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Name: Eva L. Gender: female Age Group:50+
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Hobbies: astronomy, sports, traveling, erotica, music, nature, animals
Penpal message / wishes:
I am a 50+ years old Finnish female living near Helsinki. I lived abroad for 30 years before moving back to Finland. Planning on relocating abroad one day.. I'm single, sane, honest, easy going.. Interested in things I rather tell you about later... I like talking to different people. Let us see what we have in common and take it from there. I want to hear from people who are true to their word.. people who do not just disappear after a few emails without a word..

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Name: Inci B. Gender: female Age Group:50+
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Hobbies: Reading, photos, travelling (when/if I only can afford it!), religions, cultures, languages,
Penpal message / wishes:

Looking for postal penfriends here! :) (Please scroll down all the way and read my *whole* profile even though it's pretty long, and note that there are paragraphs!)

I'm a German woman living in Finland, born 4/1966 in Turkey. I'm happily married to a Belgian for almost 26 years now. We have an adult daughter, son in late teens, 4 cats.

Apart from the hobbies mentioned above, I have many otherinterests, for example theology, Christianity/Catholicism, esp. Carmelite spirituality., Islam/Sunnism, Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi/Sufism, interreligious dialogues& peace, ecumenics, (E/SE) Asian and other countries/cultures/peoples, psychology, etc. I don't necessarily know a lot about them though.

I love lots of things (of course including Turkey, books and cats)...

Again, I'd like POSTAL (snail mail!! Paper in envelope; tangible letters lol) penpals to make good, sincere FRIENDS "for keeps"...

from Asia Oceania... SOUTH Africa, S/Central America... Europe :)

**Esp Turkish, Turkic & "related"; ex-USSR Asia, Chinese minority ppl, Mongolia etc** (can make exception & be e pals w/ you!)
*Any Muslimahs? Malaysian? Korean? Filipina? ...

Age not so important - but prefer age 25+,and females. (IF a man really wants to write, I have to admit I prefer age 38+)
A good command of the English language would be a great plus! (However, I know some other languages. You can write me at least in German, Dutch, Swedish, I can also read French - but I may write back in English, it depends)

Please email letting me know a bit about 'who you are' (I am always curious to hear in which country you are living, what you like to do/your interests...) and add your POSTAL address.... I can also give you *my* postal address after getting to know a bit about you in 1-2 emails, and we can agree who writes the first letter. :)
I try to write regularly, or not keeping you wait long for my anwers. However I have some health issues & may be late with my reply letters, but I'll do my best!

Since this site is for more intended for penpalling, I hope everyone realises I am NOT interested in anything else than friendship! ;) There are so many sites that actually are especially for dating etc., so I think you could seek out those...

Note I REALLY am looking for penfriends the old fashioned postal way, pen on paper. *If* I make an exception (eg if a Tatar lady has no money for stamps, I can be email friends but not write every day) I'll let you know, so unless agreed to make an exception, please *NO email* penfriends!! :)
- However, we could swap a couple of PHOTOES via email . (It's a bit difficult for me to send them on paper prints for various reasons).

Moreover, please note I do NOT "do" chatting in any form, so it makes NO SENSE to ask me for my WhatsApp (?) or anything like that . I like to think that everything need not always happen over the Internet within a few hours. :)

Sorry but I already have enough penpals from & in West Africa (I have to admit, also quite many Caucasian Americans in mainland USA...), so I do not wish for any more in order to still have time to write to people from other countries. I hope you understand!

I won't reply to messages just saying Hi or very short ones, not telling me anything about themselves, or those who want to chat, text or that type of things.
-Scammers don't bother, I really have no money anyway,and it's easy to make out you are one! I also am not able to help strangers move to Finland, or anything like that, even if I wanted to, so please don't expect an answer to that type of emails.

So, if you are interested in snail mail penpals, I'll really be looking forward to hearing from you! :)

Last modified: 20190221

Name: Tuija K. Gender: female Age Group:50+
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Reading, walking, baking, cycling
Penpal message / wishes:
Woman from Finland, i am 52 years and have 2 adult kids and 4 cats and 2 rabbits and i am married. I like to get snail mail friends from age 18 to up both men and women.

Last modified: 20181030

Name: ann v. Gender: female Age Group:50+
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Hobbies: writing letters,reading, crafts, gardening,DIY,walking dogs and learning new things
Penpal message / wishes:
Will always welcome new snail mail pals, only women, please. I am 56 and at cross roads for now...kids moving out and several things happening at the same time.I just want to keep writing as I have been penpalling for over 40 years so if you are into writing letters on longterm basis feel free to write. A lot more to me than you can squeeze into this box.
I do tend to write long letters...

Last modified: 20160823

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