football however I still play footballwhen given the chance at amateur level.

I love music, I'm the type of guy that falls in love with the lyrics rather then the whole song or artist, I get myself lost in lyrics sometimes, I often picture myself in songs, Bruce Springsteen and Johnny Cash tend to lose me in therein sings more than others.

When it comes to watching films, it really depends in my mood, I can watch anything really. If its a dark stormy night then I tend to go for a horror or thriller and if it's a chilled out atmosphere I'll put on a comedy,

I'm interested really in snail mail penpals although emailing is also okay for me to do, if your interested in knowing more or becoming penpals send me an email, feel free to ask more questions, everyone of course is welcome and will get a reply

Last modified: 20190218

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