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Name: fikir b. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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Hobbies: eating, sleeping (don't judge me everyone likes sleeping I am just being honest), reading, watching
Penpal message / wishes:
greetings earthlings (just ignore that i kind of am weird sometimes i watch too much TV) my name is fikir (duhhh u could see it up there sorry i don't know why i said that) anyways i am turning 17 in a few days i am 5ft (so what?? I am short get over it) and i am a senior in highschool yaaaaay i am finally gonna get out of that hell hole thank god only one more year to go:) i am from Ethiopia ummmmm i am not sure what to say right now...YES!! i remembered I LOVE FOOD if it is also your passion you and i will be best friends immediately...my friends think i am a pig but don't worry i am not it's just that i loveeee it from the bottom of my ass (just kidding it's obviously from my heart...okay i will shut up) ironically for someone who loves food a lot i actually suck at cooking. i once set our kitchen on fire (i am that bad) these days i am not even allowed in the kitchen anyways...before you think i am actually a pig lets change topic i love reading scary books, those books where you feel like the serial murderer is right behind you (i know i am weird...took you this long to figure it out??) i also like movies especially comedies. has anyone seen friends??? That's my favourite series in the whole wide world you should actually watch it...oh i forgot i love football i am a fan of Barcelona say anything bad about them and i will kick your ass!! beware i know kungfu!!! Not looking for any relationship (ha ha with this personality i wish right??) just friendship and seriously people relationships suck no offense to those who are in it (i don't belive in relationship don't get me started on that) anyways i don't know if i will find a friend in here but i do hope so (fingers crossed) feel free to write back i will reply as soon as i can

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Name: Mercy B. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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Hobbies: I don't know if doodling pictures count as a hobby and also I like watching movies, reading and duh
Penpal message / wishes:
hi everybody my name is mercy (obiviously)I am 16 and a junior in high school

a little about me is that I loveee food my friends actually think I'm a pig whenever I passionately start talking about food but i am telling you I'm not a pig!! and anybody who loves food will be a good friend of mine!!

I kind of like drawing and I love reading a lott!!! I especially like crime investigation, adventure and I really like comedy!!

I love watching horror movies that makes you wet your pants!! has anybody seen 'the boy'??? it scared the crap outta me!! after watching that movie my doll scares me like hell!! I know I know it's stupid but everyone is scared of something right??? and I also like watching comedies that make you laugh till you choke!!! I love 'friends' it's the best comedy series ever if you haven't seen it you should!!

I almost forgot I am a devoted fan of Barcelona anyone who's a fan of Madrid I know kung fu I will kick your ass :D just kidding!!!

feel free to mail me anytime :)

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Name: mercy b. Gender: female Age Group:16-18
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Hobbies: I don't know but if doodling pictures that sometimes may not give sense counts as a hobby
Penpal message / wishes:
hi I am kind of new to this stuff so I really don't know what to say but uhh... I am 16 and a junior in high school

and uhh...I kind of like drawing a little and reading a lotttt especially crime investigation stuff...

I also like to watch horrors which makes you wet your pants and comedies that make you laugh till you choke...

I guess that's me. feel free to mail me I'll reply as soon as I can:)

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