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Name: Steven H. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: folk music;musical;philosophy;history;
Penpal message / wishes:
Easygoing person.My friends always say that I am an outgoing, funny and patient guy.

I can speak good oral English, learning French, and can teach Chinese history&culture as well cz My major is history(I read philosophy books as well. Judith Butler, Jurgen Habermas and Hannah Arendt ect).

Besides, I like All English French and German musicals(such as Hamilton, Miss Saigon, Le Roi Soleil , Notre Dame De Paris, Elizabeth, Mozart, ect), 60-90s folk songs(Don McLean,Dan Fogelberg,Paul Simon, ect), classical music ,blackmore's night,Greenday,

and now reading books about Feminism.

I am a good cook and Chinese dishes are easy to teach.

Kinda geek. Got some passion on consumer electronics.

My favorite games are Mount&Blade, Battlefield and Don't starve. I would like to be one of your friends.

I won't ask you for money. Trust me, I mean no harm. Just be friends.

OK 6 foot/183cm tall...

All English and French, German musicals(such as Hamilton, Miss Saigon, Les Miserable, Le Roi Soleil , Notre Dame De Paris , Elizabeth ect)

60-90s folk songs(Don McLean,Dan Fogelberg,Paul Simon, Jim Crose, ect), classical music

blackmore's night


Sufjan Stevens

Anyway, I like songs full of emotion.

Favorite Movies:

Dances with wolves

The wind that shakes the barley

Last modified: 20190118


Name: Nicholas X. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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Penpal message / wishes:
I'm Nicholas, 28 and from China. I've started doing this since the age of 18 and over the years I've come across thousands of interesting people all over the world. Though few friendships survived the trial of time and hardships in life, I have faith in finding the one I've been looking for. And hey, that might just happen to be you. :)

Anyway, I have neither any requirements nor any standards I feel I have to declare at this point, except I do feel the need to introduce myself a little bit.

Like most Chinese living in my country or other parts of the world, I am a kind, peaceful and non-violent person first and foremost, though one of the many dissimilarities is the fact that I am not filthy rich at all. I hereby sincerely apologize to those with monetary purposes for shattering their dreams. :D And worry not. I'm not in any financial difficulties either.

On a more personal note, I have a wide range of interests. To name a few: nature, world history, psychology, philosophy, physics, the universe. English is so far the only foreign language I've taught myself to speak fluently, but I'm always interested in learning languages and dialects spoken by people I adore. And yeah, I'm actually self-educated. For many reasons, I've gained most of my knowledge through self-study.

Some of the things I enjoy doing include reading, hiking, cycling, playing chess and computer games, watching movies, TV shows and cartoon, cleaning, taking cold showers in summer or winter, and some of the things I most certainly do not enjoy doing are smoking, drinking alcohol, eating unhealthily, hurting creatures for no reason at all, etc.

I believe in treating people in a friendly way unless they act otherwise toward me or people around me. I also believe in the kindness of mankind in general and tend to give everyone more than one chance. While some often take advantage of that, my nature remains unchanged.

In a word, I'm a simple, down-to-earth person. I'm not surprised that most people find me kind, friendly and helpful. If you are not afraid of my perceptiveness, you are special already.

So, thank you for taking your time and reading thus far. My door is always open to all the good people on this lovely planet. And even if you are an alien, I promise I'll stick around and won't run for help. :D

Last modified: 20190116

Name: three y. Gender: male Age Group:23-30
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Penpal message / wishes:
Hi,I am a Chinese postgraduate working on a degree.I can be both a listener and a talker.I'd like introduce you about China.And I am seeking to a chance to know about America.If you were interested,welcome to send a message to me.

Last modified: 20181225

Name: Lucan (Kalira) .. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Penpal message / wishes:
Hey, everyone, I'm Yang Lucan ( :/ 23 already), from China. I also have another nickname, Kalira.

I don't really have many interests, while I'm still discovering them.
Sometimes i like radical thoughts about the cruel facts of the world, sometimes, I enjoy a peaceful simple life.
I love mind-blowing creative things, although I hardly make anything myself.
Recently, I start to be fond of specialty coffee, as I always feel like that the coffee machine is missing something.

I love listening to the radio sometimes at late night. Even, my favourite radio announcer is the only person I care about on facebook, most of the time. ( I know I follow a lot, but...well. )

I guess I haven't got any friend, since 5.5 years ago. I lost my best friend because of a misunderstanding.
And since then, I haven't found what kind of people I need to become, or what kind of friends I want, and...how to make it last.

:/ In the end, I don't really live an interesting life, or probably, you'll even find it boring.
Or...Would you ever ever give me some time to accept or learn about what you love, if I can?

Last modified: 20181217

Name: Shirley H. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hobbies: Music,jogging,reading
Penpal message / wishes:
Hey there,

I'm 23 currently preparing examination for graduate school.It took a few days until I decided to post this ad.I am the type of person who tends to do many things but wont do it right away,I'm trying to do better though.I do love various topics and I may ask a lot of questions when it comes to others' experience.I know everybody comes to this site for some reasons,so I dont mind being a good listener.Different cultural background will arouse my curiosity so I dont mind where you are from.But my English level is finite(I will try to do better though),so please be patient with that:)

One of reasons I like this site is no profile picture needed,otherwise many people will focus on appearance too much so that they forget what they are looking for here.It doesnt mean I dont like sharing pictures,I really do,I just dont want personal photo to be the reason people get in touch with.Email and instant messaging are okay for me.

Have a nice day!


Last modified: 20181213

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