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Name: Simin C. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:


Hobbies: reading, writing, drawing, watching tv/movies/anime, eating,
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello! I’m Simin from China. I’m currently a 20years old college student learning english😩. I like reading, drawing, listening to music, watching anime. I like learning new things and I am now trying to learn Japanese.. :D
I am a little shy and introverted, prefer being alone. And sometimes I need to take awhile to warm up to people. Hey but I am not cold.XD I still like to make friends with people around the world.
PS:I am sorry that i only use email.T_T

Last modified: 20191101


Name: Suki Z. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Travel,Music,Movies,Food,History,Sports
Penpal message / wishes:
Hi,my name is Suki.I am 20 years old.I am a college student and come from ShenZhen.It's a modern city which nears HongKong.
I am a simple,caring and kind girl.I love to learn and I'm interested in getting to know new people from anywhere. More importantly,I am looking for a longterm relationship.I'd prefer someone around my age.Besides,I like listening to music,travelling,watching movies,keeping pets and doing sports.
And I am good at solving problems and giving suggestions. If you have something unhappy,you can tell me without hesitation.
Don't hesitate to get in touch.I am looking forward to meeting you.(prefer the age from 19-25)

Last modified: 20191030

Name: Caius F. Gender: male Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Psychology, Philosophy, Geopolitics, Computer Building, Powerlifting & Nutrition, Cyberpunk Sci-fi
Penpal message / wishes:
I'd love to meet people from all over the world and exchange experiences and viewpoints, and have meaningful, honest and deep conversations with.

I've lived in a few countries including Romania, England and Scotland, as well as China. I'm currently studying in China, and I likewise studied in Scotland/England. I've likewise studied at multiple universities; if you've any questions about uni life, I'm your man!

I am very much a nerd when it comes to the things I love, academic or otherwise. If you have any interest in any of my Hobbies, feel free to drop me a message! It didn't fit in the hobbies section, but I'm also an avid fan of armwrestling.

Favorite philosophical school of thought: Stoicism

Favorite economic school of thought: Modern Monetary Theory

Favorite political outlook: Realism

I also believe in the idea of chastity, even though I am not religious. I've also been interested in people's views on that as it's something extremely rare (from my experience) nowadays. I am relatively traditional as a person, which makes no sense for a European who's not religious, and that's because of my life philosophy. While a bit traditional, I remain always open-minded and have empathy for all people. If you happen to share the same ideas, or if you strongly disagree (with my philosophy-derived chastity), I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on it!

So all in all, I'm a traditional and yet open-minded guy who's very nerdy and loves strength sports. Drop me an email if you think we might have things in common!

Last modified: 20191028

Name: Janet F. Gender: female Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:


Hobbies: food, sci-fi, travel, snail mail
Penpal message / wishes:

I'm Janet from China. I was born and raised in south China but now studying in a university in north China. I will say I'm a rational and friendly girl.

Several words or phrases to describe my interest:

Food and cooking 🥘 (but not a good cook)

Travel 🛫

sci-fi 👾(mostly books and cyberpunk stuff. Not Marvel)




Environmental protection👩‍🌾

Social problems in the era of AI🤖

I'm looking for long-term pen pal around my age. I prefer writing letters but not doing short conversations, so I won't share my social account.

I will reply all your letters (even I don't want to be friends any more)though you may need to wait for some time. I hope you will tell me if you want to stop writing. I may do snail mails when I'm really trusting you. But if you trust me and we share some interests and you send your address to me first, I can send one to you and start snail mailing.

Last modified: 20191014

Name: Charles L. Gender: male Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Science,English,E-mail writing,interests and views sharing.
Penpal message / wishes:
Hey, I am a sophomore in China,Wuhan. Now I am here seeking for English-speaking friends to write e-mail with. You can almost tell me everything around your daily life, we chat about personal feelings, literature books, or interesting websites.
Anyway, it is a good chance for me to make friends and know more about the world. And it's a great idea to have pen pals for a long time. I prefer us to make correspondence regularly, and we can exchange postal parcels then!

Last modified: 20190830

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