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Name: Mad S. Gender: female Age Group:31-40
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Hobbies: nature, psychology, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, desserts
Penpal message / wishes:

I am mostly interested in talking to dragons, although other supernatural beings are ok as well. No humans, please.

Ok, now that we have filtered out the humans, let me introduce myself to you. I am a mad scientist. Perhaps mad is a bit of an exaggeration, since I am a completely normal person if you leave out the aspect that I dwell in the realms of fantasy and a few other things. But the way I see it, the word "mad" in the term "mad scientist" is often referring to the genius-ness of the scientist rather than how logical or illogical they are. In that aspect, I qualify. Yes, you understood that correctly, I AM a genius!

My favorite animals are all types of ray fish, bees, lizards, dragonflies. Once my boss made fun of lizards. Let's just say that will never happen again.

All joking aside though, I really am interested in fantasy books, shows, movies. Another of my favorite things to talk about is psychology. I also enjoy joking around and admittedly my sense of humor is a bit silly.

What I do not like

"human bots" - There are many jobs that are easier done on a routine - you define some set of rules and act according to it. This is true, but in conversations, I prefer this not to be the case. I do not like to have conversations with people who already have a predefined answer for most things they encounter. They say the same thing to several people. They do not actually think about the things they read but just use the information to "filter" out some people. They have specific goals in mind. They are focused on the destination, not the journey. They are too concerned with details such as job, location, name,...

It used to be that everyone who wrote long letters online was actually a person who just enjoyed writing long letters but apparently nowadays that is not the case anymore. Please don't be a person who writes long letters just because you want to stand out. If you'd rather be messaging, then just be messaging.

I am not interested in erotic conversations. Discussing sexuality "academically" is ok, but I do not enjoy dirty talk.

I do not like to give out personal details. I will not lie, but I will avoid saying things which reveal my identity. I'm not famous or anything, just careful. So, in my ad here i have written Estonia because it was a required field, although i'm currently not residing in Estonia. I'm from Estonia though, so i think it's ok :D

What I like

Goofy humor, real and genuine conversation, clear/understandable English.

I enjoy discussing how our childhoods/circumstances/genetics made us who we are. I like the personal kind of psychology, that is related to specific people, not masses. I would be interested in hearing how you found personal growth or how you overcame a negative mindset you used to have.

I actually really like the idea of filtering the real replies out of all the spam by using a keyword in the subject, so when you write to me, please put "paper dragon" in the subject.

What i am like

I am a 30-year-old female from Estonia and I look exactly like an average Estonian. I have the average height of an Estonian woman, the average weight, the average hair color and the most common eye color of Estonians.

I'm absent-minded and easily bored/distracted. I might think "hmm, what a nice person, I should write them something later", but then forget and never do it. But I'm also extremely patient, so if you write a long background to tell something that is significant to you, then I will read it all. It might take some time, but I will.

I'm quite sensitive. If you make some offensive assumption about me, then I might get upset that you would assume that, even if it might be probabilistically reasonable to make that assumption. On the other hand, I'm also careful not to make such assumptions about you and if I ever hurt your feelings, I would be genuinely sorry.

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