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Name: Reetta K. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: Netflix, music and movies, reading, memes
Penpal message / wishes:
I'm 25 female from Finland, looking for snail mail pen pals.
When I'm not working I like to watch series and movies. I'm a metalhead and it's a big plus if you're too! I game a bit, Witcher 3 is my favorite.
Like I said, I prefer sanil mail so send me email and let's see what happens!

Last modified: 20200307


Name: Nina P. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: ASk Me
Penpal message / wishes:
I'm Nina. I am 27 years old.
I look for fun people :D Please don't be boring! please be 25-33 years old.

Let's chat!

Last modified: 20190929

Name: J M. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: Drawing, listening to music, writing letters, diamond painting, reading manga, Pokemon Go
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello there!

I'm writing this ad hoping to find long-term penpals. I have lost touch with many of the people I have written with so I'd love to meet new friends :) Female only! I’m looking for people who write real letters, snail mail, since I don't use a computer so often and writing emails with a smart phone is a bit frustrating.

About me: I'm 30 years old and I live in a small town in Finland. I am a graphic designer but unfortunately unemployed right now. I love to draw and my dream is to become an illustrator one day. Not sure if that will ever happen but it’s good to have dreams :)

I live with 3 cats, a boy (ragdoll) and 2 girls (domestic shorthairs), I really adore cats! I don't know what would I do without my adorable furbabies. I’m definitely a crazy cat lady ^-^ But I also like dogs, I have one at my parents' place. I'm a huge animal lover, I don't understand people who don't care about animals at all.

I spend a lot of time outside playing Pokemon Go. I admit I’m addicted but all the exercise is good :D When I’m at home I like to draw, write letters and postcards, read manga and do puzzles and diamond paintings.

I'm an introvert, I have always been. I don't enjoy going out like many people do, I don't drink or smoke or anything. I only have a few friends I spend time with, I suffer from avoidant personality disorder and social anxiety disorder so making friends is very, very challenging for me. That is why I have always enjoyed penpalling so much, to someone like me it's a great way to get to know new people ^-^

I love cute stationery and stickers, I like to use them when I write letters. I'm not expecting that from my penpals though, I like pretty letters but the content is much more important. I like to write about different things, I hope to be able to share both good and bad things with my penpals. I try to reply to letters soon after I receive them but sometimes life gets in the way and it takes some time. This is something I want to change though, somewhat regular correspondence is the best in my opinion :)

I tend to write longish letters, I think it's a waste of stamps to just write one page and send it out. I appreciate handwritten letters the most but I understand if someone needs to type their letters :)

I'm looking for friends from all over the world, I don't have any specific countries I prefer, although I’m very interested in Japan. But really, you can be from whatever country, it isn’t important. Suomalaisetkin tuttavuudet on tosi tervetulleita! :) The main thing is that we have stuff in common and have things to write about. I don't know what to write if the other person is very different from me. I don't even care about your age so much, in the end it's just a number.

If you think it would be nice to write letters with me send me a message and introduce yourself :)
Please so not write just a few sentences like "I want to be your penpal" etc, if that's all you have to say I can tell you right now you're just wasting both your time and mine.

Last modified: 20190720

Name: Ninni K. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: creative writing, photography, snail mail, blogging
Penpal message / wishes:
I'm a 28 year old female from Finland, and I'm looking for one 20 + year old female pen pal preferably from Europe, but I'm open for talking to someone from USA or Canada too.

I like quiet life, visiting museums when I have a change, postcards, rainy summer days, bus trips if they are shorter than three hours, country music, nostalgic books, CSI:NY, white chocolate, and coconut. I always buy way too many books, it's my "every day luxury".

Going to bars or clubs is not my thing, but I have nothing against other people doing that. I'm definitely not an athletic person, but I try to walk as much as possible. If traveling was free, I wouldn't waste another second in my boring hometown.

I'm as good at art as a fish, but I try to use tapes, and stickers to make my mail nice and interesting. I'm hoping to find a letter friend who does the same :) If you think we could find topics to talk about, feel free to send an email. I'll be glad to give my snail mail address privately if we become pen pals. Writing the first letter is not a problem to me.

Last modified: 20190515

Name: Mikko L. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Music and movies
Penpal message / wishes:

My name is Mikko Laakkonen. I am thirthy years old man from Vantaa, Finlan.

I looking for girlfriend who is thirthy

years old and live in Europe. I am gardener.

Last modified: 20190402

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