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Name: Tuija K. Gender: female Age Group:50+
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Reading, walking, baking, cycling
Penpal message / wishes:
Woman from Finland, i am 52 years and have 2 adult kids and 4 cats and 2 rabbits and i am married. I like to get snail mail friends from age 18 to up both men and women.

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Name: Inci B. Gender: female Age Group:50+
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Hobbies: Reading, photos, travelling (when/if I only can afford it!), religions, cultures, languages,
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello! Looking for postal penfriends here! :) (Please read my whole profile!)
I'm a German woman living in Finland, born 4/1966 in Turkey. I'm married to a Belgian, w/ adult daughter, son in late teens, 4 cats. Have many interests,eg theology, (E/SE) Asian countries/cultures/peoples, etc - and see above!

I love lots of things..
Am friendly, sincere, caring, sensitive, thoughtful, a little shy, quite sensible & down-to-earth, intelligent, non-judgmental,stubborn, am open to most things etc. they also say I were attractive (?)
I'd like old fashioned POSTAL penpals to make good, sincere FRIENDS "for keeps"

from Asia Oceania... SOUTH Africa, S/Central America... Europe :)

**Esp Turkish, Turkic & "related"; ex-USSR Asia, Chinese minority ppl, Mongolia etc** (can make exception & be e pals w/ you!)
*Any Muslimahs? Malaysian? Somali? Korean? ...

Age not so important - but prefer age 25+,and females.
A good command of the English language a great plus! (However, I know some other languages. You can write me at least in German, Dutch, Swedish, also French but I may write back in English, it depends)

Please email letting me know a bit about 'who you are' and add your POSTAL address. (Sorry, I don't answer to people just saying hello or not much else, and not telling me some things about themselves!) I can also give you *my* postal address after getting to know a bit about you in 1-2 emails :) I try to write regularly, or not keeping you wait long for my anwers. However I have some health issues & may be late with my reply letters once in a bit, but I'll do my best!
Please let us make penfriends! :) (Friends "only" guys! Lol)

Please note I really am looking for penfriends the old fashioned postal way, pen on paper. *If* I make an exception (eg if a Tatar lady has no money for stamps, I can be email friends but not write every day) I'll let you know, so unless agreed to make an exception, please no email penfriends!! :)
-Also, we could swap a couple of PHOTOES. (It's a bit difficult for me to send them on paper prints for various reasons) but please note I don't "do" chatting in any form.

Sorry but I already have enough penpals from & in West Africa and Caucasian Americans in mainland USA, so I don't want any more in order to still have time to write to people from other countries. I hope you und erstand!

I most likely won't reply to messages just saying Hi or very short ones, or those who want to chat, text or that type of things.
-Scammers don't bother, I have no money and it's easy to make out you are one! I also can't help strangers move to Finland, or anything like that, so please don't expect an answer to that type of emails.

Last modified: 20180923

Name: Eva L. Gender: female Age Group:50+
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City & Country:


Hobbies: astronomy, sports, traveling, erotica, music, nature, animals
Penpal message / wishes:
I am a 50+ years old Finnish female living near Helsinki. I lived abroad for 30 years before moving back to Finland. Planning on relocating abroad one day.. I'm single, sane, honest, easy going.. Interested in things I rather tell you about later... I like talking to different people. Let us see what we have in common and take it from there

Last modified: 20180829

Name: ann v. Gender: female Age Group:50+
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City & Country:


Hobbies: writing letters,reading, crafts, gardening,DIY,walking dogs and learning new things
Penpal message / wishes:
Will always welcome new snail mail pals, only women, please. I am 56 and at cross roads for now...kids moving out and several things happening at the same time.I just want to keep writing as I have been penpalling for over 40 years so if you are into writing letters on longterm basis feel free to write. A lot more to me than you can squeeze into this box.
I do tend to write long letters...

Last modified: 20160823

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