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Name: Rodolfo J. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: Basketball movies video games travel
Penpal message / wishes:
Hola, estoy usando Google Translate. Para ser sincero, mi español no es perfecto. Yo lo hablo y lo entiendo. Simplemente terrible en la ortografía. Planeo visitar Barcelona en abril, y sería bueno comunicarme con alguien que pudiera mostrarme el área y las cosas que hacer. Será una visita corta, digamos 2 o 3 días, así que quiero disfrutarla mientras pueda. Prefiero reunirme con una mujer encantadora que no le tiene miedo a un tipo como yo. Soy americano con unos tatuajes. El lado de la familia de mi padre es de México, del lado de mi madre, mi bisabuela era de España. Aunque no estoy seguro de dónde está en España, es una visita obligada que visito. Por cierto, mi estilo es más hip-hop, tendré 34 años, así que no soy muy viejo ni nada. Entonces, por favor, tenga en cuenta que no estoy atascado en las diferencias de edad, solo alguien que es razonable y que quiere beber, relajarse y posiblemente visitar una playa nudista, jajaja. Espero ver la respuesta de alguien, puedo entablar una amistad y tener excelentes fotos y recuerdos.


Last modified: 20190106


Name: Jesus S. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: chess, literature, reading, music, films, watching sports, listening to people, thinking, etc
Penpal message / wishes:

My name is Jesús and I’m from Spain. I’m 36 years old and I’m looking for friendship. I consider myself a shy person, so knowing people on the Internet is a good therapy to open myself. That being said, when I get to know someone, I can be an affectionate person. I’m also a good listener, very understanding and non-judgmental.

I strongly believe in the individual. I think that every single person has his virtues as well as his flaws, that everyone is worthy no matter his circumstances, and that we can learn something from everybody. Life is a struggle to overcome difficulties and to become better people, and in that path we can learn from the rest of the people, and sometimes we need their help because we are too weak if we are alone.

Though my native language is Spanish, I have a good level of English, so I’m fluent enough to maintain an e-mail or letter exchange. Of course if you are interested in Spanish, I can help you with that. I can also tell you about my country if you want.

I like reading. Everything, from novels to newspapers or magazines. I like literature, but I also like to read about current affairs because I like to be up to date with what is happening in the world that surrounds me. I also like to read about politics and religion. That being said, I don’t mind your ideas to start a correspondence, because all ideas deserve, at least, to be discussed and respected.

I like sports. Especially watching on TV. I must confess I like everything, from soccer, to football, basketball, rugby, etc. I also like listening to the radio. In these days of TV, Internet and social networks, I suppose that’s a kind of strange habit.

And that’s all for the moment. I don’t want to write too much in this presentation. If you want to know something, just ask and I’ll answer :)

Finally, I would prefer e-mails from women. I don’t have anything against men, but most of my close friends are males, and because I’m shy I tend to have less female friends, so I would prefer a female perspective in this correspondence. Besides, I think somehow women are more reliable penfriends. I’m not looking for romance or sex, by the way. Just a nice friendship.

Although I would prefer someone around my age, I don’t mind your age if you really want to maintain a correspondence throughout time, and try to start a nice friendship :)

I hope your e-mails. Thanks for reading.


Last modified: 20190101

Name: J. S. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Penpal message / wishes:
Hello, how are you? My name is J. Salvador, I am here looking for an English or Italian native because I am looking forward to improving my level of languages. The reason? I want to know new places, new people, new cultures… and new food too, of course! I truly think “The world is as a book and those who do not travel read only one page” and I want to read so many pages as I can. It is simple, and If you want to do the same and visit my country (Spain), you are welcome! I could help you with Spanish. I studied “Spanish Folology” at University and at present I’m doing a Master’s degree because I want to become a teacher in a Secondary School, so it is exactly what I have to do before the public exam, the “last step”. I love Spanish, but I love other languages too. That’s the reason why I usually do something in English or Italian language and I want to learn French too. About my hobbies, I like reading, riding a bike, visiting museums, going to the beach, to travel, watching movies, listening to music, go to the cinema and meet people. What do you like to do? I will be waiting for your answer. I hope read about you soon :)

Last modified: 20181130

Name: Oscar P. Gender: male Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: Reading,riding my bike,learning languages,cooking,literature,animals,making overseas friends,music..
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi everybody,

Hello everybody.My name is Oscar.I live in Spain.I was born on the 9th July 1975.
I consider myself sincere,honest,sensitive and very considerate.I am looking for friends from all over the world but mainly from English and German speaking countries as I am learning German.You can write in Spanish,English,or French.

Persons who are interested in snail mail are welcome too.I can write letters.Thanks for reading my ad. and write me soon.We could enjoy a good,sweet and lasting friendship.Let's just get to know each other.

Bis bald.

Last modified: 20181024

Name: Astro G. Gender: female Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: arts & crafts, reading, languages, walking
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello! :) As many other adults who are now looking for penpals, I miss friendly letters in my mailbox... And that’s why I’m looking for a (or maybe a couple of) penfriend. About me? I'm a thirty-something Spanish woman, sharing my home with my boyfriend and a bunch of cats. A laidback, somewhat cheesy, talkative on occasion, non-religious, absent-minded human being who gets easily hooked to almost every TV series. Not a social butterfly, as you’ve probably guessed.

About you? Well, someone willing talk about this and that and share a slice of her life. You know, the usual stuff when you're striking a friendship with someone. Becoming instant best-friends-forever or soulmates (something rarely achieved by mail, I guess, and in real life in general) is not required, but it would be nice to reach a certain level of natural closeness. I’d love to come across a superkitsch postcard and say “Hey, that would be perfect for X!" Cheesy things like that.

I’m currently learning Swedish. Actually, and honestly speaking, I started to study Swedish some time ago, and then dropped it for a while due to the lack of time. Taking it up again is on my to-do list, and, although I don’t expect you to be my tutor and I'd never dare to put you through the ordeal of decyphering my poor Swedish —mainly because it would take me ages to compose a legible message, it would be nice to have someone who could help me (from time to time, that is).

Anyway, you don't need to be a Swedish speaker to write. If you feel like that we could get along, then feel free to drop me a line.

In general terms, I prefer snail mail to e-mail, but I get that life can get busy sometimes (for me too!), so e-mail is fine as long as you're up to writing/receiving real paper letters from time to time.

Aaaaand... I could ramble for a while, but this is enough for an introductory letter, isn’t it?

P.S. My apologies for the silly name, but it was the first thing that crossed my mind.

Last modified: 20180829

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