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Name: Jean I. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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Hobbies: exploring, photography, reading, writing, history & mythology, analyzing movies, hiking
Penpal message / wishes:
Im a friendly and extremely creative person:)
I enjoy almost any form of art out there and like trying out new things.
Digital art, photography, Literature, cinematography, graphic novels (almost any form of storytelling tbh).
If you like over analyzing movies or books or want to go on a philosophical or political rant be my guest.
I like hearing new and different opinions.
Im looking forward to meeting new, creative people or people who just want to talk :)
Im looking for long lasting friendships and preferably not just 1-2 emails back and forth and then radio-silence.

If we get along well Im open to eventually meet at some place in the future if circumstance allows it. I do travel around a lot.
In a few month Im going to work as an au pair in the U.S. in the New England Area and Im very excited about that.
So if you are from america be it from a small rural town or a big city please feel free to tell me all about it.
If you send me an email dont stress about it just tell me whats on your mind or rant about it.

Gender doesn't really matter to me but I'd prefer penpals from north america and/or europe.
Im really just looking for platonic friendships. Also if you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community thats great! So am I and I would love to meet other people from the community.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Last modified: 20190606


Name: Ace P. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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Penpal message / wishes:

There's nothing more exciting in life than meeting new people, hearing their stories and being inspired by those. Everyone should listen sometimes because everyone has their own story to tell.

Hi, I'm a 19 years old girl from germany.
Please just call me ace. It's only a pseudonym. I believe, for getting to know people, especially if it's through email-penpals, you don't need a name to have good conversations. So I want to keep myself a bit more anonym. It makes me feel safe, please respect that.

I'm currently not working, nor do I go to school. I finished school earlier this year and am now searching for a job I can learn or what I want to study.

I'm interested in many different things, so it would be easier to just get to know each other through writing.
The most important parts of my life however is my cat, and music. I can't live without music, and I don't say this without a reason.

I'm on this page because I'm searching for an email penpal. I write a lot, so I hope to find someone who wants to exchange long emails.
I like to get to know other cultures, as well as other languages. It would be nice to find topics of mutual interests but also differences, so we might learn from each other

Also I only want to talk to open minded people. I don't want to deal with any kind of discrimination, doesn't matter if its homophobia, racism, because someone is overweight or whatever "reason" there might be.

No one has to like or understand everything and everyone. What's important is to respect each other.

That's it for now, I hope we can talk about more things via email.
Have a good day~

P.S.: if you're interested in exchanging emails, please send something more than just saying you would like to exchange emails.. that's not a good, creative start. Thanks.

Last modified: 20190510

Name: Mathias G. Gender: male Age Group:19-22
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Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Writing, Nature, My Dog, Bars & Pubs, My Job, Cars
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello Strangers!

I'm Mathias, a 19 y.. dude who grew up in the middle of the nowhere in southern Germany. My hometown is a little village with about 90 inhabitants and the next bigger town is about 30 mins away.

First of all i wanted to say that i'm gay. If you're allergic to that, feel free to set up your mask and run away. Or insult me, just go and do. That turns me on baby ;) :p

As mentioned at the field "Hobbies" i like to Read and Write. I just wanted to say that i'm really bad at writing and my storys are bullshit so dont expect to write with a future author.

I really like those dark, scandinavian mystery and crime books, but also other sad or facinating storys. Right now i'm reading Ethan Cross books ... totally my style haha.

I also like drawing, but the same as with my writing skills: I'm bad at it :D

But it cheers me out so its fine for me :D

My other interests, as i grew up there, is the nature. I love beeing outside and i often do long walks. Its so cool. Often i take my dog with me, also if she's a damn brat. I also love doing road trips with my car :D

My job is also so cool! Aaand i like Bars & Pubs ... i think i wont say more at that point.

I love cultures and i would love to get to know people from these countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, South Africa, Portugal, Italy, Greece (Athens <3) and Ireland. It would be cool if people from there mail me.

Btw: Other countries are allowed either :p

I'm looking forward for ya (hopefully) long messages :)


Btw#2nd: USE DARK HUMOR. Please. Thats where my life motivation comes from. :D

Last modified: 20190418

Name: Denise ^. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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Hobbies: writing Stories, drawing, watching Animes, playing with my pets, writing letters
Penpal message / wishes:
Hey guys :)

Its always hard to describe yourself but Ill try my best:

I just think this idea or meeting people and getting to know them eventhough they dont live next door, eventhough they dont live in my country makes me really happy.
Its like traveling. Well not Im the one who travels but my letter.

Sometimes I think the world is that big that I cant believe it but when I meet new people it feels like Im exploring a little bit more of this crazy big world.
I think its beautiful how different the cultures and countrys are. If everything would be the same, there wouldnt be a reason to travel, would it? Different is totally wonderful.
Even if youre not interested in Germany ( I can totally understand it. Ive never met someone who said: "Oh yeah, Germany. A beautiful country." No offense Germany. ;)) Maybe youre interested in me.
I like aesthetic and sentimental things. I love to think and give tangible things a meaning.
I love memories.
I know. That sounds like all Im doing is sitting on my couch and think. I do that a lot but thats not all.
I like reading. Reading is also a kind of traveling. So I like traveling.
In any kind of way. Trough books or letters or dreams.

I just want somebody from this world to talk about everything even if its unimportant stuff. (Its ok too if you are not from this world :D )
Id love to met people from Noth America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Antarctica.
So thats the whole world, isnt it? And if theres somewhere a hidden eighth continent: Your totally welcome.
Just send me an e-mail and let the adventure begin.

Id love to snailmail too after we got to know each other a little better :)

Looking forward to hear from you
Denise :)

Last modified: 20190207

Name: Antonia W. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Video games, Netflix, travelling, reading and Sports
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello there! :)

My name is Antonia I'm 22 years old and I'm from Germany.
My hobbies are playing video games, watch movies and series, reading but also traveling and find out wonderful places in Nature.

I like deep but also funny conversations with people I can laugh and also cry with and to share my thoughts and ideas about everything. I'm a girl with a high sense of humour and a high sarcastic level ;)
But I also can give you advises or listening to your problems when you need someone to talk be sure I'm here for you.
I really like music everywhere I go I listening to music. I learned to play an instrument, the trumpet. My favourite genres are Rockmusic and Metal.

I'm kind of a nerd actually so be sure conversation about video games are no problem for me I would like it.

I want to write with people all over the world, but please no one from the African Continent and no one about 40 Years :)
And no sexual or love messages. I'm taken and will block you if you have these intensions.
(And when I say no one, I mean no one) I'll delete every mail from everyone who ignores it.

Enough from me.
If you have any questions you can ask, be sure I will answer!
I looking forward to hear from you :)

Best wishes to you, Antonia :)

Last modified: 20190205

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