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Name: Elizabeth H. Gender: female Age Group:50+
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Spruce Grove

Hobbies: Crochet, reading, music
Penpal message / wishes:
I enjoy reading fiction, listening to all types of music except jazz...mostly prefer new country, new rock but can't beat some of the 80's.

I'm attached 10 years.

I have two sons in their 30's.

Looking for anyone wanting to get back to writing the old fashion way.

Last modified: 20200529


Name: azad s. Gender: female Age Group:50+
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City & Country:


Hobbies: walking,animals, self growth,internet, writing
Penpal message / wishes:
63 year old single female looking for 60+ single email friends, male or female, from Canada to exchange thoughts and ideas. Spirituality, but not religions, pets and nature, also a bit of writing are my areas of interest. And ofcourse life itself includes endless topics as well. Thanks and stay safe.

Last modified: 20200521

Name: Wil A. Gender: male Age Group:50+
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Hobbies: Motorcycles, all music, cooking, travel to warm places!
Penpal message / wishes:
Hard to know where to start, so.. .

I am retired for awhile now. I have been called back due to the pandemic. I am a paramedic and covering some shifts so front line workers can have some off time off.

I have been single now for near 4 years, wife deceased accidentally. I have 2 sons, both grown and living away.

I get along with women far more than men, always have. Dont worry, I'm harmless... well, if you want!🙄😁 warn you, though, I can be notorious flirt so I've been told!

I'm open minded, and an open book. Tell you anything you want to know. Sometimes.a cyber hug is all one needs to know someone cares! And who knows what might happen? I still believe dreams and fantasies can come true!!
I get quite lonely and am not into going to bars etc to meet friends, and besides my dating skills became quite rusty over the years!

I'm in ok shape, average build, go to the gym. I am optimistic and love to laugh!!

So how about you?

Even if I never get a reply, I wish all prosperity and happiness


Last modified: 20200513

Name: An O. Gender: male Age Group:50+
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Reading, computers, Home Improvement
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello and thank you for checking out my posting! I am a retired, early 60s married white guy, who, like a lot of folks right about now is looking for an online friendship to add to the rather long days of pandemic quarantine

I am from western Canada and am in a long term marriage that has progressed into more of a distant friendship, so I am looking to connect with a fun woman to get to know as an email friend and see where it goes from there.. Being from a small town, I know the chances of finding the type of friend I seek nearby are remote, so I am tossing this out to the internet in the hope there are women interested in what I offer - a friendly, no pressure connection with an easy going, open minded guy who is a good listener and I have a good sense of humor. This is for mainly online sharing and not a new "in person" relationship

I am looking for someone, who like me, is feeling a bit lonely, bored or ignored in their current life and looking for someone to brighten up the long days of quarantine.. Perhaps a "secret Friend" to confide in once you get to trust me. I am not looking to change my life or yours in a big way, just seeking to ad some extra smiles in our days through fun exchanges. I am hoping this could be a friendship that lasts beyond our current lockdown situation.
Your age or marital status is not an issue as long as you accept that you are talking to an early 60s married guy. I must also ad that while I will be a loyal friend, life does happen, so if you require extremely frequent email exchanges or fly into a rage or panic if I don't answer for a day or so, then I am not likely for you.

I don't have a set agenda or wild expectations about what this can lead to - I am just hoping to find a compatible friend. We can let things develop based on what happens as we get to know each other.

if anybody is still reading this, and you looking for a similar type connection and feel there may be a possibility of a friendship, send me a note and lets see where we can go.

Oh, and I am fairly good at detecting scammers and the like, so if your intent is to squeeze some money from a lonely old guy on the internet, don't waste your time. I will figure your game out sooner than later.

Last modified: 20200507

Name: Stephanie L. Gender: female Age Group:50+
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City & Country:


Hobbies: Ping pong, Tennis,Reading, Swimming ,Dancing and a nice movie at home
Penpal message / wishes:
Hello There is a pleasure to be here I am new here and I want to find a honest mature man that still respect women and still believe in Family and love. I am an easy going down to earth ,Family oriented lady.I love to make people happy and make them see the beauty of life and nature. I love nature and my favourite place to be is bear water may be the Beach,Lake ,Sea or Ocean. I love to dance and listen to good love songs. I am single lady seeking for a true companion that still believe in love and respect.I am a simple lady with a Heart filled with love and respect for my soul mate. If you are interested tell me about your self and send me your recent pictures I will reply with my picture also. God bless you.

Last modified: 20200415

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