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Name: ADEL DOMINGU D. Gender: male Age Group:41-50
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Hello my new friend!!

Here Iam . my name is Adel and my last name is Dominguez.Iam 43 years old and I live in Cuba.

I live in a building in the third floor .I have a Little small blonde baby ..haa hha , my daughter who is now 3 years old, next August 20 she will be 4, I also have a wonderful stepdaughter , my wife is a doctor in Dentistry and her name is Yudelis ;but we call her Yudi, now she is working in Venezuela., as I told you :I have a bachelor in English Language and I have taught English for several years in different levels of the Cuban system of education, but I have stopped teaching and since two years ago Iam working as analyst of the production for a Cuban Crop Company I have a 24 hour shift-work, I rest three days and then I work another shift the work is complicated, complex and tiresome and I spend long hours in a computer what is damaging my eyes badly , ha haha ,nowadays I can hardly read small characters in newspapers or medical labels, Iam doing this job mainly for the acceptable salary which is better than a professor salary ; but anyway I have to say that I love Languages a lot , I can speak a Little of German which Iam studying . I have Internet a home which is quite expensive; but is useful .

Cuba is a wonderful,lovely country which I like a lot, it is one of the safest country in the world with lovely and wonderful white sand beaches with very comfortable hotels ,our nature is wonderful. So I will try to send you some images from my town ,Iam quite sure that you can find a lot of images of Cuba in the internet, but real vivid images are better . what is your job? What do you do in your free time? What are your Likes and dislikes? have you travelled to many parts of the world??

Well bye bye and I hope to hear from you very soon ok!!??

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