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Name: Advocate . Gender: male Age Group:19-22
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City & Country:

Bouvet Island

Hobbies: Spirituality, Sports, Reading, Music, Photography, Guitar, Walking in nature, Writing, Sport, Movies
Penpal message / wishes:
Coucou tout le monde!
I'm just a lambda boy (I have the rarest personality type though!) in my early 20s - ok, I'm actually 20! - who is looking for people to engage into a friendship with. I know this may sound a bit desperate but it is not actually! :) I've got friends, but penfriends are just another whole thing: it's easier to get comfortable, say things you won't for some reason say to your closest surroundings, and it's a great way of learning about people whose lifestyle, customs and mindset are totally unfamiliar and maybe different to yours! That's my favorite. I'm not looking for penpals from a particular place, why limit to a country or continent when we all live on a same planet?!I'm always glad to get acquainted to different types of people, but I'll definitely take an instant liking for you if you're into:
* music, particularly classical, rock, blues, RnB Soul, Reggae and vintage pop.
* deep talks. I am myself majoring in software engineering but I don't wanna hear about academic topics. What I love is realism; the hardships of life, the lessons that you've learned and that made you grow up, your perspective on life (on a semi-philosophical basis, kind of?) To be brief, I like to learn from other people.
*you're around my age. Not compulsory, but it's really easier to get started when you're about the same age.

So, if you want a new friend, are not afraid to write as many words as you please and are taking this business seriously, drop an email by!

I'm waiting! :)

PS: I'm not from Bouvet Island, I just don't know where this place is. But I'm sure it's awesome! :)

PPS: I just googled it, and it seems like there's not a single soul out there! xD But still..

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