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Name: Stephanie G. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

Great Britain (UK)

Hobbies: Writing, reading, gaming, discovering places
Penpal message / wishes:
I'm looking for a penpal, preferrably someone who is spiritual or interested in paganism. I love doing snailmail! I'm in a happy relationship and have no money to give apart from friendship.

Last modified: 20190116


Name: Hyung L. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

Great Britain (UK)

Penpal message / wishes:

I'm looking for a couple of snail mail pen pals who are significantly older or younger than me. I'm 26, and you should either be...


•35 or older

•30-34 if you are very successful financially and/or are extremely intelligent (high IQ, have or studying towards PhD, have a master's degree in a delightfully niche topic, etc)

•29 - 34 if you are some sort of psychologist or writer

Two main reasons for this:

I don't usually click with people my age. There are anomalies, but typically the people I forge connections with are younger or older than me.I want to learn...

From those who are older I want your experience to rub off on me. In some ways I am childish and naive, and I struggle at adulting. I want to know how a mature person lives.

From those who are younger I want to hear the growing pains, the hopes and dreams, the youthful enthusiasm. I want to live vicariously through you. My younger years were a blur - I'm not sure I was fully self-aware - and it would be good to time travel and start again.

What else will we talk about?

Whatever friends talk about. I'm at my best when discussing ideas. I also want to exchange random, nuanced thoughts and opinions. I want to delve into the so-called "uninteresting" details of your daily life. These are the ingredients that make you 'you', and I don't want to miss out on any of it.

About me:

For work I have an office job in media. And there is nothing else to say about that, unless you are interested in topics like how to steadfastly endure monotony, how to work in an open office without regular mental breakdowns, or five creative ways to surf the web and not get caught. Some day I will get paid for writing, and then I will have more to say about work.

I wouldn't say I'm a loner, but my criteria for who qualifies as one may be more stringent than yours. In the non-virtual world I seldom find people that I prefer to talk to over reading a book, watching a romcom, playing card games, browsing Reddit, watching YouTube, tidying my room, washing dishes, doing my laundry. I have friends, but we don't talk much. Though there is a girl at work I've been talking more to recently. That's fun. And there is a guy I talk to at work, though the conversation subject matter is almost exclusively limited to LeBron James and soccer.

To fulfil my innate need to socialise I pen pal. I've had online pen pals, and now I'm determined to develop close bonds with people by exchanging letters. Letter writing appeals to me because it forces you to be thoughtful. Thoughtful, introspective conversation is excellent. And you aren't distracted by external stimulation - noise, eyes staring back at you, body language, etc. It focuses the mind. I want the written word to be my world, and I want your letters to be my adventure.

Last modified: 20181218

Name: E J. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

Great Britain (UK)

Hobbies: Art,baking,walking,films
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello, my name is Emily i am 28 years old and live in somerset england.

I like baking, and also going on long walks in the countryside! I like to travel, but have a lot more countries i would like to visit!

I am into men, however recently I have been feeling attracted to women as well, this is a new feeling to me but one I am curious about and would like to explore more! So would be interested in hearing from women in similar positions, or maybe if you are up for trying some role play?

Anyway hope to hear from you soon


Last modified: 20181112

Name: Mr G. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:

Great Britain (UK)

Penpal message / wishes:
Just read it, and don't try to think about it.

Let it happen.

Accept it as the truth.

Simply enjoy it!

Just read it concentrated and enjoy it!

Just sit back and focus on my every word.

You will read this slowly, as to understand the meaning in all of my words.

Focus on my words, and only my words now.

Alright, just focus on my words and we shall begin.

Focus on my words and allow yourself to relax.

Feel my every word relaxing your muscles now.

Feel as if every single word is relaxing every single muscle in your body.

The more you raed my words, the more you will find my words sinking into our body.

Feel as if your muscles are being massaged by my words.

Feel as if my words are sinking deep into your muscles, massaging them into total relaxation.

The more you read my words, the more you will find my words relaxing you.

You can feel yourself letting go of all the stress in your mind and body.

