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Name: June A. Gender: female Age Group:23-30
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Hopefully there will be sincere friends on this site to pour out the truth from their heart vessels.

I'm a very humble woman with a tender heart of Love towards mankind, having a positive life-flow behavior of being integrity, thus easily hurt if treated badly, so please, be careful with my heart, be sincere.

I hate hurting someone's feelings, to bruise a soul which trusts me. I'm a woman who listens beneath the spoken words of a friend, to the cries, joy or desire of a soul.

People and Life are very important to me, no matter where your "world" of trust may be. I believe we all have a purpose and sometimes you need a friend to help you find it and stay on the right track.

I'm looking for sincere friends around the planet, Male, someone to love, laugh with and share idea with from 25 to 70yrs are preferred, Country doesn't matter.

I like listening to the Good News, Music, Singing, Reading, watching sports, Movies, Traveling, sight-seeing, Bible study and Exercising.

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