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Name: Lucan Y. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Penpal message / wishes:
Hey, I'm Yang Lucan, from China. 23.
(Sometimes, I hang around on the Internet with the name Kalira)

Today, when I listened to a post-punk song, and a post-rock song, as I did 2 years ago, I realised, I'm not over yet, about how I lost an important best friend due to a misunderstanding 6 years ago.
Yeah, logically, it doesn't make sense that how it is possible for someone to never move on. My heart doesn't know, it only knows that it just hasn't healed yet. It takes time, a very very long time.

Do you listen to post-rock or post-punk, or songs like this?
What do you usually listen to?
Is it possible that, we can share songs we like to listen to, with each other?

...Although, yeah, a few days ago, I was intended to write an ad saying that I've really loved a song recently, Summertime, by My Chemical Romance, that I'd like to find a friend, to run away from this world, literally, from time to time, in our emals, in our minds, in our worlds.
I'm really fond of the idea of running away, maybe literally, although, it would be nice to truly pull it off in the real world, in the real action.
Probably I'm gonna really put this idea away for a while until I'm truly healed?

Last modified: 20190318


Name: William X. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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Penpal message / wishes:
Hello! I'm William. On the Internet or in reality, I believe communication is one of the best ways to get to know a person, and you never know what you'll find.

It is no exaggeration to say that as a man I possess many good qualities such as honesty, integrity, flexibility, etc. all of which are more important than anything else about me. More often than not, even I myself can be amazed how altruistic, empathic and enlivening I am. That is precisely why there is no denying that people who had realized my value would expectedly benefit by their relationships with me. If you have good judgement, you'll probably reach the same conclusion once you get to know me.

What I seek is simply a good person. I do not put emphasis on money, race, age or anything of such nature. My preference isn't very hard to understand, is it?

Love is one of the things I cherish most dearly and is perhaps the most precious thing in the world. From all the people in my life I've received a lot of love, for which I am ever so grateful, but admittedly romantic love is something I have yet to experience.

As for minor details such as hobbies and habits, neither of which I attach great importance to at the beginning of my self-introduction, I myself have commendable personal habits and I am interested in quite a lot of things, which are actually too many to list in a short time.

Knowing that so far I have only said artless and guileless words, I trust that the more deeply those words had touched your heart, the more natural it would be for you to contact me.

Last modified: 20190218

Name: Shirley H. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: Music,jogging,reading
Penpal message / wishes:
Hey there,

I'm 23.It took a few days until I decided to post this ad.I am the type of person who tends to do many things but wont do it right away,I'm trying to do better though.I do love various topics and I may ask a lot of questions when it comes to others' experience.I know everybody comes to this site for some reasons.so I dont mind being a good listener.Different cultural background will arouse my curiosity so I dont mind where you are from.But my English level is finite(I will try to do better though),so please be patient with that:)

One of reasons I like this site is no profile picture needed,otherwise many people will focus on appearance too much so that they forget what they are looking for here.It doesnt mean I dont like sharing pictures,I really do,I just dont want personal photo to be the reason people get in touch with.Email and instant messaging are okay for me.

Have a nice day!


Last modified: 20190201

Name: Ze B. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: Knowledge,Understanding,Truth,Anime
Penpal message / wishes:
Nice to meet you, random passers-by of life.I use this website only to find penpals.My name is BaiZe/白泽.I grew up and live in China.24 years old.I'm an old soul who loves reading,learning,thinking and working.History,mythology,geography,literature,psychology and so on.I'm not good at responding to short texts go like "Hi"/"How is it going",sorry! I'm like a walking paradox, I can be strong and gentle,fierce and compassionate,rational and passionate, free and disciplined. I always work on my self-improvement!I also wish to learn from other people. I'm quite reserved so it takes me some time to open up.

I have watched anime since childhood~


Last modified: 20190126

Name: Steven H. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: folk music;musical;philosophy;history;
Penpal message / wishes:
Easygoing person.My friends always say that I am an outgoing, funny and patient guy.

I can speak good oral English, learning French, and can teach Chinese history&culture as well cz My major is history(I read philosophy books as well. Judith Butler, Jurgen Habermas and Hannah Arendt ect).

Besides, I like All English French and German musicals(such as Hamilton, Miss Saigon, Le Roi Soleil , Notre Dame De Paris, Elizabeth, Mozart, ect), 60-90s folk songs(Don McLean,Dan Fogelberg,Paul Simon, ect), classical music ,blackmore's night,Greenday,

and now reading books about Feminism.

I am a good cook and Chinese dishes are easy to teach.

Kinda geek. Got some passion on consumer electronics.

My favorite games are Mount&Blade, Battlefield and Don't starve. I would like to be one of your friends.

I won't ask you for money. Trust me, I mean no harm. Just be friends.

OK 6 foot/183cm tall...

All English and French, German musicals(such as Hamilton, Miss Saigon, Les Miserable, Le Roi Soleil , Notre Dame De Paris , Elizabeth ect)

60-90s folk songs(Don McLean,Dan Fogelberg,Paul Simon, Jim Crose, ect), classical music

blackmore's night


Sufjan Stevens

Anyway, I like songs full of emotion.

Favorite Movies:

Dances with wolves

The wind that shakes the barley

Last modified: 20190118

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