I want you to picture the words flowing from the screen, and massaging your body. Feel the muscles letting go as you keep reading.

You feel as if the words are relaxing you completely and totally.

You feel my every single word taking you under.

A hypnotic spell that is only beginning with this relaxation.

You can see the words massaging your muscles.

Feel them starting with your feet and ankles.

Your feet and ankles relaxing fully now.

Your calves and knees relaxing ow as well.

Feel the words relaxing all of the muscles in you.

You can feel your thigh muscles all relaxing now.

All of the muscles in your legs totally relaxing.

You can feel them, so much.

You feel the waist area of your body relaxing now.

Your hips, and waist all relaxing. Everything from the waist down, letting go.

You feel this.

Now you feel your stomach and your sides relaxing.

You can feel the small of your back relaxing now.

It's as if the relaxation is flowing up your body, filling you with so much relaxation.

Letting you go so deeply. You can now feel your entire back relaxing now.

Your back, shoulder blacdes... your sides... and your entire torso relaxing.

You feel your chest relaxing as much as everything else too.

All of your torso now.

Feel this.... My words massaging you so deeply into a hypnotic spell.

Now you feel your shoulder and arms relaxing now.

Totally relaxing now.

You can feel your shoulders relaxing...

your upper arms and elbows relaxing.

You can feel your lower arms, and wrists relaxing totally.

You can even feel your hands and fingers relaxing totally.

It feels so good.

Now your neck relaxing totally...

you can feel this so much...

you cannot feel anything but the total relaxation...

now even your head and face muscles are relaxing.

Also... you feel your body inside and out relaxing.

All of your body relaxing.

Your heart beating slower, and slower... like a peaceful sleep, beating so softly.

All of your mind is relaxing as well.

You can feel your mind letting go now.

You can feel your thoughts all drifting away now.

You can feel as if your thoughts are on clouds, floating away into the sky.

Far from your mind and body.

You can feel everything all going away.

Deeply going into a relaxing hypnotic spell.

Your thoughts all drifting away.

All of them leaving your mind.

No need to hold on to them.

You can feel your mind relaxing and shutting down.

No need to think. It's too peaceful to think.

Just let yourself go now.

You can say goodbye to your thoughts, if you like.

Your body continuing to be massaged by my words.

My words massaging your mind now, as well as your body.

You can feel everything just letting go now.

You feel this so much.

You do feel yourself going into a hypnotic spell.

Let go of the last of your thoughts.

You can allow yourself to go deep into my relaxing spell now.

Let the last of your thoughts go now.

Tell me when you have let them go.

Now, feel yourself deeply hypnotized.

My hypnosis is relaxing and peaceful.

My words will always massage your mind and body now.

Your mind clean and clear. Empty of thoughts.

There is no need to think here.

It is too peaceful to think.

No need to think.

You only desire to follow my words.

My words will guide you now.

I want you to allow my words to guide you now.

I guide you now.

Very good.

Your mind is too relaxed to think.

There is no need to think.

You will not think, but only follow my every word

Email me the following

"I'm ready"

And ceep checking your email for my response

Feel so good emailing me

Email me now

So happy to email me at


I bet you can't wait for more

Last modified: 20181012

Name: Edina L. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
E-Mail Address: Hidden, click here to show e-mail
City & Country:

Great Britain (UK)

Hobbies: I'm all about horses, reading, watching my series
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi there!

Do you wanna a penpal who you can talk to about anything and everything? Well, this is your lucky day because you found one! haha

My name is Edina. I'm 24, I love animals, reading, horse riding, going for a walk, being in nature.
I am not going to share much in here other we won't have anything to talk about. Lol

I am honest and understanding, you can talk about anything and everything with me. I have penpals I have been talking to for years and we became very good friends. If you are looking for something like that, I might be the one.

UPDATE: can't believe I have to write this... PLEASE no dirty emails, dick and anus photos. I am not looking for anything like that. I'm not looking for boyfriend, neither a husband, nor sexual relationships. Just save my time and yours by not sending these emails cause I'm not going to reply and will block you straight away.

Other than that if you really want a friend than I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care

Last modified: 20180930

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